Guess The Photo, Win a $100 Gift Card


The Nikon D7000 is the best general-purpose DSLR I’ve ever purchased and the camera I recommend for most users, except for those that must have a full-frame body. There are some point and shoot cameras that take pretty good photos, but nothing beats a good DSLR. They offer much more control and much better optics […]

Review of Nikon D7000 with Pete Sampras as Test Subject


This is a quick review of the Nikon D7000, highlighting a real world usage scenario. It’s not an exhaustive look at the D7000, but I hope it gives you a good idea of what it’s like to use this camera if were thinking of buying it to take pictures at sporting events. Last night I […]

Using my iPhone 4 as a Camera, Replacing my Point & Shoot


I almost always lug around my DSLR when travelling more than a few miles away from home. I often bring it to family functions, out to dinner, weddings and and other events. But as you can imagine, the giant rig isn’t always the right tool for the job and I sometimes substitue my Canon S90, […]

Packing for Los Angeles

Xavier's Mobile Gear

I’m in the middle of packing my gear for a quick trip down to Los Angeles to learn how Hollywood makes movie magic. HP is hosting several events, including visits to Dreamworks and Raleigh Studios. Instead of shoving all of my bag as I gather it all up, I’ve spread it out on my living […]

Going Mobile to Ahmedabad


I haven’t seen another Westerner since I got to Borivali and some of the locals have nicknamed me “White Giant.” To say I stuck out like a sore thumb in Borivali would be an understatement. Right now I’m on an overnight train from to Ahmedabad, Gujrat for my brother in-law’s wedding.  We had to wait […]

Why I Lug Around a DSLR


I appreciate small devices as much as anyone, but ‘smaller’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘better.’ Over the years a lot of people have asked me why I lug around big cameras instead of one that will fit in my pocket. I’m the first to admit that I’m a little obsessive when it comes to pictures and […]