Google Purchase Could Confirm Coming Nexus TV

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Google could be preparing for an all-out assault in the living room with the rumored Nexus TV if its purchasing habits are any indication. A new report indicates that the company has purchased Green Throttle Games, an outfit the previously made a custom Android controller. News of a possible Google acquisition of Green Thorttle Games […]

Google ‘Nexus TV’ Launch Rumored for Early 2014

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This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Google trying to take over the living room, not to mention a few failed products like the Nexus Q and, dare we say it, the entire Google TV idea. According to a new rumor the fight for our living room content is about to heat up even […]

Is Google Working with LG on Nexus TV?


With rumors of Apple creating its own branded iTV HDTV unit, Google may be set to do the same thing with LG in developing a fully integrated Nexus TV. A Nexus TV would be a smart TV that may not rely on a separate, set-top box, like the Google TV boxes developed by Vizio and […]