Move Over 4G LTE! Samsung Launching 5G in 2020


While 4G LTE is getting all the rage right now with speeds ranging anywhere between 2 to 50 Mbps in the U.S., Samsung is already working on a 5G mobile broadband successor that could deliver up to 1 Gbps in speed tests. What does this new 1 Gbps mean to users? First, it means that […]

Tablets to Benefit Most From T-Mobile’s UNcarrier Plans


T-Mobile had announced its UNcarrier plans at a media event in New York City yesterday morning, separating a customer’s network access contract-free subscription for voice and data access from monthly installment plans to purchase their smartphones or tablets without the need for contracts or subsidies. Essentially, this translates to a customer having two separate portions […]

Lured by Competition, Sprint Begins Trialing Shared Data


Sprint, a long-time U.S. proponent of unlimited data, has announced that it will begin offering shared data plans to customers in limited channels. The carrier will continue singing about the merits of unlimited, un-throttled data to customers in the consumer market, but Sprint is now offering a limited-time trial of shared data plans for small […]

AT&T’s San Francisco Network Performance Comes A Long Way Since iPhone


When the iPhone had debuted in the summer of 2007, AT&T was both praised for offering Apple’s lucrative smartphone and slammed for its congested network as many more people signed on with the iPhone-exclusive carrier. There were reports of dropped calls, undelivered text messages, and poor data performance as the iPhone hogged up AT&T’s bandwidth, […]

LTE-Advanced: Faster Data Speeds, But Will Require Even Larger Phones


LTE-Advanced will be the next generation of mobile broadband technology that promises even faster data speeds than today’s 4G LTE technologies used by U.S. carriers AT&T Mobility, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon Wireless among others. However, the major drawback to this technology is that it will require additional hardware and power to function, which […]

The 1 Reason Why I Decided to Jailbreak My iPhone 5


The evasi0n jailbreak tool released early Monday morning, there’s been a lot of news about jailbreaking recent iOS hardware. There are arguments for and against jailbreaking, and with iOS 6. With iOS 6, the need for me to jailbreak has been mostly diminished as Apple had brought many of the features to the mobile platform that […]

Las Vegas to Go Live With T-Mobile LTE Next Week, Followed by Kansas City


T-Mobile USA had announced that its 4G LTE network launch will happen this month in Las Vegas following some setbacks that delayed the original launch date of Sin City for the Consumer Electronics Show. According to the latest report on Fierce Wireless, the Las Vegas launch is ‘days away,’ with other publications reporting that the launch […]

Prepaid 4G LTE Smartphones for Sprint Brands Coming in Q1 2013


It looks like prepaid Sprint brands–including Virgin Mobile USA and Boost Mobile, both wholly owned by the Now Network–will be able to get in on the 4G LTE action as early as the first quarter of 2013. Right now, LTE support is only available on Sprint for post-paid, or contract, customers, while prepaid brands can […]

Sprint’s Velocity Brings Apps, Automation, and Intelligence to Cars

Video thumbnail for youtube video Sprint's Velocity Brings Apps, Automation, and Intelligence to Cars

For Sprint, the connected car will be the new phone and the carrier’s Velocity engine will be the tool to help make cars smarter through automation, apps, and connectivity. Unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show as part of Sprint’s M2M (machine to machine) platform, Velocity isn’t just about delivering connectivity to automobiles, but it’s […]

Onavo Count Brings Windows Phone 8’s Data Sense to iPhone


iPhone users who watched Microsoft’s unveiling of Windows Phone 8 may have noticed an enviable feature called Data Sense, which tracks cellular data usage by apps. Thanks to Onavo, data tracking introduced by Microsoft’s data sense can now be experienced on iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad. With mobile carriers Verizon Wireless and AT&T […]

Sprint Announces More Affordable 4G LTE Tablet Data Plans

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 6.37.07 PM

Hot on the heels of Sprint announcing that it will in fact be supporting Apple’s newly unveiled fourth generation iPad and the more diminutive iPad Mini, both with 4G LTE connectivity, on its network, the Now Network has just announced new data plans for 4G LTE connected tablets. These plans won’t be specific to iPads […]

Android Smartphone Users Consume Less Than 1 GB of Mobile Data


With 4G LTE speeds enabling smartphone users to do more on their devices and American wireless carriers capping the use of those devices with tiered and metered data plans, many U.S. smartphone users are concerned about their mobile data usage when connected to a 3G or 4G network. It turns out that for many users, […]

Most Smartphone Users Consume Under 2 GB of Mobile Broadband Data


Though many users and members of the media have been meeting AT&T’s and Verizon’s shift to finite and shared data plans in recent months, consumer behavior indicates that those plans may be more cost effective to users. In a recent survey conducted by NPD research, it appears that many smartphone users are consuming under 2 […]

T-Mobile Introduces Truly Unlimited Data Plans


While T-Mobile has been marketing its current 3G and 4G data plans as unlimited, there is a small catch in that after a certain amount of usage–you decide how much that is based on your data plan selection and amount you’re willing to pay per month–your speeds would get throttled to slower 2G EDGE speeds, […]

Does Sprint Need a Shared Data Plan?


While attention has been shining on U.S. carrier Sprint as it is the lone carrier to offer truly unlimited data, does the carrier need to do more to deliver value to its customers?  While unlimited data is a neat thing to have, most customers do not use that much data and recent surveys position data usage by the […]

AT&T CEO Still Undecided About Charging for FaceTime Over 3G Calls


After a controversial report insinuating that AT&T may be looking to charge iOS subscribers for the privilege of conducting FaceTime video calls over its 3G and 4G networks began circulating late yesterday, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson says its still too early to decide whether or not the carrier will opt to monetize on FaceTime. Taking […]

Antenova LTE Antenna Brings Us Closer to Global LTE Devices


The problem with the emerging 4G LTE mobile broadband technology that drives faster Internet speeds on mobile smartphones and tablet devices today is that there are so many different bands and frequencies used by different countries and carriers. As a result, manufacturers would have to customize their 4G LTE devices to specific regions and the […]

Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Showdown: T-Mobile HSPA+ v. AT&T LTE (Video)

AT&T's 4G LTE performance is strong and fast

Of the three national carriers that are launching the Galaxy S III in late June–AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile USA–only two carriers have an operating 4G network of some variety when the third-generation flagship Samsung smartphone launches: T-Mobile and AT&T. In this article, we’re going to test out the fastest mobile broadband networks available to both […]

Verizon Novatel MiFi Jetpack 4620L Review: Editor’s Choice


When Novatel Wireless had launched its original MiFi mobile hotspot a few years ago, it was instantly one of the best device in a mobile road warrior’s arsenal. With a compact credit card size and the ability to connect up to five WiFi-enabled devices to Verizon’s 3G CDMA/EVDO network, the original MiFi offered an easy […]