UK Retailer Already Listing Nexus Prime on Website


While little is still known about the Nexus Prime, except that it would be coming this fall alongside Google’s next generation Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, the device is being listed under its Nexus Prime name by UK retailer Handtec. There’s still some confusion as to what the final name of the device would be […]

Google Nexus Prime Might Be Headed to Verizon


As of yet, we haven’t seen a Nexus device his Verizon’s network. Both the Nexus One and Nexus S have hit all three other major U.S. carriers, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint which has left Verizon customers out in the cold. Fortunately, that might change with the upcoming release of the Google Nexus Prime as TechnoBuffalo […]

Google Nexus Prime Release Date Pegged for October


We have heard that Google’s next major Android update, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, may launch in October. And now, we have a report from Korean site Electronic Times claiming that the next Nexus device, codenamed ‘Nexus Prime‘, might be coming out in October as well. As most of you know, the last major Android update […]

Nexus Devices Won’t Be Exclusive to Motorola

Nexus Logo

While I theorized on a few things that might happen with the Motorola Droid Bionic because of Google’s acquisition of Motorola, you can be sure there will be one process that won’t be changing and that is how Google selects its yearly Nexus phone. Google’s Android guy Andy Rubin has come right out and said […]

Why the Motorola Droid Bionic Is Still Worth Waiting For

Droid Bionic

There has been a lot of negativity regarding the Motorola Droid Bionic and its delayed launch. We had originally thought it would launch in August and then Motorola dropped a bomb on us. It wasn’t arriving until September. Many of you started to question whether or not you would buy the Droid Bionic when it […]

First Android Ice Cream Sandwich Devices Launching in October?

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

At Google I/O, Google told the world that its next major release of Android, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, would be touching down at some point during Q4 of 2011. When Google said that, I, like many of you, assumed that we’d probably see it in November or December with a launch of a new Nexus […]

Motorola Droid Bionic Needs to Launch in August to Beat Competition


There have been rumors swirling around about an August 4th release date for the Motorola Droid Bionic much to the excitement of the Android community. However, in addition to the early August date, there have also been whispers about a release at some point in September. Over the weekend some physical evidence surfaced indicating that […]

Mysterious Android Gingerbread Samsung Phone Packs 720p HD Display


A mysterious device has popped up on the Developer Center with little information known except that the device would be packing a 720p HD display and will be running Google’s Android Gingerbread operating system. While it’s still unclear if this will be a tablet or a smartphone, we do know that the WXGA resolution display […]

2011 LG Smartphone Roadmap Leaks, Reveals Seven New Handsets

LG Prada K2

It’s not often that you see the entire roadmap for a smartphone manufacturer leak out and that’s what makes the fact that we now know LG’s entire 2011 smartphone lineup so exciting. Pocketnow was able to scoop the remaining seven smartphones in LG’s lineup for this year and there are a couple of phones on […]

Samsung Romania Outs Nexus 3 With Super AMOLED HD Display


Update: Samsung Mobile Romania has since issued a retraction to Mobilissimo saying that their PR agency published the tweet in error and that the information had not been officially confirmed by Samsung: “Nexus smartphone was uploaded in error by our agency. It is based on a rumor and has not been officially confirmed by Samsung Romania. […]

Flickr Photo Reveals Unannounced Motorola Droid HD

Motorola Droid HD

It looks like the mysterious device we saw earlier isn’t the only unannounced Motorola device that we’re going to see emerge today as a Flickr photo unearthed by Pocketnow and taken at or nearby Motorola’s campus in Libertyville, Illinois has revealed a device called the Motorola Droid HD. What is it? Well, beyond the little […]

2.5 Year-Old Sony Ericsson Satio the Inspiration for Google’s Next Nexus?


Google had used an un-named smartphone rendering on stage to debut its new search feature for mobile, leading many on the Internet to question if the near-buttonless smartphone is the design inspiration for the oft-rumored next-generation Nexus 3 that will succeed the Samsung-made Nexus S. However, upon closer inspection, the smartphone resembles a smartphone that […]

Leaked LG Phone Picture is Not the Next Nexus

LGseptember Reality Check The leaked LG device picture is almost a year old and isnt the Nexus 3

Yet again, what was leaked and speculated to be the next Google-branded Nexus smartphone from LG is in fact not real. Unlike the first HTC leak, which was a doctored image made to appear to be the next Nexus smartphone, the LG image is not a new image and was used in the past as […]

Nexus 3 Photo Was A Fake

Nexus 3 Fake

If you were looking forward to that HTC-made Nexus phone that leaked out last week, it’s time to move on, because the photos of the button-less device are apparently fakes with the source of the photos admitting that they were likely duped. TechHog made waves last week when it posted photos of what was said […]

The Next Nexus Phone Looks Like a Mini Tablet on Ice Cream Sandwich


The next-generation Nexus smartphone from Google, the version to succeed the current Nexus S from Samsung (and Sprint’s Nexus S 4G variant), may be running the next version of Android known as Ice Cream Sandwich and will debut sans buttons, capacitive touch or physical. According to Techhog, Google is requesting proposals from both HTC and […]

Google I/O 2011 Day One Announcement Roundup

Android 3.4 Ice Cream Sandwich

In case you were unaware, Google has been extremely busy during the  first day of their Google I/O event at the Moscone Center in San Francisco announcing everything from a new cloud music service to the company’s latest software. Here is a  rundown of the major announcements that Google made today: Google Music Beta One […]

Google Confirms New Nexus Device Is Coming


Google’s Andy Rubin has confirmed that a new Nexus device will be announced at some point in the future with speculation pointing toward a launch alongside the freshly announced Android 3.4 Ice Cream Sandwich which will be the first version of Android that combines elements of the smartphone OS with Google’s tablet OS. Rubin didn’t […]