New iPad Approved For Sale In China

The new iPad will soon be making its way across the Pacific to China. Or rather, the Chinese government will allow Apple to keep some iPads inside China to sell in stores. The Chinese government has approved one model of the new iPad, model number A1416, for sale within China. It is likely that the […]

New iPad Lasts Over a Day as Personal Hotspot

One of the biggest draws that Verizon’s version of the 4G LTE iPad has over AT&T’s is that Verizon’s model has support for the mobile hotspot feature. AT&T says that might come in the future but it hasn’t said exactly when it will arrive. Mobile hotspot support allows users to connect up to five devices […]

New iPad Heat Tests Prove ‘HeatGate’ is a Non-Issue

There has been a bit of talk about the new iPad and how hot it supposedly runs. Some have dubbed it “Heatgate.” Others have poked fun at it. And now, we have some proof that the heat given off by the iPad isn’t unusual at all and is, in fact, on par with other tablets […]

Skype for iPad Now Looks Better Than Ever

Slowly but surely, developers are updating their iOS applications, and more specifically, their iPad apps to support the new iPad’s high-resolution Retina Display. Today, we can add another big name to the list as Skype has announced that it has updated its iPad application for use with the new iPad’s new display. Those who use […]

Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Review: Excellent New iPad Keyboard Case

Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Review

With the right accessories, the iPad is a great productivity tool. I discovered just how much work I could do on the iPad while I reviewed the Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Keyboard Case for new iPad. I’ve had iPad keyboard cases before, but the KeyFolio Pro 2 has a unique feature that drastically enhances the […]

The new iPad Continues Charging at 100% Battery

new iPad

The battery percentage Apple puts next to the battery icon on the iPad and iPhone is great, but it’s just a bit off on the new iPad. When charging the new iPad, 100 percent doesn’t mean the battery is fully charged, it actually needs a bit more power. The iPad actually continues to charge its […]

New iPad Now Available in 25 More Countries

New iPad 3rd Gen

Today is the second launch day for Apple’s new iPad, dubbed iPad, and as was announced earlier this week, it is now available in 25 more countries including Italy, Mexico and Spain. The new iPad has marked Apple’s strongest launch to date with the company selling over three million devices already. That number should soon […]

15 Awesome Wallpapers for the New iPad & Where to Find More

new ipad wallpaper

If you want to really make your new iPad’s high-resolution Retina Display pop, even when it’s locked, you need a wallpaper that goes beyond the stock photos that Apple includes. From NIN to abstracts, landscapes and more, we have a collection of some of the best Retina Display ready wallpapers. (Read: 35 New iPad Cases) […]

Wrapsol New iPad Screen Protector Review: Easy to Apply, No Bubbles Within a Day


Wrapsol claims to make the “easiest to apply and strongest protective film technology for mobile devices.” The claim that got my attention was this one. Their protector “…actively releases air bubbles.” I hate screen protectors because it’s impossible to apply one without getting bubbles and fingerprints under the protector. This ruins the experience. Wrapsol sent me […]

Netflix Gets Retina Update, HD Streaming On the Way


The Netflix app for iPad just got a lot better looking with a new Retina update that delivers high resolution artwork. But, that’s not the best news. Netflix announced that the company is working on bringing HD movies to the iPad. Netflix has been streaming HD movies on the Xbox 360, PS3 and other connected […]

Top 11 Ways to Use Your Hot New iPad (Video)

New iPad Fry an Egg

The new iPad is hot, I don’t just mean 3 million sold during opening weekend hot, but literally hot. How hot? According to consumer reports it can reach a not so blistering 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the 13 degree heat bump while playing games, Apple says that this is well within their thermal specifications, which is […]

DirecTV for iPad Finally Delivers Streaming On The Go

DirecTV for iPad Adds Streaming On The Go

DirecTV has updated is popular iPad app and along with it is a feature that customers of the television service have been clamoring for for quite some now. That feature is, of course, the ability to stream content outside of the house, without the need for a DirecTV box. It’s now available with the latest […]

How to Fix New iPad Wi-Fi Connection Issues

How to Fix New iPad Wi-Fi Connection Issues

When I first got my new iPad on March 16th, I immediately noticed that my Wi-Fi signal was much weaker than the Wi-Fi signal found on my iPad 2. At first, I thought it was my actual internet connection but, as it turns out, I wasn’t the only one that found this to be an […]

Air Display Update Brings Retina Resolution Display For Mac and PC


Air Display is a great app that lets you turn your iPad into a second display for your Mac or PC, and it is about to get even better with an update to support the incredibly high Retina Display resolution of the new iPad. You can’t enjoy a 10 inch 2048 x 1536 portable monitor just yet, but […]

iPhone Apps Look Significantly Better on the New iPad

iPhone Apps Look Much Better on Apple's New iPad

If you’ve ever used an iPhone application on the original iPad or the iPad 2, you’d know that the experience isn’t all that great. The applications look grainy and they are especially terrible looking when put into 2X view. Fortunately, this is not the case with the new iPad as Apple has added Retina Graphics […]

Choke Point


The inevitable is here and quite frankly I’m glad. Quite a few new iPad owners are experiencing the faster speeds provided by Verizon or AT&T’s LTE network and enjoying streaming HD video on that new Retina display. Some of those are realizing that the faster speeds combined that video streaming means they can burn through […]

Make Calls From Your iPad With Talkatone


The iPad, even the new 4G version, can’t make phone calls when you take it out of the box. But, with a free app and a Google Voice account you can turn your iPad into a phone and leave your iPhone at home. Talkatone is a free app for the iPhone and iPad that allows […]

Digital Comics Go HD on the new iPad

Comixology HD comics

Reading comics will be a lot nicer on the new iPad’s Retina Display, especially now that HD comics are rolling out. Digital comics from DC, Marvel, Image, and others are now available at resolutions that fit the Retina Display perfectly. Comixology already has an updated app in the App Store that supports its new High […]