Adding a Netbook to the Tech Table


We’re into tech week (some call it tech hell) for our production of Robert E. Lee and John Brown: Lighting the Fuse at Wayside Theatre, heading to its opening on this Sunday. Before our tech booth crew move to their tiny and cramped quarters in our light booth (it used to be a projection room […]

Save $ and win a netbook with PDF Annotator

Grahl Software is running one deal and one contest to help you out with back-to-school expenses (even if you don’t have any). The deal is $8 off your purchase of PDF Annotator. In case you don’t know, PDF Annotator is a feature-rich application that enables you to mark up a PDF on your Tablet PC. […]

Nokia Intros the Booklet 3G Mini Computer


Call it a Netbook, or call it a Mini-Comptuer. It doesn’t matter. Nokia opened some eyes today by introducing the Nokia Booklet 3G Mini-Computer. The Atom based device looks to be running Windows 7 and comes with a 10.1 inch display that is HD capable. Nokia is promising 12 hours of battery life and says […]

The Always Innovating Touchbook and the Perils of Beta

The Always Innovating Touchbook has been a device that has excited quite a few folks and they’ve been eager to get their hands on it. Apparently they are just starting to arrive in users hands and there has been a flurry of activity about the devices. Some have the typical “I’ve got a new toy” […]

Back-to-School Deals on Fujitsu LifeBooks


In case you missed it, Fujitsu is offering back-to-school savings on select PCs: Lifebook A1130 Notebook, LifeBook U820 Mini-Notebook, Lifebook T1010 Tablet PC, and Fujitsu M2010 Mini-Notebook. The T1010 is part of their often-lauded line of Tablet PCs and the U820 (shown) is a convertible mini with 5.6″ touchscreen. (Didn’t realize Fujitsu was bucking the […]

Kohjinsha EX6 11.6″ Convertible pushes definition of netbook


Word from jkkmobile this morning about a new convertible netbook, the Kohjinsha EX6, was both welcomed and puzzling. Welcomed in that we always love to know about new mobile computers, particularly when they’re sporting touchscreens. Puzzling in that it’s being called a “netbook” despite having an 11″ screen, optical drive, and price tag well within […]

Always Innovating Touch Book Screen Shots


The folks behind the Always Innovating Touch Book (you remember, the Netbook with the detachable screen) have put up some screen shots ostensibly to show off some of the UI elements. From the last reports this is shipping, but like James Kendrick (where we grabbed the link) we haven’t heard of anyone getting there hands […]

Hulu To The Rescue

Uh, oh. Over the weekend we discovered that our Cable Box/DVR was dying and had to schedule to take it in and pick up a new one this morning. This isn’t a tremendous deal, except my wife has become a cable or TV provider’s worst nightmare in that she doesn’t wish to watch anything live […]

Computerworld: Windows 7 ‘refreshes’ an old UMPC

Computerworld posted a rundown of low-end and older PCs tested with Windows 7. On the list is an old ultra-mobile PC, and by “old”, I mean a Samsung Q1 from way back in 2007. It’s the second newest machine on their list, right before a year-old Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook. Still, it’s not like […]

Chippy and the GigaByte Touchnote


Steve “Chippy” Paine has spent some time with the GigaByte Touchnote and has summarized his findings. He’s covered everything from unboxing to how it performs on the road and there isn’t much about the device he hasn’t commented on. Well worth a read if this is a device you’re interested in.

Tablet 2.0: An Open Market for Education


The upcoming tablet devices from Steve Jobs and Michael Arrington’s crews have the potential to greatly impact how people interact with digital media and the Internet.  Aside from being easy-to-use Internet companions and multimedia centers, these two devices could reshape the way teachers teach and students learn.  Much different than what we traditionally think of […]

jkkmobile’s First Impressions of the Asus Eee T91 Tablet

jkkmobile is checking out the Asus Eee T91 Tablet and has offered up is first impressions on video. For those who want to see how this screen looks out of doors this is the video to watch as he does the entire video sitting in a lovely looking park. Don’t forget to check out the […]

Who Wants a Tablet Anyway?


A few arguments are developing over the upcoming generation of entertainment-focused tablet devices: Are these niche products?   Should we even refer to them as Tablets?   The folks over at Unplggd are asking readers whether an Apple tablet device has mass appeal and true functionality.   The post is summed up with this quote, […]

Pictures of the HP Mini 5101 Netbook


James Kendrick has his hands on a review unit of the HP Mini 5101 Netbook and has put up some pictures for your viewing pleasure. HP is targeting the 5101 at the corporate market, but jk points out that it is a good Netbook for consumers as well. I will imagine we’ll see a review […]

Touch Book from Always Innovating is Shipping


If you pre-ordered the Always Innovating Touch Book, apparently you’re in the queue to have your order shipped. You might remember the Touch Book as that Netbook with the detachable screen. Always Innovating mentioned earlier that pre-orders would be shipping with software that was in Beta and that in July there would be a “seamless […]

That’s One Juiced Up Touchscreen Netbook

Via UMPCPortal

Chippy at UMPCPortal has really pimped out his touchscreen netbook Gigabyte Touchnote. He’d already thrown in an SSD and 3G WWAN, and now on top of that, he’s added an extended battery that’s giving him up to six (6) hours of runtime with Internet activity. Coupled with the regular battery as a reserve, he’s boasting […]

No New Netbooks from Asus and Acer in 2nd Half of 2009

Looks like Asus and Acer are going to shift some focus a bit in the latter half of this year according to DigiTimes. The report indicates that this is due to Intel pushing the rollout of its Pine Trail-M platform until 2010. There will still be plenty of mobile device action, as Asus will move […]

GBM Shortcut: Testing the Webcam in the Samsung N310

In this GBM Shortcut, I have some fun with testing out the quality of the webcam in Samsung’s N310 Netbook. I used a built-in application called Cyberlink YouCam. It does a pretty darn good if I say so myself.  I never knew I looked so good wrapped in roses. I tested it earlier in different […]

Hands On With Samsung N310 Netbook, Pictures

My customers love me. Prior to making a decision on what Tablet PC or netbook to purchase, my clients normally have hands-on access to just about anything they want to trial. If I don’t have it on hand, then I’ve likely had it before and shown it to them, or can usually get something within […]

Here Come the NVidia Ion Netbooks


We know they’re coming and it looks like we’re starting to see more noise about the arrival of NVidia Ion based Netbooks. Engadget is linking to a Netbook News report on the Ion Mobi Netbook from Point of View that is running a desktop Atom 230 processor, powered by the NVidia Ion platform. That cuts […]