LG Optimus Elite Pre-Orders Sold Out at Virgin Mobile

LG Optimus Elite Pre-Orders Sold Out at Virgin Mobile

Last week, Virgin Mobile put up a pre-order for its first phone with Near-Field Communication support, a device called the LG Optimus Elite. Well, it appears that Virgin might have a hit on its hands as pre-orders for the Optimus Elite has sold out ahead of its launch. The carrier’s website reveals that pre-orders have […]

HP Preparing for NFC Digital Wallets with webOS Smartphones, Tablets


In a bid to rival Google and Android, Hewlett-Packard may be readying some webOS devices with built-in near field communications (NFC) technologies that would enable its smartphones and tablets to be used as digital wallets. HP’s venture into the NFC world would utilize the technology not only as a point of payment mechanism, but would […]

Google Wallet And Google Offers Announced, Usher In Future of Payments

Google Wallet

Today during a press conference in New York City, Google announced its long awaited mobile payment service plans and introduced both Google Wallet and Google Offers with trials for Google Wallet beginning immediately and trials for Google Offers have arrived for folks in New York City and Portland, Oregon. Since the debut of the Nexus […]

Next iPhone Will Not Have NFC Support, Says Analyst

iPhone 4

According to Bernstein Research, the next-generation iPhone will not employ near-field technology (NFC) when it arrives sometime this year, likely during the month of September. There had been whispers in March that stated that the iPhone 5, or iPhone 4S as it’s now being referred as, would come equipped with NFC support something that the […]

Rumor: iPhone 5 launching in Q3 with 4-inch display, metal chassis

iPhone 4

It’s CTIA and you know what that means. Yeah, tons of new gadgets like the HTC EVO 3D and the HTC EVO View 4G but also some suspiciously timed Apple rumors that aim to crash the party. According to a report from China Times (via BGR), trial production for Apple’s next-generation iPhone has begun and […]

iPhone 5 Will Come with NFC Support Says Latest Report


After reports earlier this week saying that Apple would not be incorporating near field communication (NFC) technology on the latest iPhone 5 anticipated to be released this summer, the latest report from a Forbes editor says that the next-generation flagship phone will indeed come with NFC support. Near field communications is a type of RFID […]

Google could be rolling out their own NFC service


Love ’em or hate ’em, you gotta respect Google’s willingness to spend money to fix a problem without needing a direct benefit in return. In this case, there’s talk they might be tackling the “chicken or the egg” problem of NFC payment via smartphones by providing their own NFC payment terminals.

Foursquare Plans to Simplify Check-Ins with NFC

foursquare Foursquare Hacks Now Enables You To Auto Open Our House Doors When You Check In

Foursquare wants to help make it easier for its users to use its check-in services by implementing near field communications, or NFC. As it stands currently, the check-in service on Foursquare requires the active participation of the user by opening an app and selecting or entering their location via GPS readings. With NFC, users can […]