Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch Announced After Galaxy Gear Reveal


Just moments after Samsung revealed its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Qualcomm announced a smartwatch of its own called the Qualcomm Toq. It uses the company’s┬áMirasol low-power display technology, which has had some troubles over the past few years as far as becoming a popular display standard, but Qualcomm thinks that implementing it on a smartwatch may […]

New eReader From China’s Koobe Uses Mirasol Display

Qualcomm / Mirasol Koobe eReader

Yesterday, in the midst of my wild speculation about the next Nook, I mentioned that I would dearly love to have such a device with one of Qualcomm’s mirasol displays. You get the benefit of color without the harmful light beaming in your eyes or loss of visibility in direct sunlight. Though mirasol has yet […]

Is the Future 1,000 Hour eInk Devices?


Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs was at the D8 conference pushing his company’s Mirasol Display. Like other eInk solutions, Mirasol Displays sip power at a much slower rate than the displays we find in most devices today. In fact, LaptopMag is reporting that Jacobs said devices with a Mirasol Display could help devices run 10x to […]