Modbook Pro: 13″ OS X Tablet Unveiled


Modbook Inc. officially introduced the Modbook Pro, a 13″ tablet. Based on the 13″ MacBook Pro, the Modbook Pro comes with powerful components and a Wacom digitizer. The tablet could be attractive for creative professionals who want to take their work on the road without giving up the pinpoint control they’re used to when working […]

The Modbook Mac Tablet is Back

The new Modbook, an OS X Tablet

Modbook is teasing a new Mac tablet on its Facebook page and promising full details tomorrow. The original Modbook debuted at MacWorld Expo 2007 as a modified 13″ MacBook turned tablet. Apple fans all but forgot about the device once the iPad launched, but a refreshed model could be very interesting for those who find […]

Axiotron Announces New ModBook


Several months ago, I reviewed Axiotron’s ModBook, the only available Apple Mac Tablet. With a just announced new version of the ModBook, it appears Axiotron is making some real strides to address some of the issues I had with the previous version. Here is a rundown of the new features as well as their full […]

Got MacBook, Want Tablet?


Apple may not have a great pen or touch interface in OS X, but for those current MacBook owners wishing they had a tablet instead, there is hope. Axiotron is now offering Modservice, which will take customers existing MacBooks and magically turn them in to a Tablet PC — all for the low, low price […]

GBM InkShow: Axiotron ModBook Part 3 – Apple and Ink

In Part 3 of my Axiotron ModBook InkShow series, I take a look at how the ModBook performs as a Tablet PC using Apple’s InkWell technology: InkPad, WriteAnywhere, and Rotation. In short – Apple has a long way to go. Be sure to watch Part 1, where I tour the ModBook and review some of […]

GBM InkShow: Axiotron ModBook Review Part 2 – Vista Bootcamp and VMWare

In Part 2 of my Axiotron ModBook InkShow series, I take a look at how the ModBook performs as a Windows Vista based Tablet PC under Bootcamp and under VMWare’s Fusion. In short, Vista Bootcamp provided a near seamless slate tablet pc experience, with the added benefit of having 512 levels of pressure sensitivity and […]

GBM InkShow: Axiotron ModBook Video Review Part 1 – Tour and Software

I’ve been looking forward to reviewing Axiotron’s ModBook ever since it was announced in January 2007. Several weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to finally receive a ModBook and experience an Apple Tablet for the very first time. There is so much to cover on the ModBook, I decided to break this review in to […]

A Slew of ModBook InkShow Video Reviews Coming Soon

I’ve really been enjoying getting to know Axiotron’s ModBook Tablet these past several weeks. There is nothing like using a MacBook in slate mode with an active digitizer! The ModBook has been one of the most challenging reviews I’ve ever taken on due to what the ModBook represents and offers: it is a slate Tablet […]

Axiotron ModBook First Impressions

I’m glad I have Axiotron’s ModBook for two weeks. I’m going to need the entire two weeks to get my hands around this unique offering. I’ve been holding out on the video review portion until I have a good handle on the tablet features of OS X, other 3rd party software available, and the Vista […]

Vista Experience Index on the Axiotron ModBook

I just rebooted the ModBook into Vista using Bootcamp. It runs remarkably similar to a regular Vista-based Tablet PC. What is remarkable about the ModBook is that it allows someone to run the Mac OS X and a Vista Tablet PC on the same box – a MacBook. Amazing I ran the Experience Index in […]

GBM Shortcut: Axiotron ModBook First Looks Video

The Axiotron ModBook arrived today. Here is quick first look at the ModBook. This is NOT a review – it is just a quick look. By the way, I mentioned how heavy the ModBook was. To compare, the MacBook is 4 lbs 14.5 oz. The ModBook is 5 lbs 8 oz. I’ll be covering the […]

Axiotron ModBook Headed Our Way – We Can’t Wait!!!

When news first got out in January 2007 about Axiotron’s ModBook, yours truly was beyond ecstatic at the thought of an Apple-based Tablet. We’ll, we’ve been waiting ever since to get our hands on one, and am pleased to say that Axiotron notified me yesterday that the ModBook is on its way to us! Here’s […]

Axiotron ModBook Review at SlashGear

As promised, James Allan Brady of SlashGear is beginning to share his thoughts on the Axiotron Modbook. In what he calls Part I of a review he publishes quite a few pictures and this interesting tidbit: So far, I am not sold on it, but, my sister, who is taking classes in college for photography […]

SlashGear Unboxes The Axiotron ModBook

James Brady at SlashGear has gotten his hands on the Axiotron ModBook (you remember that MacBook that has been reconfigured to be a slate Tablet) and has posted some unboxing photos. I’m looking forward to what James has to say once he’s taken the ModBook for a spin, especially how well the InkWell software works […]

ModBook Demos from Macworld

Xavier Lanier, of, has some good video footage of the new ModBook from Axiotron, being demoed at Macworld. He shows us the new mirrored-finish ModBook running Quick Clicks, an app that makes it easier to enter frequently used key combinations. Xavier also reports that Axiotron is considering a 15" ModBook Pro, based on the […]

ModBook Started Shipping Last Week

I just received notice from Other World Computing that the first ModBooks started shipping on January 11th, with first priority going to those who placed orders in January 2007. According to their press release, there is a significant pre-order queue, with new orders expected to ship around mid-February. We are still waiting for our review […]