March of the iOS App Updates Begins with Kindle and Evernote


You knew it was coming and it appears it is already beginning. The big feature for the new iPad is the stunning/outrageous/amazing/awesome/astounding/pick your adjective from the early reviews high definition display. And of course that means those of us who have been using an iPad or iPad 2 are in for a slew of updates […]

New NYT Online Reader is simple… perhaps too simple

Click for full-screen shot

Via TechCrunch, The New York Times has a prototype online of a new article skimming system. They’re still kicking around names, but “article skimmer” is a very straightforward description of what it is. After trying it out for a little bit this morning, I find it to be very clean and simple. But as a […]

Print Costs vs Online Media: NYTimes, Paper, Ink, and the Kindle

If true the numbers in this article on Silicon Valley Insider are eye opening.   Doing a little math they figured out that it would be cheaper for the NY Times to send each of its 830,000 subscribers an Amazon Kindle than it currently is to print and deliver the paper. Notice the words ‘to […]

NY Times Discusses the Netbook Impact


The New York Times has published an article detailing the impact of the $200 laptop.   Naming netbooks specifically, the article discusses the impact of cheaper devices and software.   The article highlights the significant change that the down economy is having on technology powerhouses like Microsoft and the proliferation and mainstream awareness/acceptance of Linux […]