iPhone 5 Release Date: What to Expect This Fall


At WWDC 2012, Apple failed to announce the iPhone 5, which means that customers will more than likely have to wait until this fall for an iPhone 5 release date. And while we’re currently months away from a release, we do have a pretty good idea about how the iPhone 5 launch and release will […]

What iOS 6 Tells Us About the iPhone 5

What iOS 6 Tells Us About the iPhone 5

While Apple didn’t announce the iPhone 5 yesterday at WWDC 2012, what it did announce may have provided us with clues about Apple’s next iPhone model. Yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook and his colleagues took the stage and announced the company’s next mobile operating system, iOS 6. iOS 6 is going to be coming with […]

Apple Prepping FaceTime HD Camera for iPhone 5?

iPhone 4S

To go along with a thinner iPhone 5, it appears that Apple might be attaching a better, high-definition FaceTime camera to the next iPhone as well. This new claim comes from KGI analyst Mingchi Kuo, courtesy of AppleInsider, who told investors this week that the iPhone 5 will have a front-facing camera that can produce […]

iPhone 5 Glass Panel Appears on Video in Japan

iPhone 5 front panel

A new video shows what looks like the front panel of the iPhone 5 featuring a taller screen and a FaceTime camera over the earpiece. The video comes from Japanese blog Macotakara, and shows just the glass piece that could be on the front of the iPhone 5. The piece is the same width as […]

This iPhone 5 Concept Looks Fantastic (Photos)

iPhone 5 concept

What the iPhone 5 will look like is only known by a few people, but if it looks anything like this concept the competition will need to play catch up for another year. Shiny metal wraps the edges of this iPhone 5 concept, wrapping around beveled clean edges to an all metal back while a […]

iPhone 5 Release Date & Rumor Roundup (May 9)

iphone 5 featured

The iPhone 5, or new iPhone is still months away from release, but in the past week we’ve seen a number of iPhone rumors pop up, including more rumblings of a June iPhone 5 release date. It’s been a week full of liquidmetal, larger iPhones and new rumors of an iPhone 5 launch in a few months. […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Pegged for September

iPhone 5 Coming in September?

With the iPhone 5 release date still very much up for a debate, a new report has chimed in saying that September and not October will be the month that Apple releases the next iPhone. According to a report from Digitimes, Apple has sent orders to Pegatron for the next iPhone and the device is […]

Does iPhone 5 SIM Card Tray Nix New iPhone 5 Design?

iPhone 5 SIM card tray

iPhone 5 parts are starting to leak out from suppliers and third-party resellers, including a part that SW-BOX.com claims is the iPhone 5 SIM card tray. The leaked iPhone 5 SIM card tray, spotted by CydiaBlog, follows the iPhone 5 home button leak from parts supplier TVC-Mall, and is part of a deluge of leaked […]

iPhone 5 Liquidmetal Concept is Gorgeous (Photos)

iPhone Concept

There have been rumors in regards to a possible Liquidmetal design on Apple’s iPhone 5 and one designer decided to make those rumors a reality and the result is one of the most gorgeous iPhone 5 concepts yet. The concept is from French designer Antoine Brieux, courtesy of Redmond Pie, and it depicts an iPhone […]

iPhone 5 Release Date and Rumor Roundup

iPhone 5 thinner design

From the iPhone 5 release date to potential features, GottaBeMobile is taking a deep dive into the iPhone 5 news and rumor pool to figure out what to expect from the new iPhone. Apple sets the standard for secrecy around product launches, but in the months leading up to the new iPhone release, leaks spring […]

iPhone 5: What Will Apple Call the New iPhone?

new iPhone 5 mockup

Apple has been fairly predictable with iPhone naming schemes, increasing the number or adding an S after an initial jump to the iPhone 3G. In March, Apple threw a curveball, announcing the new iPad instead of the iPad 3, a move that could signal a new naming pattern for the new iPhone. The new iPad is […]

Is This The iPhone 5 Home Button?

Is This The iPhone 5 Home Button?

The next iPhone isn’t expected to launch until later this year but it appears that some parts, specifically its home button, have leaked out today in both black and in white. First discovered by Apple Bitch, the parts are currently available through Chinese vendor TVC-Mall. The parts appear in the iPhone 5 replacement parts section […]

iPhone 5 to Be ‘Mother of All Upgrades’?

Analyst: iPhone 5 Will Be 'Mother of All Upgrades'

There has been much speculation about Apple’s next iPhone, currently dubbed iPhone 5, and it appears that at least one analyst seems to think that the next iPhone model will be feature a big hardware upgrade from Apple’s current iPhone, the iPhone 4S. According to 9to5Mac, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says that the next […]

What a 4-Inch iPhone 5 Might Look Like

What a 4-Inch iPhone 5 Might Look Like

Analyst Brian White from Capital Markets earlier today stated that he expects Apple to bump up the screen size of the next iPhone to 4-inches. This sparked quite a bit of conversation which has culminated in a beautiful render of what a 4-inch iPhone might look like should it ever arrive. The render comes from […]

Why I Want a 4-Inch iPhone

Why I Want a 4-Inch iPhone

Earlier today, Capital Markets’ Brian White stated that the next iPhone will use a radically different, unibody design and that it would also sport a larger, 4-inch display. And then, like with any Apple rumor, especially one about the iPhone, quite a bit of chatter started to occur. One of the loudest voices was a […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumored for October

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumored for October

A short time ago, a recruiter for Foxconn stated that the next iPhone would be out sometime in June. Well, that release date has now been disputed by another member of the company who says that it will be out this fall. Speaking to South Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper, courtesy of Kotaku, the head of […]

Don’t Plan on an iPhone 5 Release in June

iphone 5 release date

We all love the Foxconn employee that leaks design specs or blurry shots of new Apple products, but for the most part employees are as quiet as Apple about the new products they are working on. At least that was the case before Foxconn recruiters started blabbing about the iPhone 5 production and release dates. […]

iPhone 5: Foxconn Starts Hiring Blitz for New iPhone

Apple Foxconn Worker

Foxconn, the company that supplies workers and factories for the production of the iPhone and the new iPad is looking for 20,000 new employees to handle production of a new iPhone. Local sources in China claim that Foxconn is looking for a large number of employees to work on the production of the iPhone 5. […]

iPhone 5 Pegged for Fall with Similar Sized Screen

iPhone 5 Pegged for Fall with Similar Sized Screen

Earlier this week, we heard that Apple might be planning to make a major change to the display of the iPhone, specifically, boost it up to 4.6-inches. And while that’s still a possibility, another report has chimed in stating that the next iPhone, presumably called the iPhone 5, will keep a similar screen size. The […]

Check Out This Gorgeous 4.6-inch iPhone Mockup

Check Out This Awesome 4.6-inch iPhone Mock Up

Earlier today, we told you about a Reuters report that claimed that Apple’s next iPhone, presumably called either iPhone 5 or iPhone, would boast a massive 4.6-inch display. And while we’re extremely skeptical at this point, one designer took it upon himself to create a nice mockup of what a 4.6-inch iPhone might look like […]