Fathers Day 2011: Tech & Gadget Gifts for Dad

Father's Day Gift Guide - Mimobots

With Father’s Day right around the corner we wanted to give you a look at the hottest Father’s Day gifts for dad’s that love technology, gadgets, cameras and more. Dad doesn’t need to be a geek to appreciate these incredibly cool Father’s Day gifts, but it will help. You can head over to Notebooks.com for the full […]

Microsoft Research Explores Potential of Multi-Touch Mice

Screen shot 2010-08-31 at 7.43.45 AM

Microsoft Research puts a lot of thought into how users interact with computers. In this video, they evaluate different methods of manipulating objects with a multi-touch mouse. The resulting report shows that it’s a pretty complex challenge to build a multi-touch mouse that’s more usable than an ordinary mouse or a multi-touch display. While the […]

No, seriously, the Magic Trackpad isn’t killing the mouse


Yesterday, I offered my take on the notion that Apple’s Magic Trackpad will kill the mouse. Basically, I’d appreciate that, but, no, it won’t. Today, Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo proclaims the MT heralds the death of the mouse. Seriously? Even my three cats don’t serve dead mouse stories to me this often.

The mouse isn’t dead, which means we should nuke it from orbit


TechCrunch’s MG Siegler stepped into a bit of a bear trap (or should that be mouse trap?) when he proclaimed the “Apple’s Magic Trackpad Signals The End of The Mouse Era“. To put it mildly, the general reaction is that his judgment was hasty, and he’s followed it up with an even stronger statement “The […]

Concept Mouse is Both Pen and Mouse


I agree with the folks at Engadget. Too bad this is just a concept. The eVouse can be used as both a stylus or a mouse or an air mouse. Not sure how it would work exactly, but then, I guess that’s why it is only a concept. It certainly is intriguing look with its […]

Microsoft Research’s Multitouch Mice Concepts on Video


Microsoft Research is working on at least five multitouch mice. The Orb, Arty, Side Mouse, FTIR and Cap Mouse are each unique, implementing various tracking technologies, ergonomics and functionality.  I’m hoping more than one of these make it out of the lab and into the accessories market. Why is Microsoft working on so many mice? […]

Shortcut: Microsoft Arc Mouse

I have large hands, which usually makes it extremely uncomfortable to use compact mice, but the Microsoft Arc Mouse has enough curvature and surface area to make it comfortable to use for hours on end. This mouse folds up so it can easily fit in your pocket and has a well-placed laser. When it’s folded, […]

Kensington Netbook Power Adapter, Accessories


Kensington announced five netbook accessories today, including a pint-sized universal power adapter that includes a USB port for charging your iPod or mobile phone. It’s compatible with Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, LG, Lenovo, MSI and Samsung netbooks thanks to interchangeable tips. The Kensington Mobile Power Adapter for Netbooks is available for $49 from Amazon.com. Kensington […]

Exclusive Vivienne Tam Mouse Giveaway!


Not available for sale yet in the US, but I have one for a lucky reader of GottaBeMobile! This mouse is a perfect match for the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition. If you (or someone you know!) has an HP Vivienne Tam Edition, this would be an amazing find. And if you don’t have a […]