Nook Color: Will it Meet Your Tablet Needs?


As a former Nook Color owner, I decided that it did not meet my needs. But I recognize it may be all the Android tablet some will ever need. In case you are not familiar, Barnes and Noble released the Nook Color as an update to their first Nook eBook reader. They added a color […]

Nook for iPad Updated with Periodical Subscriptions

Nook iPad App

The Nook Color is a nice eReader, especially for enjoying periodicals in full color, and now with an update, the iPad Nook app provides readers with the same rich full-color periodical experience. This is a leg up for Barnes & Noble, because the Kindle device and the Kindle app can’t display periodicals in full color. […]

Why Amazon’s Tablet Won’t Be Some Piddly Nook Color Rival


Unconfirmed reports (traced back to Business Insider) are saying that Amazon’s tablet could be a smaller and limited Nook Color competitor – not a full tablet that would take on the iPad. While Amazon has every reason to go after the success of the Nook Color as well, we believe that we will soon be seeing a […]

Should You Pay $35 to Root Your Nook Color?

Kindle on the Nook Color

Afraid to open up the terminal or command prompt on your Mac or PC to perform the dark art of rooting your shiny new Barnes and Noble Nook Color? You can still have the power of a rooted Nook without the fear for the low-cost of $35, thanks to Nook2Android, a service that does all […]

How to Pick a Tablet For Your Needs [InfoGraphic]


Finding the right tablet these days can be a challenging and circuitous decision process, which is evident from the humorous choose your own adventure tablet picking infographic our friends at Retrevo put together. Click for Larger While the infographic may not really help you find the perfect tablet, it does highlight a large part of the decision […]

Barnes and Noble Announces Touch-enabled Nook with E-Ink & 2 Month Battery

Barnes and Noble Nook

Barnes and Noble is going to be offering a new Nook with a touch screen to compete with the Amazon Kindle and the new touch-enabled Kobo eReader. The new Simple Touch Reader from Barnes and Noble will retail for $139 and boasts 2 months of battery life and a  touch-enabled black-and-white E-Ink screen that is readable outdoors and […]

Barnes & Noble: 1 Million Nook Color Apps Downloaded in 1 Week


Barnes & Noble had announced that in just over a week, users of the Android-based Nook Color reading tablet had downloaded over a million apps. The $250 tablet is seen as one of the best selling Android tablet for its sleek design and affordable price. When the Nook was originally released, it debuted on the […]

Barnes And Noble Launching Nook Color 3G on May 24th?

Barnes and Noble Invite

Barnes and Noble has apparently begun sending out invitations for an event taking place in New York City later this month, May 24th to be exact, and there is speculation that the company could be announcing a 3G version of their popular Android-based e-reader, the Nook Color. Right now, Barnes and Noble only offers a […]

How to Install Netflix for Android on Some Unsupported Phones

Netflix on Android

The folks at XDA Developer’s Forum have done it again, giving more people a way to install the new Netflix for Android app on more phones than are officially supported. We tried it on the HTC Thunderbolt with no success. Sadly, while writing this post XDA removed their link to the app’s APK file. Fortunately, […]

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Doesn’t Deny Amazon Tablet


Rumors of an Amazon tablet had been swirling since before the launch of the iPad, and those speculations have just been renewed as CEO Jeff Bezos tells hopeful audiences to “stay tuned” when asked if the company would launch such a tablet in the future. In an interview Consumer Reports, Bezos says that such a […]

New Nook E-Ink E-Reader Coming Later This Month?


There’s been chatter that Barnes & Noble is getting ready to introduce a second-generation e-ink-based Nook electronic reader to replace the original Nook. The new e-ink reader would be released help Barnes & Noble better compete against Amazon’s Kindle 3, which offers a newer, better electronic ink display that’s even easier on the eyes with […]

Staples Goes All in on Tablets & eBook Readers


Best Buy has done a great job capturing the consumer mindshare, and wallet-share, over the past few years, but Staples is about to dive in full force in an attempt to become the go to retail location for tablets. As this week’s ad for Staples suggests, you can go into a local Staples location and […]

Nook Color 1.2 Update Fiasco Advice and 2nd Update

Nook Color 1.2 Running Amazon Kindle and More

A full day after the infamous Nook Color 1.2 software update and a few people are still having some issues. Fortunately, most are like me – fully updated and back to normal. But for those who are not, it is quite frustrating, especially if you have gotten used to using and loving the Nook Color […]

Weekly Wrap Up: Notebook, Tablet and Smart Phone News for April 29th

Samsung Droid Charge

This week we saw a Verizon 4G LTE outage push back the Samsung Droid Charge, the release of new Dell Precision mobile workstations, release of the Droid Incredible 2 and much more. We also have a great roundup of Mother’s Day Tech Gifts that includes eReaders, smartphones and notebooks. This list includes Mother approved gifts […]

Mother’s Day Tech Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2011

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2011

If you love your mother and she loves technology, or gadgets like eReaders, then you owe it to your mom to check out the Mother’s Day 2011 Tech Gift Guide over at where you can find a collection of the hottest gifts ranging from $3.99 up to $829. These gifts have passed our mother […]

Nook Color 1.2 Update Fiasco News and Advice [Update]

My Nook Color won't register after update

As we posted earlier there has been an issue with the Barnes and Noble Nook Color. A firmware update was pushed out over Wi-Fi to many but not all of the devices. I was one who experienced this issue along with many others despite already manually updating the device. We are guessing that it was a […]