Post-Anna, Nokia Promises Symbian Belle Update for N8, C6, C7, E6, E7, X7 in Q4


Now that Anna is beginning to roll out for current-generation Symbian^3 devices, including flagships like the Nokia E7 and N8, the company is looking forward to the future towards Symbian Belle, promising that the new software update will launch ” from the fourth quarter onwards for earlier Symbian 3 devices.” It’s unclear what fourth quarter onwards […]

Nokia Confirms Symbian Anna Software Update for Everyone by End of August


Nokia, writing on the company’s official Twitter account, confirms that the Symbian Anna software update will hit existing Symbian^3 phones by the end of August, though a more specific timeline was not given for the Nokia N8, E7, and C7 handsets. The company says that new smartphones shipping this month should come pre-loaded with the […]

Nokia Goes Luxe with Nokia Oro Gold Edition C7


Nokia, which already operates the luxury Vertu line that rivals high-end Swiss-made watches in price and craftsmanship, is creating a high-value Nokia C7 spin-off as the Nokia Oro. The Nokia C7, pegged as a flagship consumer Symbian^3 smartphone for its affordable price-tag and more modest fixed-focus camera than the flagship Nokia N8, will be gaining […]

Nokia Sleeping Screen Brings Animation to Lock Screens


One of the features–other than the amazing camera–that I love about my Nokia N8 is the ability to quickly glance at the time and date even when the phone is in idle without having to turn on the display thanks to the beautiful analog or digital clock on the Symbian^3 standby screen. It’s like carrying […]

Nokia Astound Coming To T-Mobile On April 6th


Just a few days ago we heard that the Nokia Astound might be coming to T-Mobile at some point during the month of April. Sure enough, Nokia has confirmed that handset will be hitting the shores of the United States on April 6th. The Astound is indeed going to be T-Mobile’s version of the C7. It’s […]

T-Mobile Nokia Astound Rumored for April Release


The T-Mobile Astound, which is widely believed to the the Nokia C7 model re-badged for the U.S. carrier, will be coming April 6th for a mere $80 on contract. As a more budget-conscious smartphone that features some nice high-end features, the Astound will only be a 3G smartphone and won’t support T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network. […]

Nokia to ‘Astound’ T-Mobile Subscribers with C7 Symbian Smartphone


Nokia may soon be launching its Nokia C7 smartphone as the Nokia Astound on T-Mobile USA according to a leak obtained by TmoNews. The C7 smartphone was previously rumored to be coming to the nation’s fourth largest network as the Nokia Tiger, but Tiger may be an internal codename. I’ve had some hands-on time with […]