Swype Beta Incorporates Dragon Dictation And Provides Better Accuracy

Swype Beta with Dragon dictation

Happy users of the Swype keyboard for Android may be getting a new version of the popular app soon. The popular trace-to-type keyboard — pre-loaded on many smartphones — just launched a new beta that includes two major upgrades. The first is Dragon voice dictation by Nuance, the company behind Dragon Naturally Speaking and the […]

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android and iPad Review

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android 3.0+ Honeycomb

Bluetooth keyboards are finally back in style thanks to the tablet revolution. It started with a slew of mostly lackluster options for the iPad (with the exception of Apple’s offering). This summer we’re finally getting some good choices on the Android side as well. And where there are keyboards, one usually finds Logitech. Logitech’s Tablet […]

Atek Launches OnBoard Travel Keyboard


Are you a slate Tablet PC or Netbook user wanting a comfortable keyboard to type on? Then you might be interested in checking out Atek’s solution: a portable full-size keyboard for $29.95. It slides in and out of a protective case, connects via USB, and also features an inflatable wrist pad. I have a review […]