How Much Does Build Quality Affect Your Mobile Gadget Purchase?


Interesting discussion going on prompted in part by Michael Gartenberg’s post on SlashGear about the Nokia Booklet 3G. He lists four reasons (style, quality, indulgence, battery life) why it is worth buying, even at a steeper price than most Netbooks. In doing so he says this about performance issues: So I’m not going to discuss […]

Changing My Mobile Strategy and a New Computer

Over the weekend I posted that I purchased a new computer and was going to being shifting my mobile strategy. I offered folks a chance to guess what the new computer was, and lo and behold, Rob Bushway, guessed correctly. I picked up a 13 inch MacBook Pro at a good price from on […]

Attack of the Clones: Malata’s netbook assault


Normally, clones and knockoffs are associated with high-end goods, like Prada and Gucci. There’s just not enough money in the low-end stuff to be worthwhile to copy, like counterfeiting $1 bills. That being the case, I guess netbooks aren’t all that cheap since Chinese company Malata has been introducing even cheaper clones this month. Word […]

AT&T subsidizes your choice of identical netbooks


Via jkOnTheRun, I learned that AT&T is updating their selection of subsidized netbooks with the Acer Aspire One and Samsung Go running Windows 7. Sounds good. Broader selection is always a win for consumers, right? Sure would be… if there were any discernible distinctions between the netbooks they offer. Currently, AT&T offers the the Dell […]

Watch Out for Bad Black Friday Netbook Deals

Wow, I look at the calendar and it’s November. That means Black Friday is just around the corner and most hard core geeks know that means bargains are to be found. But hidden amongst the bargains are some clunkers as well. Josh Smith at our sister blog has posted Watch Out for Bad Black […]

Mobiln v2.1 Released with More Features


The folks behind Mobiln just keep on keeping on. They’ve just announced the release of v2.1 promising a more features. (see the summary after the jump.) Designed to run on Netbooks and Nettops using the Atom processor, the OS seeks to be a replacement OS for your Atom computing needs. Some think Moblin is really […]

Litl Webbook Announced


Litl announced a 12″ webbook today that’s built for online content consumption. The most attractive thing about the device is that its display can be flipped back into easel mode. The litl webbook runs on a custom version of Linux 1GB of RAM, a 1.86GHz Intel Atom processor. There is no local storage for your […]

Interesting Roundup of Netbook Bags


The Red Ferret Journal has an interesting roundup of some Netbook bags. If you’re going to tote around a small Netbook, I’m guessing your parameters are no different than with a Notebook. Some choose from a practicality stand point and some from a looks stand point. Maybe I’m wrong. So, Netbook toters, what bag do […]

Michael Dell Doesn’t Want You To Buy His Netbooks

I get it and I don’t get it. Netbooks are the Pandora’s box of computer manufacturers. They all jumped on the bandwagon to enter the market once Asus launched the phenomenon. They couldn’t not compete in that market. That said, many have spent time poo-pooing Netbooks because they fear the dent it will make  in […]

And We Wonder Why the Mainstream Media is in Decline?

Kevin Tofel pointed out this Forbes article from Les Gomes entitled Intel’s Not-So-Mighty-Atom. Essentially the article is another misinformed tear down of Netbooks, because, (BREAKING NEWS ALERT) Intel’s Atom chipset isn’t as powerful and can’t do the same kind of things that the more powerful chips can do.

Chippy and jkk Host a Live Session on Touch Enabled Netbooks Tonight

Reminder_ Live session. S7, EeePC T91, Touchnote and more. | UMPCPortal - Ultra Mobile Personal Computing

Touch, touch, touch, touch. Everything is touch these days, including the small netbook form factor. If you want to see how the Viliv S7 convertible UMPC along with the ASUS EeePC T91, the Gigabyte Touchnote and other convertible devices stack up against one another, you might want to tune into the live session that jkk […]

The Mimo 720-S External Touchscreen


Is your Netbook screen too small? Do you just want to reach and touch something on your screen? The Mimo 720-S external touchscreen might be just the think. Small, and compact, this screen will apparently unfold to any angle you desire and via a USB port extend your Netbook’s screen. That same USB cable powers […]

Survey shows strong netbook interest, waning notebook interest

A small survey conducted by Retrevo shows back-to-school laptop shoppers are interested in netbooks. In their sampling, 34% of respondents indicated a small lightweight netbook would be their computer of choice. The majority, 49%, chose the traditional laptop, while 17% wanted Apple laptops (a.k.a. Macbooks). Their press release cites the gain for netbooks as coming […]

Dell Gives the Inspiron Mini 12 the Heave Ho


No real surprise here, but Dell is discontinuing the Inspiron Mini 12 Netbook. As the Netbook craze took over we have seen devices that started out with tiny screens and form factors creep into larger and larger dimensions. But at the same time, Intel, Microsoft, and the OEMs saw profit margins decline. As I said, […]

GMail Tweaks Labels for Small Screens


Brad of Liliputing blogged this little tip that might help GMail users with little screens (can you say Netbook). If you use lables (GMails method of filing emails) then those labels appear in the subject line when you open up GMail. Well, now there’s a Google Labs feature that allows you to turn them off […]

Matt Dillon Says “See Ya, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya” To Netbooks

In what is part MacBook review / part Farewell to netbooks, GBM’s Matt Dillon lays out why he’s kissed netbooks goodbye. It is a great read, well written, and has some very good arguments on why a person should think twice before purchasing that next netbook. Check it out. Comparing a netbook to a notebook […]

TV Tuners + Netbooks a Perfect Fit?

Liliputing reports that MaxLinear and Hauppauge Digital are teaming up to build low-cost, low-consumption, low-size TV tuners for low-ly netbooks. Sounds like a good idea to me (already an option for the Dell Mini 10 shown here), and one that should make up for one of the drawbacks of a netbook – lack of a […]

AT&T to Start Selling Netbooks in Stores Nationwide in Coming Days

AT&T will begin selling a range of netbooks at its 2,200 retail stores in the coming days. The netbooks are subsidized for those who sign up for a two-year DataConnect 3G plan. The company will also begin offering tech support plans ranging from $99 to $199. The company previously test marketed netbooks and the ThinkPad […]

The World Just Changed


Rob posted last night about Google’s announcement of the Chrome Operating System.   Sometimes change sneaks up on you. Sometimes it comes with a loud bang. The sound you hear is the world changing course. Right now. Cue the loud bang. The timing might have seemed odd to some. Robert Scoble says that Google’s announcement […]