Nokia Starts Rolling Out Windows Phone 7.8 To Lumia Phones

Lumia 900 Windows Phone 7.8

Today Nokia announced it will start rolling out Windows Phone 7.8 to older Lumia smartphones today. The new Nokia Lumia 510 is the first Lumia smartphone to ship with Windows Phone 7.8, and other devices including the Lumia 710 and Lumia 900 will get the update soon. The updates for carrier-branded phones will depend on […]

Nokia Bringing New Features To Older Lumia Devices

Lumia 900

Nokia won’t leave current Lumia users behind as it launches the Lumia 920, Lumia 820, and other Windows Phone 8 devices. The company will bring a number of features from the new devices to older phones. Today Nokia outlined what updates current Lumia users can expect sometime in the near future. City Lens, the company’s augmented […]

T-Mobile Lumia 710 Windows Phone Tango Update Release Date Revealed

T-Mobile Lumia 710 Windows Phone Tango Update Release Date Revealed

The T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone Tango update release date has been revealed. According to TMoNews, the Lumia 710 will be seeing the Windows Phone update 7.10.8773, otherwise known as Windows Phone Tango, arrive tomorrow. The carrier says that Microsoft will be pushing the update through July which means many Lumia 710 owners won’t […]

Nokia Lumia Handsets to Get Windows Phone 8 Apollo?

Nokia's Lumia Handsets to Get Windows Phone 8 Apollo?

There has been quite a controversy surrounding the upcoming Windows Phone 8 Apollo update from Microsoft and today, more fuel has been dumped on the fire as a Nokia Evangelist & Developer has claimed that Nokia’s Lumia handsets, which run Windows Phone, will receive the update. WMPowerUser reports that João Luis, citing a source he […]

Tethering Support Coming to Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710

Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 Will Get Tethering Support

Yesterday, it became apparent that Nokia’s low-end Windows Phone, the Lumia 610, would be arriving with tethering on- board at launch. Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 owners , were, needless to say, jealous because their phones do not possess that feature right now. Those who own those devices can rest easy though as Nokia has […]

Nokia: T-Mobile’s Lumia 710 Has Exceeded Expectations

Nokia Says Its Lumia 710 Windows Phone Has Exceeded Expectations

At the beginning of February, we posed a question: Is the Nokia Lumia 710 selling poorly on T-Mobile? Our answer was, probably not. Nokia has seemingly answered that question itself today in remarks from company CEO Stephen Elop at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. When asked how the Lumia 710 was doing in the […]

Is T-Mobile’s Nokia Lumia 710 Selling Poorly?

Nokia Lumia 710

We’ve already seen T-Mobile’s Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone go free at one retailer and now, Microsoft itself is offering up the United States’ first Nokia-made Windows Phone for the low price of zero. The deal is available online through the Microsoft Store and you should be able to track down the offer at your […]

Nokia Lumia 710 Price Cut at T-Mobile

Nokia Lumia 710

Earlier this month, T-Mobile launched the first Nokia-made Windows Phone in the United States in the Lumia 710. When it launched, the Magenta carrier was asking for a mere $49.99 with the signing of a new contract. However, it appears that the carrier has slashed a couple of bucks off of the device’s price tag […]

AT&T Lumia 900 vs. T-Mobile Lumia 710


After a bit of an absence, Nokia has re-emerged onto the smartphone market here in the United States with three new Lumia devices. They include the Lumia 900 which will be headed to AT&T, the Lumia 710 which has found a home on T-Mobile’s network and the Lumia 800 which will be headed to Microsoft […]

T-Mobile’s Nokia Lumia 710 Now Available for Free

Lumia 710

Just a few short days ago, the first Nokia-made Windows Phone for the U.S., the Nokia Lumia 710, launched on T-Mobile for $50, making it a great value for those looking to get aboard the Microsoft train  with a solid device in hand. But maybe that price was a little steep for some of you […]

Nokia’s Windows Phone Strategy Will Win: 10 Reasons Why


I am excited for the potential success of Microsoft’s newest offering, Windows Phone as well. I don’t currently use a Windows Phone device as a daily driver, but I am ready to as soon as Nokia brings a Windows Phone to Verizon. Most of the reasons I choose Android over Windows Phone right now are […]

Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone Now Available on T-Mobile

Nokia Lumia 710

For those of you that have been waiting for a Nokia-made Windows Phone here in the United States, you’ll be happy to know that the first of those devices, the T-Mobile Lumia 710, is now on sale through the carrier for those that want to hop aboard the Microsoft train. In our opinion, the Lumia […]

Nokia Lumia 710 Starts Arriving in T-Mobile Stores

Nokia Lumia 710

The Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 aren’t the only two Nokia-made Windows Phones that will be arriving in the early part of 2012. In fact, there is one Lumia device that has already broken cover. That device of course is T-Mobile’s Nokia Lumia 710 which will be arriving later this month but has already started […]

Nokia Lumia 710 for T-Mobile: Hardware, Pricing, Release Date

Lumia 710

For quite some time now, folks in the United States have been waiting for a Nokia-made Windows Phone. And when Nokia World passed in October without any sort of U.S. availability, we could hear a large, collective sigh from folks who were eager to jump on the train. And while there may have been a […]

Nokia Lumia 710 Headed to T-Mobile on January 11th

Lumia 710

As expected, Nokia and T-Mobile have announced the first Nokia Windows Phone destined for the United States and it will be coming in the form of the low-end Lumia 710. The carrier and manufacturer did something unexpected as well. They released an official release date and pricing. Shocking. The Lumia 710 will be hitting the […]

Nokia Lumia 710 for T-Mobile Appears in First Official Image

Lumia 710

We’re fairly certain that Nokia and T-Mobile have a Lumia 710 Windows Phone launch up their sleeve on December 14th and the evidence has continued to pile up today. Pocketnow has released a leaked press shot of a white, T-Mobile branded Lumia 710 that all but confirms the device for the Magenta carrier’s network. Great […]

WSJ: Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone Headed to T-Mobile

Lumia 710

If it wasn’t clear that Nokia and T-Mobile’s event on December 14th wasn’t related to a Windows Phone launch, it is now. The Wall Street Journal is reporting, confirming our suspicions and an FCC filing, that the two companies will be introducing the Lumia 710 Windows Phone next week meaning it will likely be the […]

Nokia Lumia 710 Appears Headed for T-Mobile USA

Nokia Lumia 710

Yesterday, we became aware of a joint event that Nokia and T-Mobile will be hosting on December 14th. The invitation didn’t reveal much in terms of what the companies were going to be announcing but speculation rests on them revealing a Windows Phone, Nokia’s first in the U.S. And now, that speculation now has some […]

Nokia Set to Unveil Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 Windows Phones

Lumia 800

Nokia World is scheduled to kick off in just a few short hours and the company is likely going to be launching its first Windows Phone devices. Yes, devices. We’ve become pretty familiar with the phone known as the Sea Ray as it has leaked out several times in the past and then, just last […]