Google Maps Updated with NFC Support Prior to Galaxy Nexus Release

Google Maps

Google has recently updated Google Maps in Android Market with a number of changes, but chief among them is NFC support. It is speculated that the NFC update to Google Maps will be to support Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich‘s Android Beam feature, which will allow NFC-equipped Android phones that are close in proximity to […]

After Taking Over Wallets, NFC Looks to Replace Keys


Near field communications, or NFC, technology is gaining momentum as digital wallet efforts are now rolling out, but the technology also promises to replace your keys in addition to your wallet in a converged digital world. Yale Lock & Hardware demonstrates how NFC can be associated in home locks to allow you to control entry […]

Google Wallet App Now Available For The Sprint Nexus S 4G

google wallet

After much hype and much testing, Google announced today that the Google Wallet app is now ready for the world, so they’re pushing it to Sprint Nexus S 4G phones starting today. Owners will be able to use their Citi MasterCards or a Google Prepaid Card only for now, but Visa, Discover, and American Express […]

Nexus S 4G Update Brings Google Wallet Support

Nexus S 4G Update Brings Google Wallet Support

Google and Samsung have both confirmed that an update for Sprint’s Nexus S 4G has begun rolling out and that the update will be bringing support for Google Wallet, a service that it announced all the way back in May of this year. The update is rolling out now over-the-air (OTA) so if you haven’t […]

Now This is A Digital Wallet – Google Wallet’s Potential [Video]

Google Wallet - Payments

When Google Wallet was announced, I outlined 8 reasons it could succeed, including the ability for merchants to further integrate it with offers and rewards programs. While Google Wallet is still a dream for most users, Adzag has put together an interesting video showing what Google Wallet could do in the near future. This is the digital wallet […]

Samsung Omnia W brings 1.4 GHz CPU, NFC to Windows Phone Mango


SamFirmware, which has been a reliable source of pre-release Samsung products in the past, has tweeted that Samsung’s Windows Phone mango device, the Omnia W, will come with a 1.4 GHz processor as well as near field communications (NFC) support. The processor would be a Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm as Microsoft standardizes on Qualcomm processors […]

Nokia Brings NFC Support to All Phones, Accessories in Future


Nokia has officially announced that all of the products made by the Finnish phone-maker will come with near field communications, or NFC, support in the future, including the company’s Symbian and Windows Phone 7 handsets. NFC, which is gaining in mind share in the U.S. due to the potential of the technology to replace credit […]

AT&T to Cripple BlackBerry Bold 9900 NFC Capabilities?


AT&T may disable one of the future-facing technologies on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 when that device arrives on the carrier through software blocks that would cripple the near field communications, or NFC features, of the smartphone. The NFC market is expected to take off in the U.S. and globally as smartphone makers, carriers, banks, financial […]

HTC Announces Stunning Smartphone with NFC


HTC announced a smartphone for the Chinese market called the HTC Stunning, which will run Google’s Android operating system and come with embedded near field communications, or NFC, chip to enable applications such as digital wallet and mobile payments like on the Samsung-made Google Nexus S. The device is expected to arrive in September and […]

Kyocera Echo Gingerbread Update to Unlock Hidden NFC Feature, WiFi Calling


It looks like in addition to bringing the dual-screen Kyocera Echo up to date from Android 2.2 to Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, Sprint and Kyocera may have other secret goodies to enable on the handset, including WiFi calling and NFC features. There are other more subtle, but useful, features as well that come with the update, […]

PayPal Bringing Phone-to-Phone NFC Payments to Android

Google Wallet

During the MobileBeat 2011 Conference this morning, PayPal announced that it would start offering phone-to-phone payments through NFC adding a very big presence Google’s big push into mobile payments. Google has been pushing NFC out at a fairly slow pace starting with the first NFC compatible phone in the United States, the Nexus S, which […]

The Future of Mobile Payments and NFC is Bright (Infographic)

Infographic of Mobile Payments

An infographic from G+ says that by 2014 half of all mobile phones will have the ability to make mobile payments through built-in Near Field Communications chips, or NFC. Split into three parts, the infographic shows where the mobile payments market is going, who is in the race and how NFC works. NFC is quickly […]

Sprint Nexus S 4G to be Updated July 11 for Google Wallet?


It looks like the Google Nexus S 4G Android Gingerbread smartphone for Sprint will be getting an OTA software update come this July 11th that will bring with it some new features, one of which is NFC support. The update, called GRJ90, will add these features to the 4G WiMax smartphone: Enables the NFC Secure […]

BlackBerry Torch 4G Pegged for August Launch on AT&T


In addition to launching the HTC Status and the LG Thrill 4G in July, AT&T may also be prepping to launch an updated BlackBerry Torch 4G from Research in Motion. Previously leaked as the BlackBerry Torch 2, the device will retain the current BlackBerry Torch’s sliding portrait-oriented screen over a full QWERTY keyboard form factor. […]

New Images of Symbian Belle-Powered Nokia 700 Zeta Leak Out

Nokia 700 zeta front

New images have emerged of a forthcoming Nokia smartphone, called the Nokia 700 Zeta, which will come pre-loaded with the Symbian^3 Belle software update. The device will take a departure from Nokia’s traditional smartphone naming convention–which is currently in series right now for the N, E, C, and X series–for a simpler three-number name. The […]

Will Apple Create Yet a New Wireless Protocol for the Home?


Apple may be looking to create new short-range wireless networking solution that will make it easy to pair and connect close-range devices in an effort to simplify home networking.  In a patent application called Local Device Awareness, Apple seems to be exploring home networking protocols, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and RFID. The Mac-maker could potentially […]