Three Android Phones Available for Free Tomorrow at Best Buy

Nexus S

Best Buy has a one day sale planned for tomorrow, Wednesday August 16th and it will have three Android phones up for free, a list that includes AT&T’s Motorola Atrix 4G, the WiMax-enabled Sprint Nexus S 4G, and last year’s Verizon Galaxy S device, the Samsung Fascinate. Of course, free in the smartphone world usually […]

All Versions of Nexus S Available for Free Tomorrow at Best Buy

Nexus S

Been looking to get your hands on the Nexus S? I don’t blame you, it’s a fantastic phone. You know what else is fantastic? The fact that Best Buy is offering all three versions of the device for free tomorrow. That’s right, the newly released AT&T model, the Nexus S 4G for Sprint, and the […]

Nexus S 4G Android 2.3.5 Update Rolling Out on July 25th

Nexus S 4G

If you own a Nexus S 4G on Sprint, you’re in for a little treat starting next Monday on July 25th. Sprint has just announced that Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread  is going to be rolling out that day and it appears that it’s going to bring some pretty awesome improvements along with it. What updates exactly? […]

Sprint Nexus S 4G Update Delayed

Nexus S 4G

Yesterday was supposed to be the day that a sizable update to Sprint’s Nexus S 4G rolled out from the shadows and onto devices across the United States. Obviously, that roll out never happened and now we know why. It was delayed. Android Central has acquired a piece of evidence that reveals that Sprint had […]

Sprint Nexus S 4G to be Updated July 11 for Google Wallet?


It looks like the Google Nexus S 4G Android Gingerbread smartphone for Sprint will be getting an OTA software update come this July 11th that will bring with it some new features, one of which is NFC support. The update, called GRJ90, will add these features to the 4G WiMax smartphone: Enables the NFC Secure […]

No iPhone 5 This Summer: What You Can Buy Instead

Motorola Photon 4G

Apple didn’t announce a new iPhone at this year’s WWDC keynote and that has left many current iPhone owners, myself included, in a strange position. After two years, contracts with AT&T will soon be up and all of us will be looking for a new phone to get. Many of you will want to wait […]

Sprint Nexus S 4G Drops to $50 at Amazon

Nexus S 4G

If you want to get your hands on a brand new smartphone with WiMax 4G speeds and the latest version of the Android 2.3 Gingerbread, look no further than the Nexus S 4G from Sprint. If you want to get that phone for an extremely cheap price, look no further than Amazon which has it […]

T-Mobile Blocking Google Talk Video Chat on Nexus S (Updated)

T-Mobile Nexus S Google Talk

If you own a Nexus S, run it on T-Mobile’s network and haven’t been able to get Google Talk’s video chat feature that arrived with the recent Android 2.3.4 update, well, you’re not alone.As a matter of fact, T-Mobile is blocking you from using the feature on its 3G network. Engadget has confirmed that the […]

Sprint Already Rolling Out Maintenance Update for Nexus S 4G

The Nexus S 4G

After having made the Google Nexus S 4G available for order this past Sunday, Sprint is already beginning to roll out a maintenance update for the Android 2.3 Gingerbread device. The Maintentance Release GR22 is being delivered as an over the air software update and brings a number of enhancements related to the device’s security, […]

Nexus S 4G Now Available at Best Buy for $150, Sprint for $200

Nexus S

Today is May 8th and that means that today is launch day for Sprint’s WiMax version of the Nexus S, the Nexus S 4G, which has finally gone on sale after getting announced back in March at CTIA 2011. On Friday, we learned that some Sprint stores had already started selling the device ahead of […]

Sprint Nexus S 4G Already Being Sold

Nexus S

The Nexus S 4G for Sprint isn’t officially supposed to arrive until May 8th but that apparently hasn’t stopped some Sprint stores from coughing up the goods early. It appears that a couple of lucky souls were able to waltz into their local Sprint store locations and procure Sprint’s latest WiMax offering a full two […]

Google Nexus Twitter Says Surprise Is Coming Today

Google Nexus Tweet

Google’s Nexus Twitter account has tweeted that it has a surprise in store for Nexus owners today. Unfortunately the tweet is light on the details and heavy on the tease so right now we can only wonder what they have in store for us. An easy guess would be something to do with the Sprint […]

Nexus S 4G Coming to Sprint on May 8th for $200

Nexus S 4G

Sprint has finally made the release date and pricing of the upcoming WiMax enabled Nexus S 4G official announcing that the device will be headed to shelves on May 8th with a familiar price tag of $199 which will come after a new two-year contract is signed. We had heard previously that the Nexus S […]

Ultimate Android 2.3 Update List: Which Phones Will Get Gingerbread?

Droid Pro

Back in December, Google announced that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread would follow Android 2.2 Froyo as the next operating system coming to Android OS smartphones. As of today, April 21st, there are only 3 phones that currently boast official Gingerbread leaving many device owners to wonder: Am I going to be getting Android 2.3 Gingerbread? […]

Sprint Nexus S 4G Pre-Orders Begin at Best Buy

Nexus S

Best Buy’s Sprint Nexus S 4G pre-order page has gone live and those looking to get their hands on a WiMax enabled Nexus S are able to do so right now. Before today, there was a ‘coming soon’ button that adorned the Sprint Nexus S 4G pre-order page but alas, that button is now gone […]

Nexus S 4G Hitting Sprint on April 18th?

Nexus S 4G Release Date

According to evidence procured by Android Central, Sprint’s version of the Nexus S entitled the Nexus S 4G will be hitting shelves across the United States in just over three weeks on Sunday, April 18th. The Nexus S 4G is currently available up for pre-order at Sprint retail stores with customers having to pony up […]

Nexus S 4G Pre-Orders Begin At Sprint

Nexus S

Sprint and Samsung have alerted the world that their upcoming Nexus S 4G, a WiMax version of the original Nexus S that came out in December, is now available for pre-order. Over at Sprint’s Nexus S splash page, there is a little bubble announcing the fact that the upcoming device is available for order at […]