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How to Watch the Grammy Awards Live

The Grammy Awards take place later tonight, and if you want to catch all of the action while on the go, here's how you can stream the Grammy Awards live on your...

Android Remote Check Deposit Apps

These days more and more payments are all done on mobile, and the use of physical paper checks is on the decline. That being said, paper checks still serve a bi...
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4 More Things You Should Know Before Building A Mobile App

If more companies and app creators would keep these four things in mind there would be many more happy users in the world. And when you make people happy, they're more likely to give you money, recommend you to friends, and stick with you well beyond the initial interest they show in your app.
Nuvel vSOS Emergency App for Android

Nuvel vSOS Now Available for Android

Nuvel vSOS, a digital age Life Alert-like service, has finally brought out an Android version of their app. Previously only available for iPhone, now Droid user...
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Game-changer! Android apps on Ubuntu

Word out of Ars Technica is Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, is developing a method to run mobile-type Android apps on desktop-type Ubuntu, as w...