iPhone Owners Trust Apple With Mobile Wallet Over Mastercard and Visa

NFC and Mobile Wallet Survey

Google is hoping that millions of Android users will jump at the chance to turn their smartphone into a wallet with Google Wallet, but based on the results of a survey by Retrevo Google is facing an uphill battle. Not only are iPhone owners more interested in a mobile wallet than Android owners, but only 21% of […]

HP Preparing for NFC Digital Wallets with webOS Smartphones, Tablets


In a bid to rival Google and Android, Hewlett-Packard may be readying some webOS devices with built-in near field communications (NFC) technologies that would enable its smartphones and tablets to be used as digital wallets. HP’s venture into the NFC world would utilize the technology not only as a point of payment mechanism, but would […]

Google Remains Optimistic About NFC to Partners

nxp NXP says Google is telling them that between 40 and 100 million NFC phones will ship this year

Google is optimistic about the prospect of near field communications support on more upcoming Android smartphones. The sentiment was expressed to NFC partner NXP Semiconductors, which helped Google implement support for the technology in Android 2.3 Gingerbread. According to NXP head, Google has told his firm that between 40-100 million Android smartphones should ship this […]

Google Hiring Marketing Head for Mobile Wallet Efforts


After having launched Android 2.3 Gingerbread and the Samsung-made Nexus S with near field communications, or NFC, technology support, Google is looking to make a bigger push into the digital wallet market. Google is looking to expand its mobile wallet endeavors through the hire of an ““EMEA head of commerce marketing” will we be required […]

Will Amazon Use Android to Jump Into the NFC Mobile Payments Market?


Amazon is mulling rolling out a digital payments service that would integrate with near field communications (NFC) technologies that would allow shoppers to use their smartphones and Amazon’s payment services to pay for goods in physical stores. The claim was made by two people “familiar with the matter” to Bloomberg. NFC would allow customers to […]

Foursquare Plans to Simplify Check-Ins with NFC

foursquare Foursquare Hacks Now Enables You To Auto Open Our House Doors When You Check In

Foursquare wants to help make it easier for its users to use its check-in services by implementing near field communications, or NFC. As it stands currently, the check-in service on Foursquare requires the active participation of the user by opening an app and selecting or entering their location via GPS readings. With NFC, users can […]