MobileNoter SE HD for Honeycomb Tablets Now Available


I’ve had an on again off again affair with MobileNoter. MobileNoter is an App and service that allows you to do a two way sync using your mobile device and your OneNote files. I’ve used it primarily on the iOS platform. Now there is a version available for Android Honeycomb Tablets called MobileNoter SE HD. […]

Outline is an Attempt at Bringing OneNote Files to Your iPad

Outline - OneNote Notebook Reader for iPad on the iTunes App Store

OneNote is an excellent piece of software, even if Microsoft can’t figure out how to promote it. And, in the age of touch Tablets, there are many OneNote users who would love to be able to work with their OneNote files on iPads and all that have followed. Yes, there are solutions out there like […]

Microsoft to Release OneNote App for the iPhone

OneNote for the iOS allows users to sync different notes to a wide range of devices for free.

This should make some folks happy. I know it makes me so. Microsoft is going to be releasing a OneNote App for the iPhone. According to Ina Fried at All Things Digital, we should see it today. The App will be free for a limited time. Users should be able to sync their Notes back […]

MobileNoter Now Available for Android

Pastebot 2010-09-14 11.44.50 AM 1

MobileNoter is a very good solution for those who have an iPhone or iPad and use OneNote. It allows you to sync notes back and forth to your devices. Now it is also available (in Beta) for the Android platform. We’ve covered MobileNoter before and I believe it to be a good solution for working […]

MobleNoter Team Creates Evernote to Onenote Conversion Utility: Evr2One


Tablet PC fans and mobile device fans have one great longing. That longing is to have the amazing flexibility of Microsoft’s OneNote work everywhere on any device. Yes, there’s a mobile version with Office 2011, and yes there are ways to get your notes into OneNote. But that longing wants more than is available now, […]

GBM InkShow: Inking on the iPad

GBMInkShow Inking on the iPad

First up, before I get to the subject of this InkShow, thank you from the bottom of my heart and from my family for all the kind wishes, prayers, and support the GBM community has offered on the occasion of the passing of my Mother. She’s at peace now and our family is slowly starting […]

MobileNoter: I Want to Love This iPad App But I Can’t Yet

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Arrrrgh! So close but yet still not quite there yet. I really want to like MobileNoter. It’s an iOS App (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) that lets you sync files with OneNote. Yep, that’s right, it lets you sync up files with OneNote. OneNote is a great app on the Windows platform for note taking […]

MobileNoter Getting Ready for the iPad


OneNote fans who might have their eye on the iPad have friends in the developers of MobileNoter. MobileNoter is an app that lets you sync you OneNote notes to the iPhone and the developers are prepping for the iPad. They’ve submitted an updated app,which has been approved, that optimizes MobileNoter for the iPad’s screen resolution. […]

MobileNoter Releases New Edition with WiFi Syncing


MobileNoter is the app that allows you to sync your OneNote files to an iPhone and also create some quick notes on your iPhone for syncing back to OneNote. The previous edition has focused on a cloud based solution meaning your files synced up to MobileNoter’s cloud and then back up and down to your […]

Changing My Mobile Strategy and a New Computer

Over the weekend I posted that I purchased a new computer and was going to being shifting my mobile strategy. I offered folks a chance to guess what the new computer was, and lo and behold, Rob Bushway, guessed correctly. I picked up a 13 inch MacBook Pro at a good price from on […]

MobileNoter Releases v 1.0 adds Subscription Model


MobileNoter is one of those iPhone apps that I’ve been following and testing with keen interest. Why? Because it allows me to sync OneNote data to my iPhone. I’m a huge OneNote fan and love that application. I often call it Microsoft’s biggest secret that they want to keep a secret because there is so […]

MobileNoter is Now Available


I’ve been trying out MobileNoter for sometime and the folks behind it have now opened it up as a public beta. MobileNoter allows you to sync OneNote files between your desktop/notebook/Tablet and your iPhone. You can check out some of early thoughts on the beta and some screen shots here. Here is the link to […]