Sprint Launches New Data Plans for Tablets, Mobile Hotspots, Netbooks


While Sprint is still pushing on for unlimited data plans on phones and smartphones, the Now Network has unveiled lower pricing and more tiers to bring mobile broadband data within the reach of consumers who are eyeing tablets, netbooks, notebooks, and mobile hotspot routers with embedded 3G/4G chips on the carrier’s network. Sprint claims that […]

Consumers Say 4G Is an Important Feature, But What Exactly Is It?


In a recent InStat survey of 1,208 respondents, 75% of those polled say that 4G is an important feature when considering their next smartphone, but those same respondents also do not truly understand what 4G really is. The idea of 4G has been blundered by the marketing departments of various U.S. carriers that the definition […]

LTE Advanced Deployment in 2013 Will Help Accelerate Sprint’s 4G Network


Sprint, the nation’s third largest carrier, will be making its transition from its 4G WiMax technology to the broadly used LTE network for 4G mobile broadband in 2013. LTE has been adopted by Sprint’s larger rivals, Verizon Wireless and AT&T, but Sprint’s employment of LTE Advanced, rather than LTE, should help the Now Network achieve […]

Verizon Hints at Shared Data Plans


Verizon Wireless may be close to implementing a family or shared data plan, doing for data plans what wireless carriers are now doing for family voice minutes. Essentially, it is speculated that Verizon Wireless will soon offer a bucket of data, where consumers can choose on which device(s) they would want to consume that monthly […]

New Huawei Mobile Hotspot, Smartphone Rumored for Sprint


A number of new devices were outed on Sprint’s inventory computer system. A leaked screen shot of the system shows that two new devices from Huawei and one laptop from Lenovo will be headed to the Now Network, though at this point it’s unclear if those devices will be 3G, 4G WiMax, or dual-mode 3G/4G […]

AT&T Begins to Threaten Data Hog Users with Throttle SMSes


It looks like AT&T is making good on its promise that if you’re among the top 5% of data users on its network, you’ll most likely be throttled to reduced speeds for the duration of your billing cycle. The carrier had stated that the policy change will go into effect at the beginning of October […]

Mobile Data Usage Trends: 1GB per Day by 2020 [Infographic]

Mobile broadband trends and data usage

As smartphone ownership grows, faster 4G LTE networks go live and apps made for high-speed data arrive on our phones — the average amount of data used will jump. Today, the average smartphone users chugs through just 15MB of data a day, but by 2020, the average user could be plowing through 1GB of data […]

Verizon: Next-Generation 4G LTE-Advanced on the Road Map


Speaking at a recent technology conference, Verizon director of network technology¬†Praveen Atreya says that the next-generation of 4G LTE is already on the carrier’s road map for the future. After Verizon finishes its deployment of 4G LTE across the nation, the carrier will be upgrading its network infrastructure to the faster LTE-Advanced technology. Rival Clearwire, […]

Verizon Begins Throttling 3G Data Users Who Download Too Much


Users of Verizon’s 3G network with unlimited data and who consume an excessive amount of data downloads and uploads each month are now subjected to throttling. The move by Verizon Wireless follows the steps of its rival AT&T and the carrier, like AT&T, claims that this latest change will only affect about 5% of its […]

Microsoft Reaches for the Sky, Touches the Cloud with Windows 8


Microsoft has ambitious hopes and dreams for Windows 8, its next computing platform that’s designed not only to compete with the rising popularity of Apple’s mobile iPad tablet and the plethora of ARM-based Android slates, but also to mark the next generation of PC computing in a post-PC world. With declining PC sales, due in […]

4G LTE No Longer a Premium in 2012


If you haven’t joined the 4G LTE revolution that’s being championed presently in the U.S. by Verizon Wireless and soon to be joined by AT&T, 2012 may be the year when LTE takes off with devices no longer commanding a premium. Right now, with the technology for faster mobile broadband being nascent, smartphones are commanding […]

AT&T’s 4G LTE Network in Atlanta Delivers Early Promising Speeds


Earlier this week, it was reported that AT&T had turned on its LTE network, though an official announcement was not yet made, in the Chicago, IL area with speeds that were a bit lackluster especially when compared against Verizon’s 4G LTE network. However, there are now reports that AT&T is also turning on its 4G […]

Dish Network Wants to Create 4G LTE Network


Satellite TV provider Dish Network wants to build a mobile broadband 4G LTE network with its existing spectrum, which when it had acquired was earmarked for satellite services. Dish Network wants to better compete with phone and cable companies that are now offering high speed Internet, paid TV offerings, and phone into a package. The […]

The iPhone’s Unintended Effect on Data Plans, Will Sprint Be Immune?


Historically, at least with carriers AT&T and more recently with Verizon Wireless, we’ve been seeing the trend of more costly data, especially for heavy data users, that’s correlated to Apple’s iPhone, and in general smartphones. With news that Sprint is about to offer the iPhone 5 alongside its bigger rivals in October for the first […]

Verizon Wireless To Offer Their $20, 300MB Per Month Plan Nationwide?

verizon wireless data plans

According to unnamed sources cited by 9to5 Google, Verizon Wireless is planning to offer it’s recently-introduced 300MB/month data plan beyond the mid-Atlantic region by the holiday season. Currently, only customers in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia and North Carolina have this option (priced at a tempting $20/month) and it was set to end by September 30th. […]

Sprint Customers Truly Taking Advantage of Unlimited Data


As the last of the major national carriers to maintain an unlimited data plan for smartphones, a recent study shows that Sprint subscribers are fully aware of the benefits and are taking advantage of their data plans. Unlike AT&T and Verizon Wireless, which charges for tiered and metered data plans, and T-Mobile, which throttles your […]