Hey! Terry Myerson! iOS 5 Works Pretty Good on My iPhone 3GS

Hey! Terry Myerson! iOS 5 Works Pretty Good on My iPhone 3GS

*+-Clearly, Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s head mobile guy,  is confused. In statements made at the Mobile World Congress on Wednesday, the man who took over for Andy Lees made some interesting quips about Apple’s iPhone and the software that runs on it, iOS. Those statements were in response to questions about whether Microsoft would release software […]

HTC Returns to Its Roots with Sense 4.0

HTC Returns to Its Roots with Sense 4.0

*+-In an interview with Pocket-lint, HTC’s chief product officer Kouji Kodera admitted that the company’s HTC Sense user interface, software found on the company’s Android phones, became too bloated. Good news though. Kodera says that HTC Sense 4.0, the UI found on the company’s new HTC One Series of smartphones that were announced at Mobile […]

Sony: Quad-Core Phone Unlikely in 2012

Sony Likely Won't Release a Quad-Core Smartphone in 2012

*+-One of the biggest themes to come out of the Mobile World Congress this year has been quad-core smartphones. HTC has announced one. LG as well. And there have been a few smaller players like Fujitsu and Huawei who unveiled quad-core smartphones as well. Noticeably absent is Sony, famous for its Xperia line of phones, […]

Nokia 808 PureView: Hardware, Release Date, Pricing

Nokia 808 PureView: Hardware, Software, Release Date

*+-Prior to Mobile World Congress 2012, we got the feeling that one of the busier players was going to be Nokia. The company did not disappoint. At this year’s conference, the Finnish company announced three new smartphones in the Lumia 610, an HSPA+ version of the Lumia 900 that will be headed to international carriers, […]

Best of Mobile World Congress 2012


*+-Mobile World Congress 2012 was host to a number of smartphone, tablet and gadget announcements, but just a few devices were good enough to make it onto this list These are the gadgets that got our hearts racing and our hands reaching for our wallets. Mobile World Congress 2012 is where manufacturers announced the next generation of […]

HTC One V: Hardware, Software, Release Date

HTC One V: Hardware, Software, Release Date

*+-This year’s Mobile World Congress has produced quite a few interesting smartphones. The big story of the show has been the arrival quad-core powered smartphones which are poised to go on sale for the first time. Those devices have been headlined by the  likes of the HTC One X and the LG Optimus 4X HD […]

Nokia Lumia 900 Gets Closer to Launch on AT&T

Nokia Lumia 900 Gets Closer to Launch on AT&T

*+-While Nokia is excited about how its Nokia Lumia 710 has performed on T-Mobile thus far, the real test will be how well its flagship Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 900, does when it arrives in the United States in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, we’re still unclear as to when that is exactly. AT&T,  Nokia […]

Nokia: T-Mobile’s Lumia 710 Has Exceeded Expectations

Nokia Says Its Lumia 710 Windows Phone Has Exceeded Expectations

*+-At the beginning of February, we posed a question: Is the Nokia Lumia 710 selling poorly on T-Mobile? Our answer was, probably not. Nokia has seemingly answered that question itself today in remarks from company CEO Stephen Elop at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. When asked how the Lumia 710 was doing in the […]

Video: Ubuntu for Android Running On Motorola Atrix 2


*+-At Mobile World Congress, Canonical is giving attendees a chance to check out how well Ubuntu for Android works in person. Ironically, they’re demoing the operating system on the Motorola Atrix 2, which has existing desktop-esque functionality. Hey, it comes with a dock, so why not? Sarah Silbert of Laptop Magazine went hands-on with the […]

HTC One S: Hardware, Software, Release Date

HTC One S: Hardware, Software, Release Date

*+-HTC has been one of the more active companies at this year’s Mobile World Congress. And for good reason. It’s trying to start 2012 off on a good note after admitting that it’s 2011 smartphone strategy was flawed. The company has promised better designed phones with improved battery life for 2012 and the company has […]

HTC One X: Hardware, Software, Release Date

HTC One X: Hardware, Software, Release Date

*+-While the big news today is certainly the iPad 3 announcement date getting revealed, we should not forget that there is a massive mobile conference going down in Barcelona. That conference is of course called Mobile World Congress and thus far, we have seen quite a few impressive devices come out of it. One such […]

What’s Next for Windows Phone: Better MMS, Less RAM

Windows Phone 7

*+-A Mobile World Congress Microsoft quietly announced the existence of what we’ve been calling Windows Phone Tango. The update announcement came as an add-on to the announcement of the Nokia Lumia 610 which will take advantage of the new features. Some of those features will benefit all users, while others could result in some phones […]

In-Depth Hands-On: HTC One X and Sense 4.0 (Video)

HTC One X Main

*+-HTC grabbed everyone’s attention yesterday with the announcement of their new HTC One line of smartphones at Mobile World Congress. The HTC One X, One S and One V share many features and specs with slight differences in design and elements, such as the camera. If this sounds familiar, it’s what Samsung has done with […]

Metro PCS, Virgin Mobile, and U.S. Cellular Will Get HTC One V


*+-At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, HTC announced its new One lineup of smartphones. While the HTC One X and One S received a lot of attention, there’s also the One V. The One V looks just like the HTC Legend from 2010, and is coming to more regional carriers. According to Phone Scoop, HTC […]

Asus Padfone – Phone + Tablet Combo Launching in April

Asus Padfone with Padfone Station

*+-Asus first announced the Padfone way back in May 2011. At that point the smartphone and tablet combination seemed like nothing more than a prototype. In October Asus reiterated that it planned to bring the Padfone to market with Ice Cream Sandwich. Now Asus has announce the device along with a few new accessories and […]

Lord of the Tablets: Return of the Stylus

Galaxy Note Stylus

*+-When the iPad launched in 201o, it challenged the Tablet PC market, offering a new tablet experience to millions of consumers. A tablet experience that was thinner, lighter and without a stylus. Steve Jobs was adamantly against the stylus, but we still saw a number of styli arrive for the iPad, offering sub par writing and inking […]

Android Tops 850,000 Activations Per Day, Good News for App Lovers

Android Activations

*+-The Android platform is growing at a blistering pace, adding 850,000 new phones or tablets every day according to Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President of Mobile at Google. Kicking off Mobile World Congress 2012, Rubin shared that over 300 million Android devices are in use throughout the world, including 12 million tablets, a number made more impressive when […]

Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet

Galaxy Note 10.1

*+-After the Galaxy Note 5.3 ‘phablet’ release, Samsung is now announcing a purely tablet version of the device with the company’s S-Pen functionality in a 10.1-inch form factor. Like the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Galaxy Note 10.1 will be an Android slate that incorporates the S-Pen, which is based on Wacom’s digitizing technology for pen […]

Samsung Announces Galaxy Beam Smartphone + Pico Projector

Samsung Galaxy Beam

*+-We’ve seen the convergence of projectors and mobile tech before, usually in the form of a camera or camcorder with a built-in beam, but the camera people are more likely to carry with them these days is the one in their smartphone. Wouldn’t be nice to project photo slideshows, YouTube, PowerPoint presentations and apps on […]

Samsung Announces Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and 7, Teases Galaxy Note 10.1

Galaxy Tab 2 10-inch

*+-The Tab 2 has a dual-core processor, not quad-core like the ASUS Transformer Prime, and will ship with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Unlike the 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab on the market now, the Tab 2 will have a micro SD slot to expand the on board storage (16GB or 32GB). Samsung will offer Wi-Fi only and 3G versions; no mention of 4G.