The Future of Mobile Payments and NFC is Bright (Infographic)

Infographic of Mobile Payments

An infographic from G+ says that by 2014 half of all mobile phones will have the ability to make mobile payments through built-in Near Field Communications chips, or NFC. Split into three parts, the infographic shows where the mobile payments market is going, who is in the race and how NFC works. NFC is quickly […]

Sprint Nexus S 4G to be Updated July 11 for Google Wallet?


It looks like the Google Nexus S 4G Android Gingerbread smartphone for Sprint will be getting an OTA software update come this July 11th that will bring with it some new features, one of which is NFC support. The update, called GRJ90, will add these features to the 4G WiMax smartphone: Enables the NFC Secure […]

BlackBerry Torch 4G Pegged for August Launch on AT&T


In addition to launching the HTC Status and the LG Thrill 4G in July, AT&T may also be prepping to launch an updated BlackBerry Torch 4G from Research in Motion. Previously leaked as the BlackBerry Torch 2, the device will retain the current BlackBerry Torch’s sliding portrait-oriented screen over a full QWERTY keyboard form factor. […]

New Images of Symbian Belle-Powered Nokia 700 Zeta Leak Out

Nokia 700 zeta front

New images have emerged of a forthcoming Nokia smartphone, called the Nokia 700 Zeta, which will come pre-loaded with the Symbian^3 Belle software update. The device will take a departure from Nokia’s traditional smartphone naming convention–which is currently in series right now for the N, E, C, and X series–for a simpler three-number name. The […]

Will Apple Create Yet a New Wireless Protocol for the Home?


Apple may be looking to create new short-range wireless networking solution that will make it easy to pair and connect close-range devices in an effort to simplify home networking.  In a patent application called Local Device Awareness, Apple seems to be exploring home networking protocols, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and RFID. The Mac-maker could potentially […]

iPhone Owners Trust Apple With Mobile Wallet Over Mastercard and Visa

NFC and Mobile Wallet Survey

Google is hoping that millions of Android users will jump at the chance to turn their smartphone into a wallet with Google Wallet, but based on the results of a survey by Retrevo Google is facing an uphill battle. Not only are iPhone owners more interested in a mobile wallet than Android owners, but only 21% of […]

HP Preparing for NFC Digital Wallets with webOS Smartphones, Tablets


In a bid to rival Google and Android, Hewlett-Packard may be readying some webOS devices with built-in near field communications (NFC) technologies that would enable its smartphones and tablets to be used as digital wallets. HP’s venture into the NFC world would utilize the technology not only as a point of payment mechanism, but would […]

8 Reasons Google Wallet Will Succeed, And 2 Potential RoadBlocks

Google Wallet - Payments

Google finally announced Google Wallet, a new service that combines hardware and software to turn your phone into a digital wallet capable of linking to your credit cards, gift cards and a Google Prepaid credit card. Google Wallet has a large collection of partners and in typical Android fashion is, “Coming Soon.” We’ve seen plenty […]

Google Wallet And Google Offers Announced, Usher In Future of Payments

Google Wallet

Today during a press conference in New York City, Google announced its long awaited mobile payment service plans and introduced both Google Wallet and Google Offers with trials for Google Wallet beginning immediately and trials for Google Offers have arrived for folks in New York City and Portland, Oregon. Since the debut of the Nexus […]

Next iPhone Will Not Have NFC Support, Says Analyst

iPhone 4

According to Bernstein Research, the next-generation iPhone will not employ near-field technology (NFC) when it arrives sometime this year, likely during the month of September. There had been whispers in March that stated that the iPhone 5, or iPhone 4S as it’s now being referred as, would come equipped with NFC support something that the […]

Dozens of NFC Android Phones Coming Later This Year


Android technical lead for NFC Nick Pelly of Google told developers at the Google I/O conference that “dozens of NFC phones” are coming later this year in 2011. News of Google’s and its partner’s aggressive push behind the near field communications technology confirms earlier rumors that we’ll be seeing between 40-100 million Android smartphones shipping […]

Google Remains Optimistic About NFC to Partners

nxp NXP says Google is telling them that between 40 and 100 million NFC phones will ship this year

Google is optimistic about the prospect of near field communications support on more upcoming Android smartphones. The sentiment was expressed to NFC partner NXP Semiconductors, which helped Google implement support for the technology in Android 2.3 Gingerbread. According to NXP head, Google has told his firm that between 40-100 million Android smartphones should ship this […]

Google Hiring Marketing Head for Mobile Wallet Efforts


After having launched Android 2.3 Gingerbread and the Samsung-made Nexus S with near field communications, or NFC, technology support, Google is looking to make a bigger push into the digital wallet market. Google is looking to expand its mobile wallet endeavors through the hire of an ““EMEA head of commerce marketing” will we be required […]

Nokia Attempts to Get Social with Special NFC Edition of Angry Birds


Nokia and Rovio, makers of the Angry Birds franchise, are hard at work to ready an NFC-compatible version of Angry Birds to create a social aspect of game play that mixes the social, real-life experience with the digital game playing experience. The game is being developed and will launch in the Nokia Ovi Store to […]

Will NFC Simplify WiFi Logins at Local Cafes?

NFC Task Launcher

Free WiFi hotspots at local coffee shops are nothing new, and with Google phasing out QR codes in favor of NFC tags at local businesses, local merchants can provide additional utility to those with NFC-equipped smartphones and laptops. In addition to being the frequently talked about technology behind mobile wallets, NFC can initiate tasks that […]