Sprint Owes Customers a 4G LTE Release Date

Sprint Owes 4G LTE Device Owners Answers

Sprint has launched three 4G LTE smartphones in the HTC EVO 4G LTE, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and LG Viper 4G LTE. It has another on the way shortly in the Samsung Galaxy S III. However, the carrier has yet to announce any sort of 4G LTE release date for its high-speed network, leaving customers wondering […]

Verizon Preparing Another Big 4G LTE Expansion

Verizon Preparing Another Big 4G LTE Expansion

As expected, Verizon has added several more cities to its previous list of markets that will be seeing 4G LTE service starting on June 21st. Verizon has announced that several more cities will be getting high-speed 4G LTE data later on this month. The list is already a fairly expansive one and we expect the […]

Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Expanding Again June 21

Verizon's 4G LTE Network Expanding Again June 21

Verizon has announced that its 4G LTE network will be expanding again on June 21st. The announcement comes shortly after Verizon launched a massive expansion to the United States’ eastern seaboard. And while this expansion isn’t anywhere close to that one in size, it still should be a welcomed for those living in a few […]

AT&T 4G LTE Expands to Three New Cities

AT&T 4G LTE Expands to Three New Cities

With Verizon lighting up a host of new cities with 4G LTE today, it’s only right that AT&T make an expansion of its own as the carrier bolstered its new 4G LTE network with three new cities today. While AT&T’s roll out isn’t as expansive as Verizon’s, it does bring three major cities into the […]

Verizon to Kill Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans

Verizon to Kill Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans

Verizon has confirmed that it will be killing off grandfathered unlimited data plans that it offers to 3G customers who had contracts in place prior to the carrier’s introduction of tiered data last July. According to Fierce Wireless, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo confirmed the news at the J.P. Morgan Technology, Media and Telecom conference. Shammo […]

Verizon Plans Massive 4G LTE Expansion for May 17th

Verizon Plans Massive 4G LTE Expansion for May 17th

Verizon has planned a massive 4G LTE expansion for May 17th wherein the carrier will be launching its high-speed network in 28 new markets across the United States while expanding it in 11 others. The carrier has a tendency to stagger its 4G LTE roll out announcements but today, it took a different approach and […]

Verizon Reveals More Upcoming 4G LTE Markets

Verizon Reveals More Upcoming 4G LTE Markets

Yesterday, Verizon announced a flurry of new markets set to be given 4G LTE coverage on May 17th. And sure enough, the carrier is at it again, announcing even more markets that will be graced with the high-speed network later on this month. Verizon has revealed five more U.S. cities that are set to be […]

Verizon 4G LTE Coverage Expands Again on May 17th

Verizon 4G LTE Coverage Expands Again on May 17th

Verizon is already miles ahead of both AT&T and Sprint in terms of its 4G LTE footprint and the carrier plans to widen that gap again with another 4G LTE expansion that will take place on May 17th. The carrier’s 4G LTE network is already in place in over 200 markets in the U.S. AT&T, […]

AT&T Family Data Plan Coming Soon

AT&T Changes International Data Plans

It appears that AT&T family data plans might be rolling out in the near future. In comments made to CNET, AT&T’s CEO Ralph de la Vega seemed to hint that the carrier’s highly anticipated family data plans might actually be rolling out sooner rather than later. De la Vega said that the carrier has a […]

Verizon 4G LTE Double Data Plans Ending in June?

Verizon 4G LTE Double Data Plans Ending in June?

It appears that Verizon will stop hosting its current 4G LTE double data promotion in the early part of June leaving customers just under a month to take advantage of the offer before it disappears. A report from Droid-Life indicates that Verizon will be stopping the promotion on June 3rd and it’s unclear if the […]

4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook Coming Later This Year


RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has confirmed that the company will indeed be releasing a 4G LTE enabled BlackBerry PlayBook in 2012 and that it will be arriving on shelves at some point later this year. He declined to offer a specific release date. Heins, according to Engadget, made the comments at a press event this […]

Apple Rumored to Create Its Own Wireless Network


Tired of AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint running your iOS life? Apple apparently wants to compete against its carrier partners, according to the latest rumors, and create its own wireless network. Wireless industry strategist Whitey Bluestein postulates that Apple would be launching its own network to provide service to iPhone and iPad customers directly and that […]

AT&T Reveals Upcoming 4G LTE Market

AT&T Reveals New 4G LTE Market

AT&T is set to widely expand its high-speed 4G LTE network here in the United States and today, the carrier announced a new market that is set to get blanketed with its new network in 2012. The carrier confirmed that Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah, will see 4G LTE service from Ma Bel […]

Verizon’s Shared Family Data Plans Coming This Summer

Verizon's Shared Family Data Plans Coming This Summer

During the company’s first quarter earnings call, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam confirmed that the company’s long awaited shared family data plans will launch sometime during the summer of this year. Previously, the carrier had said that the shared data plans would be rolling out by the end of the year but McAdam said that Verizon […]

AT&T Launches 4G LTE in Three New Markets

AT&T Launches 4G LTE in Three New Markets

With Verizon’s 4G LTE network now covering two-thirds of the United States, competitors like AT&T are going to have to play catch-up. And AT&T has taken another step in doing just that as the carrier has rolled out its 4G LTE service, as expected, to three more markets in the U.S. This new push comes […]

Verizon 4G LTE to Cover Two-Thirds of U.S. Population on April 19th

Verizon 4G LTE

Verizon has announced a flurry of new and expanding 4G LTE markets today and the list is quite large. Dozens of cities will either see the new service or see expanded service once April 19th rolls around. The carrier has unveiled a large list of new markets in the United States that will soon see […]

New Sprint 4G LTE Markets Revealed?

New Sprint 4G LTE Markets Revealed?

Sprint is primed and ready to launch its next-generation 4G LTE network in six markets later on this month. The carrier has remained silent on what places will be getting 4G LTE beyond the launch cities but a report today has seemingly pinpointed exactly which cities might get service soon after launch. According to TechnoBuffalo, […]

Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Continues Its Rapid Expansion

Verizon's 4G LTE Network Continues to Expand Rapidly

AT&T and Sprint have quite a bit of work to do if either hopes to catch up to the footprint of Verizon’s 4G LTE network. According to Droid-Life, Verizon has either introduced, expanded or enhanced its 4G LTE network in 44 markets around the United States. As it stands, Verizon’s 4G LTE network is far […]

What to Expect from Sprint’s 4G LTE Network

What to Expect from Sprint's 4G LTE Network

It’s finally official. Sprint, in it’s announcement regarding one its first 4G LTE devices – the LG Viper 4G LTE, confirmed that its 4G LTE network would be rolling out sometime during the month of April. The carrier did not give a specific date for the roll out only to say that it would occur […]

Sprint 4G LTE Coverage Map Leaks

Sprint 4G LTE coverage

Sprint has said that it will be completing the roll out of its upcoming 4G LTE network at some point during 2014 and now we have a look at what that might entail from a coverage standpoint. A slide, leaked by Sacha Segan from PCWorld, has disclosed where Sprint intends to roll out its high-speed […]