Motorola Cuts Price on MOTOACTV Smart Sports Watch

Screen Shot 2012-07-16 at 7.06.21 PM

One of my personal favorite Android accessory, the MOTOACTV sports watch, which is a smart watch made by Motorola, has just received a $100 price cut making it even more affordable. With summer here, the MOTOACTV sports watch will help you track calories burned, steps taken, miles ran, or distance pedaled. The watch comes with […]

MOTOACTV Smartphone Gets Smarter With Facebook, Twitter Integration


Though Motorola’s MOTOACTV smart watch is among one of the most polished Android wearable accessory on the market today, the device to many prosumers has been less of a smart watch than rival offerings from companies such as WIMM or Sony but is regarded more as a polished fitness accessory thanks to various workout modes, […]

Motorola to Launch Major MOTOACTV Update on March 7


A major new software update will be coming to Motorola’s fitness-centric Android smart watch come this March 7th that will bring a host of new features. The software will allow users to track more types of workouts and make the watch more intuitive to use for first-time users out of the box. According to a […]

MOTOACTV Sports Watch Becomes World’s Smallest Honeycomb Tablet


While Android Honeycomb barely just recently made it to the smaller 7-inch screen form factor thanks to the release of Android 3.2, developers are hard at work on pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a tablet. The latest hack comes by way of Chris Wade, a developer who is successful in porting Google’s tablet OS […]

GottaBeMobile Staff Holiday Wishlists


The holiday season is a joyous one for gadget lovers like the staff at Writing about technology all year long can be tough on our wallets, so it’s nice to have a time of year where we can ask for some of our favorite phones, gadgets and accessories of the year. Below you’ll find […]

Best Tech and Gadget Gifts Under $250


Maybe the prospect of spending $250 or more on a gift scares you. Or maybe you feel like spending less than $200 on a gift is a little on the cheap side. If that’s the case, you have come to the right place. Whether you’re searching for a new camera for the photographer in your […]

Health and Fitness Gadget Gift Guide

Fitbit - holiday gift guide

The cold winter air may be keeping you inside, but we all have a fitness minded friend or family member on our holiday shopping list that is still pounding the pavement or hitting the gym despite chilly conditions. After testing out a number of gadgets over the past year, we wanted to share some of the coolest health and fitness gadgets […]

Video: Motorola MotoACTV Is What the iPod Nano Should Be

motoactv in the wrist strap

When Motorola first unveiled their new MotoACTV device the other day, my first thought was: oh look, an Android iPod nano. Finally. I’ve long felt that Android device manufacturers needed to get more on creating iPod rivals. (By the way, Samsung, hurry up with that Galaxy Player.) Not only did Motorola step up in creating […]

Motorola Announces MOTOACTV Fitness Tracker and MP3 Player


In addition to the Droid RAZR, Motorola also announced the MOTOACTV which is a fitness device that is a fitness tracker and MP3 player all packed into one. The MOTOACTV is actually a pretty neat looking device, almost like something out of a Dick Tracy comic, and it has a bunch of features that you […]