Potter Named President / CEO of InPlay Technologies

InPlay Technologies came in to the news several weeks ago when it was announced that Panasonic’s newest tablet pc, the H1, would be using their digitizer. Now, InPlay has announced some new leadership at the digitizer company. InPlay Technologies (NASDAQ: NPLA), a developer of innovative human interface devices for electronic products, announced that Van Potter […]

The Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer Arrives

Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer

The busy traveling season is upon us, and that means long lines and waiting for folks to pull out their laptop and run it through the scanner. Fortunately, the TSA has been approving a line of “Checkpoint friendly” laptop bags that will hopefully speed up the security check process – at least for those who […]

MIDdling Around


Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) are slowly starting to make their way to market. As they do, some are questioning whether the timing is too late, or if there is indeed a place for them to fit. Listening to the recent MobileTech Roundup podcast, the three hosts talked about this and all dismissed the category as […]

Live Mesh Offering Open Beta, Mac Client This Week


The Windows Live Mesh team announced on Monday that Live Mesh will be going in to open Beta later this week, as well as finally offering a Mac and Windows Mobile client. This is great news for folks who operate in a multi-platform environment. Back in April when we did the initial tech preview release […]

Intel Unveils MID Moorestown Platform


While we’re still waiting for the first crop of MIDs to really roll out (there have been a few), Intel has just unveiled the first prototype running the Moorestown platform. Headed for a 2009/10 release, what Intel is showing off is a reference design for the MID platform, not an actual device. You’ll hear in […]