Barnes and Noble To Stop Making Nook Tablets


Barnes & Noble, makers of the Nook family of Android tablets, has announced that it will discontinue production of its own devices this year. The announcement, which came as part of the company’s quarterly earnings report seems to indicate that it’ll be exiting the tablet market sooner than planned because of the losses the division […]

DC Comics and Graphic Novels Come To Nook Tablet and Nook Color

DC Comics on Nook Tablet

Barnes & Noble is expanding its offering of comics and graphic novels beyond its exclusive deal with Marvel. Today Barnes & Noble announced that comics and graphic novels from DC Comics are now available on the Nook Tablet and Nook Color. The deal also brings the comics and graphic novels to Android tablets through the […]

Target Phasing Out All Kindles This Spring


Soon Target will no longer carry the Kindle Fire or any other Kindle device due to a “conflict of interest.” Target issued a statement to The Verge confirming the plan. There’s no firm date, but the retailer is “phasing out Kindles and Amazon- and Kindle-branded products in the spring of 2012.” Within a few months, […]

It’s Official: $199 8GB Nook Tablet Available Today

Nook Color and Nook Tablet

Looks like the rumor was true. Today a new Nook Tablet went on sale on Barnes & Noble’s website. The 8GB version of their second gen tablet not only has half the internal storage, it also has half the RAM (512MB instead of 1GB). This is a bit ironic since the company touted the original […]

New Nook Wild Speculation Post

Nook Simple Touch

Yesterday the New York Times published a piece on how Barnes & Noble intends to beat back the looming evil that is Amazon and how publishers are in love with the bookseller for doing so. But one paragraph has tech blogs buzzing: “Barnes & Noble is trying to strike at Amazon with another device. At […]

Black Friday eReader Deals 2011: Nook, Kindle and More

Kindle Black Friday Deals

Black Friday eReader deals are quite common this year, but make sure you do your homework before you buy an eBook reader on Black Friday. To help you sort out the good from the bad, we’ve rounded up our favorite Black Friday eReader deals on Kindles, Nooks and other brands, so you can get a […]

Nook Tablet Review: First Impressions

Nook Color and Nook Tablet

The Nook tablet is in stores a bit early and customers who pre-ordered theirs should receive delivery today. If you’re still trying to decide if Barnes & Noble’s new device is right for you, I’ll be posting my thoughts today as I use it for reading, surfing, and watching video. My preliminary thoughts are pretty […]

Nook Color now $199 with Hulu Plus, Comics and More

Nook Color price Drop

Barnes & Noble just announced a $50 price drop on the Nook Color, bringing it down to $199. The price drop comes as the company introduces the Nook Tablet, a faster Android powered eReader that will take on the Kindle Fire. The Nook Color remains a good value, and will get many new features like […]

Nook Color Gaining Hulu Plus and a $50 Price Drop to Fight Kindle Fire

Nook Color gets Hulu

The Nook Color isn’t going to the clearance bookshelf to make way for the Nook Tablet. Rather, Barnes and Noble is giving it a price drop and new features so that it can go head to head with the Kindle Fire. Right after we saw leaked specs and details for the Nook Tablet, Android Central shares a document […]

Nook Color 2 Announcement Coming on November 7th?

Kindle Fire vs. Nook Color

According to The Digital Reader, Barnes and Noble’s upcoming sequel to the Nook Color, which may or may not be called the Nook Color 2, will be announced on November 7th. They apparently have, count them, three sources who have relayed them information and November 7th appears to be the day that the company unleashes […]

7″ iPad + Retina Display Will Make A Killer Device

Cult of Mac is passing on the rumor again that a 7″ iPad is being worked on. A 7″ iPad with a retina display is my dream tablet. Right now the Nook Color can’t display a magazine or a comic book for me without squinting like crazy. The display is limited to being being a […]

Can the Pyramid Pad Kill the iPad? (Video)

Sabre Pyramid Tablet

The iPad is the dominate tablet on the market today, so much so that when I even try to show off Android tablets, people often give me a weird look. The Kindle Fire may be aimed at beating the Nook Color, but it is also drawing comparisons to the iPad, as many consumers want to […]

Kindle Fire vs. Nook Color

Amazon Kindle Fire vs. Barnes and Noble Nook Color

Yesterday’s Kindle Fire announcement added heat to the tablet market, sparking speculation that it could be an “iPad Killer” not just because it costs $199 but also because it has the Amazon branding behind it. But comparing the Kindle Fire to the iPad isn’t completely apropos. They’re different sizes — 7 versus 9.7 inches — […]

Three iOS Children’s eBooks Now Available on Nook Color


iStoryTime, makers of three iOS children’s eBook apps for iOS, ported these books to the Nook Color and parents can purchase them for their kids now. The three books include How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda 2 and The Smurfs. Each of these app costs $2.99. The interactive apps feature images from the […]

Black Friday Predictions 2011: Apple, Tablets and eReaders

NOOK Color

With September almost over, it’s time to turn our eyes to the next major event in the tech world. No, I’m not talking about the iPhone 5 release date, but a date that has almost the same level of buzz — Black Friday. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, when retailers slash prices on items […]