Insane netbook to sliding keyboard tablet hack in progress


Sliding keyboards aren’t exactly one of my favorite designs, but I give c0ff33 on the InsanelyWind forum credit for taking it in what I think is a smart direction and trying to get it done on his hacked MSI Wind tablet. Nothing to see of the slider just yet, but he’s got the display with […]

Alternative Netbook Operating Systems


Rather than sticking with Microsoft Windows XP or the updated Windows 7, there are a variety of reasons for checking out alternative operating systems for your netbook.  The benefits of using a few of the following operating systems include being a part of a community of users, regular updates, and running an OS that is […]

Hackintosh Netbook Benchmarked


Although putting OS X on your netbook may be illegal and certainly violates the EULA, one curious individual has taken the time to benchmark the MSI Wind clone, the Advent 2411.   JayPan at Apple Different has posted numerous benchmarks comparing the Advent 2411 to an older iBook G4, a MacBook Air, and a Dell […]

MSI Wind U120 Netbook Showing All


Engadget linked to earlier today showing a fully striped down MSI Wind U120.  It’s always fun to see something taken down to the guts! The link is a Google translated page — and make sure to check out the links at the top of the MSIWind.ex page for some videos and reviews of the […]

Warner Takes A Look At MSI Wind U120 Lighted Touchpad

In a market saturated with me-too products, OEMs are striving to set their products apart from the crowd. In this video, Warner checks out MSI’s latest attempt at differentiating themselves with a lighted touchpad. It’s an interesting concept, but is it really enough to get the MSI Wind noticed in the crowded netbook market? Decide […]

USB to IDE Adapter: Must-Have in the World of Netbooks


Ever wonder how you could install different operating systems on your new netbook or backup all your data to a DVD-R?   A USB to IDE adapter is one device that might be unfamiliar to novice computer users, but soon finds great value as a necessary, must-have item.   In the world of netbooks and […]

MSI Announces U115 Netbook with Hybrid Storage System

MSI has announced a the U115 Hybrid Netbook which features hybrid storage: both solid state drive and hard drive: Press Release and Specs: MSI today announces U115 Hybrid. The very first notebook computer in the world that is capable of operating both SSD and HDD hard drives simultaneously, combining all the features of SSD and […]

OS X Realtek Wireless Driver for MSI Wind Released


It appears that MSI Wind netbook owners who patiently waited for W-Fi support and took the risk of installing OS X on their machines may now have drivers for their factory installed Realtek Wi-Fi cards.  Although not posted on the official Realtek site, this thread at tracks consumer emails to and from Realtek, the […]

Tips for MSI Wind 9-Cell Battery Owners

7200-mah-msi-u100-battery.jpg features a few excellent tips for customers that have purchased the 9-cell battery for the MSI Wind.  The   9-cell battery, rumored to get 8 hours+ of life, currently sells for US $79.80.   They’re also selling 6-cell Acer Aspire One batteries for US $68.60.   Check out their tips to get the most […]

Walt Mossberg Does Netbooks

Walt Mossberg reviews Netbooks

Walt Mossberg takes on Netbooks in a review in the Wall Street Journal and essentially says what we’ve known all along. For some users (browsing, email, etc….) they work well and for power use look elsewhere. He takes a look at a decent cross section featuring four models: The Acer Aspire One, The Dell Mini […]

MSI Wind now $350 at Best Buy


Looks like there is a price drop at Best Buy for the MSI Wind. According to Gizmodo you can now pick up the original 10 inch screen version for $350, down from $399. Keep in mind that we’re due to see a new Wind blow in next month.

That’s One Big Battery: 9 Cell Now Available for MSI Wind


Wow. That’s one big battery. You can now get a 9 cell battery for the MSI Wind, assuming you want to make the trade-off on size for power. This 19 ounce battery will supposedly boost your battery life to 8 to 10 hours which is sweet, but the size is something else again.  Although it […]

Windows 7 Running on MSI Wind

Well, that didn’t take long. (Actually it took about 18 or so hours longer than I thought.) jkkmobile has pointed   to a video of Windows 7 booting on the MSI Wind Netbook. Don’t get too excited, you won’t see much, and the camera work might make you a bit dizzy, but I’m sure this […]

MSI Wind BIOS Update Allows Performance Bump

MSI has released a BIOS update for the MSI Wind Netbook that allows you to use a function key combiantion (Fn-F10) to bump up (overclock) the performance by 8%, 15% or 24%. Of course you’ll probably feel a drain in your battery life by doing so, but this is for those applications that might need […]