GBM Shortcut: Add a Numeric Keypad to your Netbook with an iPhone


*+-Simple is often best. If you use a Netbook, or a Tablet PC, or for that matter just about any notebook, you don’t have a separate numeric keypad like you do on a desktop. Sure there are solutions for number entry like using the number row, or on some devices there are key combinations that […]

BlockBuster to Sell Archos 10 Netbook


*+-I guess you can pick up a Netbook next to the Snow Caps, microwave popcorn, and other goodies at Blockbuster in the future. Turns out that Blockbuster is going to be selling the Archos 10 Netbook in some of its   stores.

Netbooks Have Arrived Big Time. How Do We Know That?


*+-When a gadget, a celebrity, a business, a politician, or anything else starts getting as much negative publicity and analysis as it does positive ink you know it has arrived and is a force to be reckoned with.   There’s an old rule in show business that unless someone is taking potshots at you, you […]

GBM InkShow: The Asus Eee PC T91 Tablet PC


*+-It has been eagerly anticipated and now we can begin to take a look at the Asus Eee PC T91 Tablet PC. Thanks to the folks at Asus I got to check out a review unit and film this InkShow. After a few false starts the Asus T91 Eee PC is available from Amazon and […]

$800 Apple Tablet to Arrive in October?

Apple Tablet with ?

*+-Gizmodo is reporting via the China Times that an $800 Apple Tablet will be arriving in October, giving consumers time to stimulate the economy for the Christmas shopping season.   This is yet one more rumor in a book of wild tales about a forthcoming Apple Tablet.   Despite all of the additional reports from […]

Lenovo S12 Rocks

*+-In addition to evaluating the Lenovo S10-2, I’m also evaluating a Lenovo S12. Like Xavier, I’m hesitant to call the S12 a netbook as it is essentially a 12″ notebook that runs the Intel Atom N270 processor. However, it is just as portable and a wonderful mobile device. The timing is good as I’m also […]

ASUS Tweets the Eee PC T91 Launch Date


*+-Mark it on your calendars: July 15th is the day the Eee PC T91 is scheduled for release. Apparently in response to confusion caused by a premature product listing on BuyDig, ASUS sent out the word via Twitter, perhaps to clear the way for pre-ordering, not to mention generate some buzz. Got your credit cards […]

Asus T91 Tablet PC For Sale in US


*+-Thanks to Portable Monkey for pointing this out. The regular touch (not multi-touch) Asus Eee PC T91 Tablet is now on sale at BuyDig for $499.   It is listed as in stock and ready to grab. UPDATE: Looks BuyDig is changing from In Stock to Out of Stock, and Amazon now has it listed […]

GBM Shortcut: Lenovo S10-2 Netbook


*+-Good news – Lenovo’s improved S10-2 Netbook is shipping and Lenovo was kind enough to send me a production ready machine to play with for a few months. Xavier gave us a really quick hands on when the S10-2 was announced, but this will be our first time to get extended play time with it. […]

Netbooks: They’re Dead! They’re Alive!

*+-The little mobile companions we’ve come to know as Netbooks have been declared dead, brought back to life, had a funeral, and been resurrected yet again. Whether you love or hate them, the Netbook is pulling a Frankenstein when it comes to dying and coming back to life. Let’s look back to January of this […]

Sony Joins The Netbook Ranks


*+-Looks like Sony has decided to get in the game and join the great Netbook race. The VAIO W contains most of   the usual Netbook specs and will sell for $499. While that’s on the upper end of the Netbook price range, it is certainly a lower retail price for Sony who loves the […]

Get a Subsidized Netbook for $.99


*+-Well I guess we might get into a price war over subsidized Netbooks. If you’re looking to pick up a Netbook for under a dollar you might want to head over to Best Buy and pick up a Compaq Netbook and activate it on the Sprint network. If you prefer Verizon or AT&T, it will […]

Archos 9PC Tablet and Blurring the Line Between Device Categories


*+-We’ve seen this coming for quite some time. Archos, well know for their portable media players (PMP) has been slowly adding more and more features like WiFi and encroaching on the line that separates PMPs from Tablets, UMPCS, MIDs, Netbooks, etc… In fact they released a Netbook a short while ago. Now, the Archos 9PCTablet […]

Easy Eee PC Chiclet Keyboard Skin


*+-Looking for a cheap way to customize your netbook’s keyboard?   Eee PC owners that have the newer chiclet-style keyboard may be interested in this post over at the forums.   Forum contributor, Cms, has developed several templates that can be modified, printed, cut and dropped on your Eee PC for a flashy new […]

Video of Mobinnova Elan Smartbook

*+-For those interested in Smartbooks (as opposed to Netbooks as opposed to Notebooks) this video look at the Tegra powered Mobinnova Elan Smartbook will certainly be of interest. The video from Netbooknews shows off the device but also explains a bit about NVidia’s Tegra platform. A second video showing off the software is promised soon. […]

Always Innovating Hybrid Touch Book Expected to Ship Next Month


*+-The Touch Book from Always Innovating is an intriguing looking hybrid option. Its slate tablet body costs you $299 and for another $100 you can attach a keyboard. Whether it is a Netbook or a Smartbook or a whatever will remain to be seen as that old debate has gotten some new life lately. Intriguingly, […]

Koona t’chuta, Solo? Daewoo LUCOMS Solo Tablet C920-mini

Sie batha ne beechee?

*+-Continuing the trend of netbooks with touchscreens is this model from Daewoo sporting an Intel Atom N270 CPU, 1GB of memory, Intel 945 Express chipset, 60GB hard drive (1.8″, 4200rpm), 1.3MP webcam, and a 8.9″ touchscreen with 1024×600 resolution. The Solo C920-mini is not quite a Tablet PC though as it’s running the netbook standard […]

GBM Podcast #74: iPhone Mania

*+-Whenever Apple releases something new, especially relating to the iPhone, there seems to be little else to talk about other than the news that comes out of Cupertino. That’s the case this week with the release of the iPhone 3.0 OS and the new iPhone 3GS. Xavier and Warner spend some time talking about the […]

Toshiba Mini NB205 Reviewed


*+-Joanna Stern of Laptop Magazine got her hands all over the Toshiba Mini NB205 Netbook and walked away very, very impressed. Here’s the money quote: With a beautiful chassis, a spacious keyboard and touchpad, an exemplary 8.5 hours of battery life, and a competitive $399 price tag, Toshiba’s netbook rises above the competition. For those […]

Disney and Asus Team up on a Netbook for Kids


*+-Disney and Asus are teaming up to bring a Netbook aimed at the younger set to market in late July. Called the NetPal, the 8.9 inch Netbook comes in either Princess Pink with a floral design Magic Blue with Mickey Mouse icons. Kids will be able to customize their desktop screens with wallpapers and themes […]