New York Mayor Says iPhone, iPad The Cause For Rising Theft Numbers

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The rate of major crimes in New York City was up for 2012, and Mayor Bloomberg blames Apple device theft according to a New York Times report. In 2012 New York City saw an increase of 3,484 major crime incidents throughout all five boroughs. The increase in the number of stolen Apple devices increased by […]

New York City Payphones Transformed into Free WiFi Hotspots

New York Payphone WiFi Hotspot

New York City finally found a way to make some of its payphones useful again by turning them into WiFi hotspots. According to GigaOm the city’s new program already started with ten of the city’s thousands of payphones transformed into WiFi hotspots. New Yorkers can find the ten locationsĀ scattered throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Seven […]

AT&T Cutting 2G To Make 3G and “4G” Better in New York City

AT&T CEO Regrets Offering Unlimited iPhone Data

AT&T is trying to make its 3G and “4G” HSPA networks better in New York City by getting rid of some of its 2G coverage. According to All Things D, AT&T is moving some of its bandwidth off its 2G network and putting it on 3G and “4G” networks. The carrier is contacting users that […]

AT&T 4G LTE Coming to New York City in December


We had heard that New York City was going to be lit up with AT&T’s 4G LTE network ‘soon‘ but we didn’t know when exactly. We also saw the network undergo a soft launch just a few short days ago in preparation for the big roll out. Today, AT&T confirmed that it will be launching […]

Cell Service Comes To NYC Subways… Sort Of

Sleepy Dog in New York Subway By Annie Mole on Flickr

Yesterday the New York Times delivered a bit of good news for once: cell service is finally coming to NYC’s subways. Well, one subway line. Well, just four stations. But it’s a start, right? This has been years in the making, and as a daily subway rider I’ve rolled my eyes more than once at […]

Sneak Preview of the Grand Central Station Apple Store

New York City railway commuters had better get ready for some serious congestion on iPhone and iPad launch days. The Apple Store in Grand Central Station, which is expected to be approved later this week by the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) has been detailed – and Photoshopped – by the Wall Street Journal. While yet […]