iPhone to Android Switch Part Two – Playing Media

Playing Media on an Android

When I bought an Android phone my first thought was how good it would be for playing music. I’ve been using iPods for years and my foray into iOS began with the iPod Touch the spring before the iPhone 3GS was released. I assumed that Android would not be as good as iOS for playing […]

Google Music Beta Announced by Invite Only for Now (video)

Google Music Beta

Google is following on the heels of Amazon and beating Apple to the cloud music storage arena with its new Google Music Beta service. For now it is in closed beta requiring an invitation. Users can sign up for an invite now. When they finally get an invite, users can begin to sync their audio […]

Apple Targeting Audiophiles with Latest Hire


According to a Twitter message, Apple may have hired Tomlinson Holman, a University of Southern California audio professor and the brains behind sound-house THX. The move would help Apple compete better against other computing and mobile computing brands that have better acoustics integration, like HTC and Nokia smartphones with Dolby sound, Lenovo computers with Dolby […]

Apple’s iTunes Digital Cloud Storage Won’t be Free


Early speculations about Apple’s digital cloud storage plans suggest that the service will launch for free initially, but that the iPhone-maker would eventually charge users a small annual fee for the service much like what it does with its cloud-based Mobile Me offering. According to Billboard, Apple may charge users around $20 a year for […]

Rumor: iTunes for the Desktop to Become Web App


According to Three Guys and a Podcast, the desktop version of Apple’s iTunes software used to manage, play, and synchronize your multimedia library will soon disappear as a standalone app. The site claims that Apple will be moving iTunes from a standalone software to become an in-browser Web app–which is ironic as Apple had shifted […]

Mougg Provides Free Digital Locker to Store and Stream Music


Users who are awaiting Apple to announce the rumored iTunes streaming service, which would purported allow users to store their iTunes-purchased content inside Apple’s servers and have the media content be streamable with an Internet connection from the cloud on demand, can now look for towards Mougg for a free solution in the interim as […]

Reggie Watts: Another Great Musical iPhone 4 Performance

Screen shot 2010-10-29 at 1.07.18 PM

The band Atomic Tom got a lot of attention when its members swapped their instruments for iPhones. Reggie Watts, a musician and comedian, is now in on the iPhone act and put together a nice demonstration of how the iPhone can be used as a performance and content creation device. In a live appearance on […]

iPhone Apps Used in Atomic Tom Subway Video


Atomic Tom pulled off a very successful marketing stunt by performing on a Subway with iPhones in place of their instruments. Some of my friends and family members asked me what applications they’d need to buy to replicate Atomic Tom’s Take me Out performance. Here’s a list of the apps with links to the Apple […]

Amazing iPhone 4 Band Performance on the Subway

Screen shot 2010-10-15 at 12.00.44 PM

Atomic Tom performed live on a New York city subway using just the instrument apps on their iPhones and an amplifier.  Though the iPhone apps might not be as ‘pure’ as  real instruments, this shows that people with creativity and talent don’t have to limit themselves to just one instrument. Of course, iPhones are a […]

iPad Street Musicians a New Trend?

Screen shot 2010-09-27 at 10.51.40 PM

Where there are tourists there are street musicians. Some are incredibly talented and belong on much bigger and quieter stages, while others rely on schticks to get tourists to throw spare change their way. This iPad-sitar playing hippie chick with a raccoon tail hanging between her legs is one musician that falls into the later […]

AirTurn Bluetooth page-turning foot pedal coming to iPad


Seems our old friend Hugh Sung, professional pianist and tablet enthusiast, isn’t sitting down when it comes to the next wave of tablets, specifically the iPad. Or rather, he’s committed to sitting down with them with new Bluetooth version of his AirTurn foot pedal page-turner.

Google Begins Roll Out of Music Search

Google is starting a gradual roll out of a new search service for music that should put a tune in your heart. No, Google is not getting into the music biz. The idea is this, if you search for a song title, lyric, artist, album name, etc… you’ll be presented with results that include links […]

Frustrated with Messed Up Music Libraries in iTunes?


One of the biggest headaches with importing music, audio books, etc is having to mess with all the track information. I spent hours over Christmas importing audio books, getting track numbers right, etc – needless to say, it was not how I intended to spend Christmas Day. That is where TuneUp comes in. TuneUp is […]

AirTurn: Wireless, Hands-Free Page Turning for Musicians


Hear that sweet music?   It’s coming from Hugh Sung and his new company, AirTurn.   The company sells wireless, hands-free page turning transmitters for musicians that use Tablet PCs or laptops to read music.   The AirTurn device hooks up to your computer via USB, is easy to use, and compatible with many operating […]

Using the Eee PC as a DJ


Nothing like a little wine, a little music, a little dancing in the square, and a little mobile device. Xavier at Notebooks.com took a little trip to Venice and found himself in one of those wonderful town squares with restaurants, music, and dancing. Being the intrepid mobile geek reporter that he is, Xavier noticed that […]

Ten Cents A Dance, er Song, with Lala


This may turn out to be an interesting development in the digital music biz. Lala is offering a new cloud model for purchasing and listening to music. In addition to purchasing DRM free music for 90 cents a cut (some will cost more) from the service, you can plop down one thin dime, leave that […]