Happy New Year: A Wish List for 2013


A Wish List for 2013 Happy New Year! Many of our GBM readers are already celebrating the arrival of 2013 while the clock ticks down on 2012 here in the states. Each new year brings hope of things new, or different, or changed, but if you’ve lived long enough, you know that much will stay […]

Mobile Tech Predictions for 2013: Warner’s Take


Trying to predict what is going to happen in mobile tech during 2013 is like trying to sharpen the edge of Occam’s Razor in one of those knife sharpeners that come with an electric can opener. While it would be nice to have some simple explanations for what we’ll see and hear throughout the year, […]

Grading My 2012 Predictions


Things moved quickly on some fronts in the mobile tech world in 2012. On some fronts, not quickly enough. And there were even a few areas where things seemed to be stagnant. We had successes, we had failures and we had just about everything in between. Apple, Google, and Microsoft dominated the mobile tech news, […]

Thoughts Before Microsoft’s Big Announcement


I’m guessing somewhere in Los Angeles there are a lot of Microsoft executives experiencing quite a bit of anxiety this morning. I know the feeling. I once sat and cringed during an opening night curtain speech for a show I directed when the producer making the speech told the audience that the show was going […]

How Long Do You Expect to Use Your Gadget Purchases?


With the increasing avalanche that is mobile gadgetry there seems to me to be a shifting focus on looking at these devices (smartphones and Tablets) as almost disposable. Part of that has to do with the fact that, at least on the Android front, we see new devices more quickly than we see new hardware […]

Hot Air Balloons: The Tech Inside the Basket [Video]

Hot Air Balloon Tech07

It doesn’t get much more mobile than taking off in a basket and going wherever the wind takes you, so I jumped at the chance to go to a local hot air balloon festival and see what technology balloon pilots use while in the air. The actual tech varies from pilot to pilot, and can […]

Prop Shopping with Mobile Tech


Cameras have been a big part of shopping for props for plays and film for a long time. You shop, you snap photos, you bring them back to the folks who make the decision and you make a go/no go decision based on the production’s needs. I’ve spent the better part of the day today […]

UMPCFever Meetup and Tons of Mobile Gear


It looks like the folks at UMPCFever really enjoy their meetups. Each month they seem to have a huge crowd of mobile tech enthusiasts, and what’s more a huge selection of mobile devices to get hands on with. Thankfully, for the rest of us, they publish a great selection of pictures of the gear that […]