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AT&T Unite Pro Hotspot Review

In a world of smartphones with built-in personal hotspots that share the phone's data connection, where does a dedicated hotspot like the AT&T Unite Pro Hos...
Nexus 7 mobile hotspot

The Must Have Nexus 7 Accessory

The Google Nexus 7 tablet is an amazing tablet, but it screams for an always on data connection.After using the Nexus 7 for a week, I'm convinced that a mob...
Homeless Hotspots

Homeless Hotspots Is Not Exploitative, The People Writing About It Are

The idea behind Homeless Hotspot is simple and pretty smart, depending on your view. Advertising company BBH Labs, which is based out of New York, worked with a local homeless shelter in Austin, TX to provide some residents with a 4G mobile hotspot. The individuals then stand in strategic locations where SXSWi attendees might need some quick wireless access. All of the money goes directly to the homeless person with the hotspot.