Samsung Gear Fit Hands-On: The Fitness Smartwatch


Earlier this week at Mobile World Congress Samsung announced the all-new Gear Fit wearable smartband. Being one of three smartwatches announced, it joins the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. To be completely honest the Samsung Gear Fit looks exactly what most expected the original Galaxy Gear smartwatch to look like. It has a curved […]

Fitbit Flex Fitness Tracking Wristband Now Available For $99.95

Fitbit Flex

About five months after its announcement at CES 2013 the Fitbit Flex fitness and sleep tracker is now available for $99.95. The Fitbit Flex is the first Fitbit users can where around their wrist at all times. The Fitbit Flex tracks many of the same stats as other Fitbit devices including steps taken, calories burned […]

Jawbone Acquires BodyMedia, Opens Up Platform

Jawbone Up platform

Today Jawbone announced that it acquired health tracking company BodyMedia. It also announced the launch of the new Up platform that lets developers use an API to use Jawbone data in their own apps. BodyMedia is one of a number of companies that track user’s health instead of just fitness or exercise. The company produces a […]

Under Armour Introduces Armour 39 To Compete With FuelBand

Armour 39

Today Under Armour announced its new mobile fitness tracking system that will compete with the Nike+ FuelBand it calls Armour 39, according to CNet. Unlike Nike’s FuelBand which users can wear on their wrist all day the Under Armour: Armour 39 uses a strap filled with sensors that wraps around the user’s chest. The strap […]

Fitbit Flex: Finally a Fuelband Competitor For Android Users


Mobile fitness tracking company Fitbit today announced its first device that links to iPhone, as well as select Android smartphones from Samsung. The new Fitbit Flex is the company’s first fitness tracker that users wear on their wrist instead of in a pocket or clipped to an article of clothing. Like the recent Fitbit One […]

4 Fitness Trackers To Get in Shape for 2013

FitBit One

The holidays are here, which means the new year is coming up soon as well. Many people use the new year to resolve to live more healthily or to exercise more, and there are some gadgets to help with those goals. There are a number of mobile fitness trackers available now. They all track motion […]

FitBit Zip Review

FitBit Zip 2

FitBit’s new entry-level pedometer has almost every feature of the previous models in a smaller, less expensive package. The FitBit Zip is a small pedometer that can fit into any pocket or clip onto a pair of pants with the included clip. The device will track steps taken as well as calories burned and distance […]

Shine Fitness Tracker Is Small, Sexy and Syncs With Grace

Misfit Shine

A small company by the name of Misfit is looking to take on mobile fitness trackers like the FuelBand and FitBit with its new device called Shine. The Misfit Shine is a small aluminum fitness tracker that can track activity in almost any case. Unlike most other fitness trackers the Shine has no screen, it […]

New And Improved Jawbone Up Now Available For $129

Jawbone Up

A new version of the Jawbone UP fitness accessory was announced today, almost a year after Jawbone pulled the first generation UP from the market due to quality control issues. The original Up broke after just a short while for many users, but Jawbone promises the new version is much more durable as it explains […]

Lark Takes on Nike FuelBand with LarkLife Fitness Bracelet


The Nike+ FuelBand has a new competitor that eschews daily goals in favor of positive messages in the form of the new LarkLife. Lark is best known for its silent alarm band that helps users wake up without the need for a loud alarm clock. The new LarkLife has the same vibration feature for sleeping, […]

Nike+ FuelBand Heats Up Digital Fitness; FitBit & Jawbone, Watch Out

Nike+ FuelBand

FitBit. Jawbone UP. And now, Nike+ FuelBand. Nike has entered the mobile fitness space with its new wristband that is designed to be worn throughout the day in order to help you achieve your fitness goals. Using a set of 20 LED lights displayed prominently on the device, the NIKE+ FuelBand uses an accelerometer to […]