Post-Anna, Nokia Promises Symbian Belle Update for N8, C6, C7, E6, E7, X7 in Q4


Now that Anna is beginning to roll out for current-generation Symbian^3 devices, including flagships like the Nokia E7 and N8, the company is looking forward to the future towards Symbian Belle, promising that the new software update will launch ”¬†from the fourth quarter onwards for earlier Symbian 3 devices.” It’s unclear what fourth quarter onwards […]

Does the Nokia E6 Have the Best Display of Any Smartphone?


The Nokia E6 is Nokia’s first smartphone with a front-facing QWERTY keyboard that combines a touchscreen and the Symbian^3 ¬†operating system, and that device may have the best display of any modern smartphone. According to testing by GSM Arena, the Nokia E6’s display is the most pixel-dense display on the market as well as having […]

Nokia E6 Now Available for Pre-Order in U.S.

Nokia E6

If you’re in the United States and you have been itching to get your hands on Nokia’s E6 smartphone and Symbian Anna, well, Amazon’s got you covered because the device has shown up at the retailer unlocked and ready for pre-order. That’s right, the E6 is currently available for the paltry sum of $446. Unfortunately, […]

Nokia E6, X7 Now Shipping with Anna; E7, N8, C6 Update is ‘Coming Soon’


Nokia has revealed that its Symbian^3 Nokia E6 and X7 are now shipping, and both devices will ship pre-loaded with the Symbian software update called Anna, formally known as PR 2.0. Unfortunately, though the news is somewhat bittersweet for early adopters of Nokia’s Symbian^3 products like the Nokia E7, a handset with a landscape-oriented QWERTY […]

No Windows Phone 7 Announcement at Nokia’s May 17 Event


There were some speculations that a May 17th event hosted by Nokia in Greece may lend itself to some additional Windows Phone 7 news and a potential for a Windows Phone 7 hardware announcement, but a Twitter message by a Nokia Greece employee discredits those early speculations. According to that employee, the event will be […]

Nokia Unveils E6 Business BlackBerry Challenger


Nokia has just unveiled its latest Symbian-powered BlackBerry challenger with a front-facing full QWERTY keyboard in the form of the E6, which continues the tradition of the beloved E71, E72, and E73 (T-Mobile Mode in the U.S.) of solid, excellent hardware. I was a big fan of the E71 when it first debuted–the handset became […]

Nokia E6 Leaked in Video


The Nokia E6, the Symbian^3 challenger to RIM’s BlackBerry, is now leaked in a video. The un-announced handset features a candybar styling consistent with the series prior offerings, such as the Nokia E71, E72, E73,m and E5 with a front-facing QWERTY keyboard and landscape-oriented screen. The video highlights the 8-megapixel camera–similar to that used on […]

New Nokia E6 Symbian^3 Phone Photo Shows Off VGA Screen


Nokia has had several popular and affordable BlackBerry-style phones with front-facing keyboards over the years, including the E71 series–which also was subsidized on AT&T as the E71x, the E72, and the E73 Mode available through T-Mobile USA. The latest one, the E6, will bring subtle refinements to this popular form factor that offers business and […]