Nokia CEO: U.S. Lumia Sales Exceeded Expectations

Nokia: U.S. Lumia Sales Exceeded Expectations

Today Nokia announced its quarterly earnings, and with those earnings came some news on its lineup of Lumia Windows Phones. Overall, the company posted a loss of about $1.2 million, mostly from its Nokia Siemens Network restructuring, but there is some good news on the consumer side. In Nokia’s Q1 2012 Interim Report, CEO Stephen […]

Straight Talk Review: Affordable Pre-Paid Wireless for Smartphones

Straight Talk Wireless Lumia 900 Review

Straight Talk is a pre-paid cell phone service that offers unlimited calling, texting and data usage for $45 a month and allows users to bring their own phone. This means that the Nokia Lumia 900, iPhone 4S and many Android phones work with Straight Talk Wireless. (Read: Nokia Lumia 900 Review) AT&T compatible phones deliver amazing speeds […]

European Carriers Don’t Believe in Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia 900

In the US Nokia’s Lumia 900 and Lumia 710 are selling well. Some AT&T stores sold out of the former phone within days, and T-Mobile says the latter is performing well on its network. Europeans carriers aren’t as thrilled with Nokia’s Windows Phones. According to Reuters, European carriers don’t think Nokia’s Lumia phones are good […]

Lumia 900 Headed to T-Mobile?

Lumia 900 Headed to T-Mobile?

It appears that AT&T won’t be the only U.S. carrier that will see Nokia’s Lumia 900 Windows Phone as a new report claims that T-Mobile could be getting the device sometime this summer. According to a report from WMPowerUser, a T-Mobile representative very bluntly revealed that the carrier would be getting the device at some […]

Lumia 900 Back in Stock at AT&T

Lumia 900 Back in Stock at AT&T

Over the weekend, AT&T’s latest flagship Windows Phone, the 4G LTE powered Nokia Lumia 900 was completely out of stock online for reasons still unknown. Today though, it appears that the carrier is once again offering one of the Lumia 900 models to eager customers. AT&T has said that sales of the Lumia 900 have […]

Can the Lumia 900 Be Windows Phone’s ‘Droid’?

Lumia 900 Windows Phone's Savior

The Nokia Lumia 900 is topping sales charts as users discover the young Windows Phone operating system. Can the Lumia 900 deliver a “Droid Effect” to Windows Phone, boosting Windows Phone App selection and appeal? In the fight with the iPhone and Android for market share, Windows Phone is the underdog, much like Android was in 2009. In […]

AT&T Employees Still Recommend iPhone Over Lumia 900

Lumia 900

AT&T has said that the recent launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone will be its biggest smartphone launch ever. The carrier is promoting the phone heavily with ads in stores and its website, and Nokia and Microsoft have spent a lot of money in advertising. However, it seems AT&T employees didn’t get the […]

Check Out This Lumia 900 Dock Made of Legos

Check Out This Lumia 900 Dock Made of Legos

The Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T launched on Sunday for the carrier’s 4G LTE network. However, as of right now, there are currently no docks available for the device. Well, one new owner decided to take matters into his own hands and built a Lumia 900 dock out of Lego. Baris Eris has posted detailed […]

AT&T’s 4G LTE Network Expands

AT&T's 4G LTE Network Expands

While probably not the large expansion AT&T customers were looking for, especially those customers thinking about getting the new Nokia Lumia 900, the carrier’s network has expanded nonetheless moving into one new big market and expanding in another major one. AT&T has announced that it’s high-speed, next-generation 4G LTE network has arrived in St. Louis, […]

Nokia Steps Up Big Time, Admits Trouble and Offers Fix for Lumia 900


As noted yesterday, Nokia Lumia 900 users were experiencing data issues in areas that they should have coverage. There were a couple of temporary fixes posted online to get around these issues. Today, Nokia stepped up to the plate and unlike a certain fruit company, admitted fault and offered a solution. The issue was identified […]

Nicki Minaj Promotes Nokia’s New Windows Phone Using a BlackBerry

Whoops: Nicki Minaj Promotes Windows Phone Using a BlackBerry

On Sunday, Nokia kicked off a huge promotion for its Lumia 900, the first 4G LTE Windows Phone to launch in the United States. The spectacle included a light show and a concert by performer Nicki Minaj in Times Square, all done to promote the launch of the new phone. Well, turns out, at least […]

Lumia 900 Hits Canada, Arrives in the UK on April 27th

Nokia: U.S. Lumia Sales Exceeded Expectations

The Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone finally touched down in the U.S. over the weekend and now, it’s starting to land elsewhere. Nokia’s new flagship Windows Phone has arrived in Canada today on Rogers’ 4G LTE network while, according to Pocket-lint, the device will be touching down in the United Kingdom later on this month […]

Lumia 900 Becomes The Best Selling Smartphone on Amazon

Microsoft Pulls Back From Windows Phone 8 Upgrade Promise

AT&T and Nokia finally launched the long awaited Lumia 900 Windows Phone yesterday and already the phone has shot up to the number one spot on Amazon’s Best Sellers list in its Cell Phones With Service Plans. And while AT&T and Microsoft Stores are selling the smartphone for $99.99 on-contract, Amazon is actually selling the […]

Nokia Lumia 900 Data Connectivity Issues Plague Owners

Lumia 900

The Nokia Lumia 900 is at the top of sales charts, but some owners are experiencing issues with data connectivity on the phone. A bug in the Lumia 900 causes it to lose its data connection despite having the proper coverage. Electronista reports users are taking to Nokia and WPCentral forums to discuss the issue. […]

Nokia Lumia 900 4G LTE Speed Tests & Hotspot Performance

Lumia 900

The Nokia Lumia 900 is one of the first Windows Phones to support AT&T’s 4G LTE network. While there were some parts of the phone that left us dissatisfied, the LTE experience was is quite impressive. I took the Lumia 900 to Midtown Manhattan to test AT&T’s 4G LTE service. I used the Lumia’s mobile hotspot […]

Nokia Lumia 900 Hitting Europe in Early May

Nokia Lumia 900

The Nokia Lumia 900 will be launching on AT&T in the United States on April 8th and it now looks like the international version will be hitting European countries a month later. According to a tweet dug up by WMPowerUser, the international model of the Lumia 900 which was first announced at the Mobile World […]

Why I’m Passing on the Nokia Lumia 900

Lumia 900

Over the past few weeks, I have wrestled with a decision, a decision about whether to pick up the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone for AT&T. As many of you know, I am the owner of an iPhone 3GS. I wrestled with a decision to replace it last year and ultimately ended up getting the […]

5 Smartphones to Look For In April

5 Smartphones to Look Out for in April

Smartphone releases have been relatively non-existent since Verizon went on a tear in February with releases of the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX and the Motorola Droid 4. Sure, we’ve seen phones like the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G launch, but we haven’t seen any top tier devices make their way onto shelves. Well, all of […]