15 Important iPhone 6s Rumors

iPhone 6s Rumors - 12

The new 2015 iPhone is coming and we finally have a collection of very exciting iPhone 6s rumors from enough reputable sources to start outlining what we might see this fall. We are talking about the iPhone 6s rumors because the iPhone 7 release is not likely something that will happen until next year. Even […]

Stunning iPhone 7 Concept Showcases Smart Display

iPhone 7 concepts, including a smart display that changes based on the apps you are using.

What will the iPhone 7 look like? It’s going to be a while before we know exactly what Apple plans for the iPhone 7, especially if the company sticks to the every other year cycle and releases the iPhone 6s in 2015. That isn’t stopping us from dreaming about an iPhone 7 with a big […]

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: 5 Things Buyers Need to Know

Here's a look at the iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple announced two new iPhones this week, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. While there are not as many differences as we saw last year buyers need to know how the iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus comparison stacks up before they get ready to participate in the iPhone 6 pre-order this week […]

One More Reason to Buy a New iPhone at an Apple Store

Apple wants you to buy a new iPhone at an Apple Store, starting with the iPhone 5s and soon with the iPhone 6.

Apple offers one more reason to buy a new iPhone at an Apple Store, and it will be in place in time for the iPhone 6 release date according to a new report. Starting August 20th you should be able to walk into an Apple Store and buy a new iPhone for $0 down on […]

When is the New iPhone Release Date?

September 19th is one very specific new iPhone release date rumor, that actually makes sense.

Shoppers in need of a new iPhone know that Apple normally delivers a new iPhone release date this fall, but with rumors of new iPhone 6 screen sizes and big design changes more are asking us, “When is the new iPhone release date?” in Facebook messages and on Twitter. For users that skipped the iPhone […]

New iPhone 6 Rumors: What to Believe This Week

Add audio and video to your Messages in iOS 8.

New iPhone 6 rumors arrived in full force this week, following up on Apple’s iOS 8 announcement Monday that capped off with a chance for almost an y iPhone owner to try the iOS 8 beta without waiting for the fall and hints that the company is giving developers the tools needed for an iPhone […]

iPhone 5C & iPhone 5S Release Date Confirmed for Sept 20 in U.S.

The iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S release date is set for September 20th according to multiple sources who shared details regarding Apple’s plans for the new iPhone launch. Apple is hosting an iPhone and iOS 7 event on Tuesday September 10th at the company’s headquarters in California where we will see Apple announce the two […]

iPhone 5S Release Reportedly Bringing End to Some iPhone 5 Models

The iPhone 5S release date could spell the end of several iPhone 5 models according to a leaked document from a Canadian carrier that shows higher capacity iPhone 5 models going of the sales floor in late September. Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C event is scheduled for next Tuesday, when we expect to see […]

New iPhone Units Reportedly In U.S. Ahead of iPhone 5S Event

A new report summarizes the possible iPhone 5S specs based on supply chain sources.

Apple is reportedly stockpiling new iPhone units in the U.S. to prepare for a swift iPhone 5S release after next week’s iPhone Event at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino California. Apple is well-known for releasing new iPhone models shortly after announcing them, so it isn’t surprising to hear that the company has plans to get […]

iPhone 6 Concept Boasts Big Display, No Home Button (Video)

This iPhone 6 concept features a new design, larger display and no home button.

A new iPhone 6 concept brings rumors of an iPhone 6 prototype with a larger display and no home button to life with a slimmer, yet still believable look for a future iPhone. The iPhone 6 is on the minds of consumers even though we don’t expect an iPhone with a full redesign and the […]

iPhone 5S Could Use Color Choice as Selling Point


Apple could make a big splash by offering the iPhone 5S in multiple colors. Color options beyond the black and white options Apple currently offers are something some iPhone buyers are already paying hundreds of dollars for. Apple is well aware of this and the company would stand to profit if it were to simply […]

iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S: Screen Protector Shows Size Comparison

Spigen iPhone 5 screen protector

Apple won’t announce the iPhone 5 until tomorrow but thanks to leaks and rumors accessory manufacturers already have their new products ready for the device. While most case manufacturers won’t talk about their designs for the new iPhone 5, a few are already talking and willing to give us samples. Spigen SGP makes a line of […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Nears: Here’s What We Know So Far


Apple will introduce the iPhone 5 in just a few days and begin shipping it to customers in less than two weeks. Thanks to numerous leaks, we know quite a bit about the iPhone 5 in advance of its official release. While there’s been a lot of excitement over next-generation Windows Phones and Android devices […]

Everything Everywhere Launching 4G LTE a Day Before iPhone 5 Launch

Everything Everywhere logo

Everything Everywhere, the carrier partnership between Orange and T-Mobile in the U.K., will hold a launch event for its new 4G LTE network the day before Apple will launch its new iPhone 5. According to SlashGear Everything Everywhere will hold the event on September 11. At the event the joint carrier will detail its plans […]

Why You’ll Love a Larger iPhone Screen (Video)

iPhone 5 screen comparison video

Recent iPhone 5 leaks have shown us how the phone’s size compares to previous iPhones, but we haven’t seen too much about how the screen compares to the current iPhone 4 screen. A new video from MacRumors shows us what the taller iPhone 5 screen might look like compared to the iPhone 4/4S. We’ve seen […]

Assembled ‘iPhone 5′ vs. iPhone 4 Size Compared in New Photos

iPhone 5 comparison

Now that almost every part of the iPhone 5 has leaked those with access to the leaked parts are assembling their models and taking photos of them next to other iPhones. The latest photos come from French site Nowhere Else. The photos show the new iPhone fully assembled next to the iPhone 4 and iPhone […]

Developer Sneaks iPhone 5 Compatible App Into App Store

Tout mentions Taller iPhone 5

At least one developer is already building support for the iPhone 5 into their app. Tout, a social network stats app, recently updated to version 1.2 to add a new service (Instagram), but more interesting is that it adds support for a taller iPhone. As Chris Herbert mentioned on Twitter, the second bullet point in […]

More iPhone 5 Parts Leak as Launch Nears

iPhone 5 front panel assembly

As the rumored September 12 launch draws closer it looks like we’ve reached the point where there’s no more surprise in iPhone 5 leaks. The newest leaks come for French site Nowhereelse by way of 9To5Mac, and they show the front panel assembly that recently leaked. The parts show the glass front panel of the […]

iPhone 5 Leak Hints At NFC Support

iPhone 5 part hints at NFC

As more and more new iPhone parts leak on the web we see confirmation of numerous rumors. The latest leak finally shows that NFC is plausible for the iPhone 5. According to 9To5Mac, a new part for the iPhone 5 has a mysterious square section which could hold an NFC chip. The new leak comes […]

Apple Issues Takedown on “iPhone 5 Conversion Kit”

iPhone 5 conversion kit

Earlier this week a website by the name of iPhone5Mod started selling a kit that changes the iPhone 4/4S backplate for one that looks like the iPhone 5, but now it has to stop selling the mod thanks to a takedown order from Apple. According to 9To5Mac, Apple issued iPhone5Mod a takedown notice today, and […]