Google Maps for Brings More 3D Buildings to More Cities Globally


With Google Maps 5.0 for Android, Google had enabled 3D building renderings for select cities in the U.S. Now, the map-maker and search giant will be expanding its goal of rendering city skylines in 3D in more major metropolitan cities around the globe, including London, Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, Singapore, Lisbon, Boulder, and 11 major cities […]

Batmobile Uses an iPad as Dashboard!


Batman fan Casey Putsch had created a Batmobile of his own, which resembles the famed automobile in Tim Burton’s movies, and modified his replica to include the latest of modern technologies. For one, rather than the standard internal combustion engine, Putsch opted instead for a Boeing turbine engine salvaged from a U.S. naval drone helicopter. […]

Nokia Extends Free GPS Navigation to Series 40 Feature Phones


Blurring the lines between smartphones and feature phones, Nokia will be extending its Nokia Maps, formerly Ovi Maps, to its Nokia S40 (Series 40) phone owners. While S40 devices resemble Symbian devices, those phones running the S40 interfaces aren’t considered smartphones and Nokia targets these devices towards new and emerging markets. The premise is similar […]

Garmin Announces Navigon Acquisition


Garmin has announced that it has acquired Navigon, one of the leading GPS software solution for voice-guided turn-by-turn driving directions on smartphones. “This acquisition is a great complement to Garmin’s existing automotive and mobile business.  Navigonhas invested significantly in the European automotive OEM business, and we feel that we can rapidly expand our automotive OEM footprint […]

Google Contemplating Offline, Locally Stored Maps for Android?


Google may be considering taking its turn-by-turn Google Maps with Navigation offline soon to give non-connected devices the ability to navigate sans a continuous mobile broadband connection. This would benefit the Android platform greatly in a number of ways, and could potentially allow customers a way to save on data consumption in an age where […]

5 Features iOS 5 Needs to Make Me Switch from Android [WWDC]

WWDC 2011 iOS 5 Features

Steve Jobs will take the stage at WWDC 2011 on Monday to announce a collection of new software updates and features. While OS X Lion is expected to be a big part of this announcement, we also expect Jobs to talk about the future of the software that powers the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad […]

Windows Phone Nokia Maps Integration Won’t Happen Until 2012


Though Microsoft had announced the next update to its Windows Phone 7 platform earlier this week, boasting more Bing services and over 500 new features, the switch to use Nokia Maps to power Bing Maps won’t happen in Mango. In an interview with Phonescoop, Microsoft’s Greg Sullivan says that more work will be needed to […]

Nokia to Power Bing Maps as Result of Windows Phone 7 Deal


While details still have not been released, the latest insider information reported by Search Engine Land suggests that Nokia–and by proxy of its acquisition, Navteq–could potentially be powering mapping information on Microsoft’s Bing Maps, which is the default mapping service on Windows Phone 7 devices. All the details aren’t ironed out, and things can change, […]

Google Looks to Android Users to Report When Maps Are Wrong


The latest update to Google Maps for Android, bringing the app to version 5.4.0, comes with several new features and bug fixes; most notable is the service’s use of crowd-sourced information to let Google’s map team know when maps are incorrect. According to the version history, Google says of the feature, “Report “destination not here” […]

Nokia Focuses on Location, Mapping for Growth


After having launched its 3D mapping campaign through Ovi Maps at the Where 2.0 conference in Santa Clara, CA, Nokia may be looking at an even larger re-organization campaign to deliver value to users through location services an apps. Nokia will be bridging its mobile phone business together with Navteq, which it had acquired, and […]

Motorola Xoom Owner Creates Custom Dash Mount for Tablet


Feeling left out of the party now that we had reported earlier that Sound Man Car Audio had created a custom car mount for the iPad 2 for the Ford F150, which looks like the tablet was a stock option for the truck? Well, one Motorola Xoom owner decided to create his own custom dash […]

iPad 2 Gets Custom In-Dash Mount on Ford F150 Truck


Tablets with integrated GPS by way of the 3G or 4G modem on WiFi + 3G models are great tools for navigation, thanks to their larger screens. Additionally, as Apple’s iPad 2 also comes with integrated storage, wireless broadband access thanks to integrated AT&T or Verizon 3G, and a plethora of apps, its versatility as […]

Google Maps Navigates Android Users Around Traffic


Google Maps with Navigation, currently a beta product, provides turn-by-turn voice guided instructions to Android smartphone users and now the service will help calculate routes by taking into consideration traffic data. The new feature doesn’t require any setting changes or any action from the user, according to the Google Maps blog. All users would need […]

iOS Gets Free iPhone Navigation App with Offline Maps


The iPhone is now getting its own free third-party GPS turn-by-turn navigation app with locally stored map data that doesn’t require constant Internet access–unlike TeleNav (branded as AT&T Nav on the iPhone) or Google Maps with Navigation on the Android platform. The 1.6 GB worth of crowd-sourced map data is locally stored on your iPhone’s […]

Map-Maker Navteq Goes Crowd-Sourcing with Trapster Acquisition


Navteq, which is a wholly-owned Nokia subsidiary, has just acquired Trapster, which is a crowd-sourcing service where motorists mark locations on the map where police have speed traps set-up. The Trapstser service is used by 9.4 million people and provide user-generated content on road checks, hazards, and other information. Whether we’ll begin to see more […]

HTC and TomTom Team Up For Navigation


HTC has been talking about its HTC Locations for some time now, and it looks like it has chosen a partner to make it happen and that partner is TomTom. The partnership is touting a “zero-wait” navigation experience and it will only be available initially on the HTC Desire D and Z models in Europe […]

Microsoft’s Menlo project revealed as a navigation device

activitybasednavigation mobilehci2010

As you may recall, Mary-Jo Foley of ZDNet has been digging into a Microsoft project called “Menlo”, which she previously speculated was intended to make the desktop version of Windows run on mobile devices. Her new finding is that it is mobile-oriented but not so exciting.