iOS 7 Concept Videos: Potential iOS 7 Features Brought to Life

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iOS 7 is expected later this year at WWDC, where we might also see the iPhone 5S, and while Apple is keeping the wraps on iOS 7, there are already a number of iOS 7 concept videos that show what Apple could do with iOS 7. These iOS 7 features and designs are not leaks from Apple, […]

iPhone 5 Mockup Video Brings Rumors to Life

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For months iPhone 5 rumors leaked out from various sources painting a vivid and detailed picture of what the new iPhone will look like. The look of the new iPhone is still unconfirmed, but reports from The Verge and GSM Israel show case makers are certain Apple will announce the thinner, taller iPhone 5. These […]

What the iPhone 5 May Look Like: Our Favorite iPhone 5 Mock Ups

iphone 5 in colors

Few people will know what the iPhone 5 will look like until Apple announces the next iPhone and provides a solid release date. This doesn’t mean we haven’t seen a fair share of mock ups that imagine what the iPhone 5 will look like. Many of these artist renderings and videos are to the extreme, and include […]