Google Play Store Update Adds PayPal Support (Download)


Google has been busy lately with tons of updates to Google Maps, improving Hangouts on iOS and Android, and even prepping a release of Android 4.4.3 KitKat, but today they just dropped a brand new Google Play Store with Paypal support. After years of waiting for something that we expected to arrive much much sooner, […]

Google Wallet Physical Cards Now Ready to Ship

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 11.15.29 AM

After months of rumors and speculation regarding what Google had planned for Google Wallet, today we’re finally starting to see the big picture. This afternoon official physical Google Wallet card options have appeared, with Mastercard already on board, essentially giving users access to their Google Wallet balance to pay for goods. With Mastercard on board, […]

Apple Customers Can Soon Pay for Purchases With Passbook at Apple Stores


Apple is reportedly making changes to its point-of-sales system to support Passbook payments at the company’s retail locations, allowing iOS 6 users a new way to pay for purchases at retail stores. Passbook integration will be made into Apple’s iPod Touch EasyPay system. When Apple launched the iPod Touch EasyPay terminals, they effectively replaced cash […]

Apple Looking to Buy ‘The Fancy’ to Allow Its Customers to Buy More Online


With iOS 6, Apple debuted its foray into the digital wallet space with PassBook, which holds boarding passes, tickets, and coupons. However, unlike rival Android’s Google Wallet, PassBook doesn’t actually allow users the ability to purchase goods and services directly with the app despite Apple having stored over 400 million credit cards on files with […]

American Express Did Not Agree to Join Google Wallet


It looks like in updating its Google Wallet app earlier this week to finally support all major debit and credit cards, Google may have jumped the gun as card service American Express claims that it never agreed to be part of Google’s mobile wallet app. The app, which is available for select smartphones on Sprint’s […]

T-Mobile Rumored to Launch Mobile Payment Service on August 20


Google Wallet, which so far is only available on select unlocked smartphones and tablets as well as Android phones sold through U.S. carrier partner Sprint, is about to get some serious competition in the mobile payment arena. According to the latest leaks, ISIS, which is a consortium of carriers comprised of AT&T, T-Mobile USA, and […]

MasterCard Fuels Speculations of NFC on iPhone 5


In an interview given with Fast Company, MasterCard mobile payments head Ed McLaughlin may be igniting speculations that Apple’s next-generation iPhone, perhaps dubbed the iPhone 5, will arrive with support for NFC, or near field communications, which would enable mobile payments and other applications. McLaughlin was careful to not mention any partners by name, but […]

No Google Wallet for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus


Despite being a Google experience phone, Google’s Samsung-made Galaxy Nexus, which will debut with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, will not come with Google Wallet when it lands on Verizon Wireless’ mobile network. The 4G LTE smartphone that’s headed to the U.S. will not come pre-loaded with Google Wallet, Google’s application that makes use of […]

Salvation Army Hopes Square Payment System Can Be Santa’s Helper


The Salvation Army is looking to use Square’s payment dongle, which plugs into a smartphone or tablet, to help collect donations from shoppers this holiday shopping season. In addition to the tradition sound of bells and clinking coins in red buckets, Square’s payment may help attract donations from shoppers who only carry credit or debit […]

Get Ready to Swipe Your Credit Card With a Smartphone Camera

netswipe mobile

We’re all lazy enough that you have wished for the ability to pay for something by holding our credit card up to the screen instead of tying it out again and again. If you’re lucky, you may not need to type in your credit card information ever again. Netswipe is a new online payment platform […]

iPhone 5 Will Come with NFC Support Says Latest Report


After reports earlier this week saying that Apple would not be incorporating near field communication (NFC) technology on the latest iPhone 5 anticipated to be released this summer, the latest report from a Forbes editor says that the next-generation flagship phone will indeed come with NFC support. Near field communications is a type of RFID […]

PayPal to Throw Weight Behind NFC Technology for Digital Wallet


As Google is looking to tackling the mobile payment market with near-field communication (NFC) technology on Android starting with its own Nexus S smartphone, the company may be looking to partner with others to make the technology a reality that would aim to replace credit cards and your wallet with your smartphone as a payment […]

Eric Schmidt Shows Off Nexus S at Web 2.0 Summit


The Nexus S, which has been long rumored and delayed, was shown off in a demo briefly with its logo covered up by Google GEO Eric Schmidt at the Web 2.0 Summit. The device was said to be an unannounced phone from an unnamed manufacturer, so Schmidt didn’t let out a lot of information, though […]