Right Hand Meet the Left Hand: Apple Consumers Get Slapped

Apple has had an interesting month since its launch of the new iPhone, the App Store, and MobileMe. MobileMe is an admitted ““work in progress” that costs users $99 a year to participate in. The new iPhone is showing some cracks, (literally and figuratively), while selling like crazy even with inventory problems. But up until now, […]

iPhone Updates and a Leaked Letter From Jobs on MobileMe

Apple released a firmware update to the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch last night take the version number to 2.0.1. I downloaded and installed it on both and it seems to make things a bit snappier all around. Of course it included the typical Apple non-communication communication about what is available with the update: bug […]

Apple Is Talking About MobileMe Woes. (Sorta, Kinda)

I imagine by now everyone has heard of the problems with Apple’s new MobileMe service that is touted as Exchange for the rest of us. The Contact and data syncing service that allows users to work with their data across multiple computers and platforms had major issues on launch day. Apparently for some  there are […]

MobileMe Users Get 30 Days Extension Due To Launch Woes

If you’re a MobileMe user who got caught up in the problems around the launch of Apple’s revamp of .Mac, then Apple is saying they are sorry and extending your contract by 30 days. You are eligible if you had a .Mac account active as of July 9, or you purchased the service on or […]

Mobile (Oh My Oh!)Me – Initial Experiences With Exchange For The Rest Of Us

In my opinion, the bigger story coming out of Apple’s June event was MobileMe – offering Exchange-like functionality to the every-day user. Who better to bring some insight into this new offering than one of their targeted customers.   Gary Harrision, a good friend and long-time GBM reader, has been digging deep in to MobileMe […]

Review: MobileMe vs Exchange, a Users Perspective

Those interested in a layman’s view of the difference between MobileMe and Exchange should checkout this review by GBM forum member NutsnBolts. Another GBM reader is working up a detailed comparison from a user’s perspective, so stay tuned for more insight.   Technorati Tags: MobileMe,Exchange,Outlook Sync

MobileMe Launches

For those looking for an alternative to hosted Exchange, Apple just launched MobileMe ( Me.com ) and it looks like a very good alternative. It syncs your Outlook / Mac PIM data to the MobileMe service for syncing with other PCs or Macs. This is not a Mac only solution. Now your email, contacts, calendars […]

Exchange or MobileMe?

With Apple’s MobileMe about to launch in the next day or so, I’m curious as to how many GBM readers will be giving Apple’s self-described “Exchange for the rest of us” a try. Does it solve a pain point for you? Will anyone be making the switch from hosted Exchange to MobileMe? Technorati Tags: mobileme