Tesla Wins Legal Victory in Empire State

Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors is engaged in a series of lawsuits throughout the country with other auto dealerships trying to shut down their sales operations. New York Supreme Court Justice Raymond J. Elliott III ruled that local dealerships will not be able to use the Franchised Dealer Act to attempt to sue Tesla out of business. The […]

HTC Crashes Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Party in New York

An HTC rep shows off the HTC One at Samsung's Galaxy S4 Launch Event

HTC reps are crashing Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch event in New York today to show off the HTC One. At least three HTC reps are showing off the HTC one to members of the media and Samsung fans waiting outside of Radio City Music Hall in New York, where Samsung is set to unveil a […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Hands On Experience May Come to Times Square

This retail store could be the location for the Samsung Galaxy s4 experience location in Times Square.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will arrive in Times Square in New York City on March 14th at 7 PM according to a teaser image posted to Samsung Mobile’s twitter account this morning. The teaser image features a ‘4’ adding to the fever pitch for the Galaxy S4 and includes an interesting piece of information which leads us to […]