Set up a Netbook on Sunday

Acer Aspire next to my CD drive

Got my hands on an Acer Aspire netbook this Sunday, helping friends set it up for their daughter. Felt like a giant trying to work that tiny keyboard and 8.9″ screen (it’s barely bigger than my external CD burner), but for a ten year-old girl, it’s a winner. One of the questions they asked before […]

Two ultra-mobile video demos from jkkmobile

Along with the tablet they showed us earlier, jkkmobile has posted video demos of a couple more mobile computers today (and other portable PCs too), the Dmedia WiMax MID and Compal KAX15 UMPC. The Dmedia device is packing WiMax connectivity (obviously), but its other noteworthy feature is a big camera lens on the back capable […]

Acer Android Netbooks to Dual-Boot with Windows

Photo via Yen-Shyang Hwang, Digitimes, June 2009

Some people, particularly the open source enthusiasts, are putting a negative spin on this story, but I kind of like the news from Digitimes that Acer’s plan to introduce netbooks running Google Android will include the ability to dual boot to Windows. First, I generally lean positively toward dual boot systems. Sometimes you need something […]

Netbook w/Removable UMPC

III showed off Frankestein device at Computex that’s part netbook and part UMPC. They took an HP Mini 1000, gutted it and replaced its stock components with a VIA C-7 processor. They chopped off the display and replaced it with a slate-style device that runs on an ARM processor and Android. This device is obviously […]

ASUS Eee PC T91 Gets Official


ASUS gave their Eee PC T91 convertible netbook/tablet an official launch at Computex this week. Press release is up on their site. Nothing we haven’t seen before in a CES preview, hands-on review and video demo, except for the marketing direction: The Eee PCâ„¢ T91’s unique software applications, collectively known as TouchSuite, allow users to […]

High Cost Large Notebook PC Coming Next?

I just had an insightful twitter conversation with AMD’s Patrick Moorhead about Microsoft’s anti-Netbook / Low Cost Small Notebook PC naming strategy (LCSNPC). I asked him for his thoughts, and although they don’t reflect AMD’s official position on this whole thing, they are pretty insightful and humorous none-the-less: @rbushway: @PatrickMoorhead would love to hear your […]

Dell declares Mini-9 “end of life”

According to David Meyer at CNET, Dell has surrendered the Mini-9 to the “end-of-life” bucket. What does this mean for the netbook, and mobile computing markets? Dell’s 10-inch and 8.9-inch displays are the same resolution. Does this mean that netbook buyers have declining eyesight? When Microsoft introduced the UMPC, the OEMs at the time were […]

Microsoft To Pursue A New Name for Netbooks?

Just when things settle down a bit with regards to the whole netbook naming thing, here comes Microsoft trying to muddy things up again. According to a report from Digitimes, Microsoft is aiming to change the term for netbooks since most of them do more than just browse the internet – thus the reason for […]

ASUS Unveils Their Latest and Greatest at Computex


ASUS dropped a message of innovative and seamless design at Computex 2009. They’re showing off the new Eee PC Seashell, UX30 notebook, and a display with an interesting stand. They also reaffirmed their partnerships with Intel and Microsoft, just in case anyone was wondering whether we would see Atom-powered Eee PCs running Windows 7 soon […]

Mobinnova élan netbook runs fast and cool with NVIDIA Tegra

Mobinnova élan

NVIDIA’s press release on their new Tegra line of computer-on-a-chip processors seemed to me a bit dry for the exciting functionality they were promising. However, I see they were just holding back to give their partners a chance to show their stuff. First up is Mobinnova with their élan netbook. Check out these highlights first, […]

Xandros shows off MID and Netbook software at Computex

I’ve long promoted specialized interfaces as must-haves for ultra-mobile devices, particularly anything with a screen 7″ or smaller. The variations on shape and size mean one-size cannot fit all. Thus, I’m glad to see Xandros leading the charge in this area, actively promoting their customized, integrated software for MIDs and Netbooks. Constant-connectivity, fast booting, and […]

Psion and Intel Settle on Netbook Trademark

Marketing execs around the world can now breathe a collective sigh of relief. It is now safe to call your netbook a netbook again. Psion and Intel have settled the trademark dispute for “Netbook”, in what Psion is calling an “amicable agreement”. Checkout the press release here. Psion PLC announces that Psion and Intel Corporation […]

Windows 7 Starter Edition – Movin’ on up!

Yesterday, the Windows Team blog announced some changes they’re making to the upcoming Windows 7 Starter Edition. They’re removing some limitations (no more 3 application limit, not just for emerging markets) but retaining a whole lot of others (no Aero, no changing the wallpaper, no multimon support, etc). Now I don’t know about you, but […]

Are Netbooks for Business?

Netbooks are turning the mobile computing world upside down. With their low price and diminutive size, most everyone is doing a double-take when looking at what their next computer should be. Businesses on a tight budget are no different, and as I can attest to with my own clients, netbooks are getting some serious attention. […]

HP Mini 110 Netbook Announced


HP just announced the Mini 110, a new lineup of netbooks. The Mini 110 has a 10.1″ LED anti-glare display, which is a big step away from the glossy world of consumer notebooks. The Mini 110 will start at $279 with a Linux OS dubbed MI or Mobile Internet experience. We recommend spending the extra […]

Clevo TN70M Convertible UMPC/Tablet


Clevo slid under our radars again with their new TN70M available now for purchase. In March 2008, we missed the TN120R announcement, which turned out to be a 12.1” convertible tablet that was very customizable. The TN70M is Clevo’s latest foray into the realm of convertible tablets, this time competitively flirting with Asus’ upcoming T91 […]

Lenovo IdeaPad S12: First Notebook w/NVIDIA ION


Lenovo’s officially introduced the first notebook to feature NVIDIA ION graphics. This new graphics platform offers outstanding graphics performance without sacrificing too much battery life. The IdeaPad S12 will be available in the U.S. soon for $449. I got a chance to play with a pre-production IdeaPad S12 and shot a quick video. The IdeaPad […]

Asus Eee PC 1008HA Seashell Videos

If the new slim Asus Seashell (EEE PC 1008HA) has your eye, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these videos. With some clever editing it makes it look like you can cut some carrots, cut through some ropes that might have you tied up, pick a lock, and even give yourself a shave.

Another Reason the MiFi Rocks – No Drivers Needed

We talked yesterday about the explosion in netbook and MID tailored-OSs. Part of the struggle with these tailored OSs and targeting ultra-mobile computers, like I experienced with HP’s Mini Mi 1000, was the lack of driver support + geeky type procedures for getting a WWAN modem working. A big draw for these devices is the […]

AT&T to Offer Subsidized Netbooks Nationwide


AT&T announced today that it would sell subsidized Acer, Dell and Lenovo netbooks nationwide after successful tests in Atlanta and Philadelphia. As Rob Bushway’s pointed out, Verizon is already selling a variant of the HP Mini 1000 at its stores. Pricing details haven’t been released yet, but I highly recommend opting for a USB 3G […]