First Google eBooks Reader Set to Launch


With the tablet market (or, as some would call it, the iPad market) getting most of the attention, it’s easy to forget about the eReader wars. The Kindle is still the most famous, but Barnes & Noble’s recent reboot of the Nook (along with the tablet hybrid Nook Color) has been turning a lot of heads as […]

Barnes & Noble Shipping Nook Second Edition E-Reader Early


Barnes & Noble is shipping its Nook The Simple Touch Reader, otherwise more informally referred to as the Nook 2nd Edition, ahead of its expected launch schedule on June 10th. In its press release, demo units should be in stores today and the Nook Simple Touch Reader has already begun to ship to customers who […]

Barnes and Noble Announces Touch-enabled Nook with E-Ink & 2 Month Battery

Barnes and Noble Nook

Barnes and Noble is going to be offering a new Nook with a touch screen to compete with the Amazon Kindle and the new touch-enabled Kobo eReader. The new Simple Touch Reader from Barnes and Noble will retail for $139 and boasts 2 months of battery life and a  touch-enabled black-and-white E-Ink screen that is readable outdoors and […]

Barnes & Noble: 1 Million Nook Color Apps Downloaded in 1 Week


Barnes & Noble had announced that in just over a week, users of the Android-based Nook Color reading tablet had downloaded over a million apps. The $250 tablet is seen as one of the best selling Android tablet for its sleek design and affordable price. When the Nook was originally released, it debuted on the […]

Barnes And Noble Launching Nook Color 3G on May 24th?

Barnes and Noble Invite

Barnes and Noble has apparently begun sending out invitations for an event taking place in New York City later this month, May 24th to be exact, and there is speculation that the company could be announcing a 3G version of their popular Android-based e-reader, the Nook Color. Right now, Barnes and Noble only offers a […]

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Doesn’t Deny Amazon Tablet


Rumors of an Amazon tablet had been swirling since before the launch of the iPad, and those speculations have just been renewed as CEO Jeff Bezos tells hopeful audiences to “stay tuned” when asked if the company would launch such a tablet in the future. In an interview Consumer Reports, Bezos says that such a […]

New Nook E-Ink E-Reader Coming Later This Month?


There’s been chatter that Barnes & Noble is getting ready to introduce a second-generation e-ink-based Nook electronic reader to replace the original Nook. The new e-ink reader would be released help Barnes & Noble better compete against Amazon’s Kindle 3, which offers a newer, better electronic ink display that’s even easier on the eyes with […]

Nook Color 1.2 Update Fiasco News and Advice [Update]

My Nook Color won't register after update

As we posted earlier there has been an issue with the Barnes and Noble Nook Color. A firmware update was pushed out over Wi-Fi to many but not all of the devices. I was one who experienced this issue along with many others despite already manually updating the device. We are guessing that it was a […]

Nook Color App Store Launches, How To Update Early

NOOK Color Apps 1

The Nook Color eReader is also a nice Tablet that has made headway against the Kindle thanks to the inclusion of a color screen and a web browser. Now, the nook Color has another way to standout in a crowded eReader market – Apps. The long-awaited Nook Color app update has been released and delivers Android 2.2, […]

Nook Subscribers Get Free Access to New York Times Online

NOOK Color

Within the past two weeks, both and Barnes and Noble have formed partnerships with the New York Times, providing people who subscribe to the paper through their respective eReaders with free access to the publication’s website. The New York Times recently established an expensive pay-wall which limits the number of articles a reader can view on their website […]

Nook Color Best Selling Non-iPad Tablet


Is the Barnes & Noble Nook Color Android-based dedicated color e-reading tablet the best selling tablet in North America outside of Apple’s iPad? This seems to be the case according to a report by DigiTimes, which says that the versatile and easily rooted and hackable tablet has managed to garner “over 50% of the iPad-like […]

Nook Color to Get App Store, Flash and Angry Birds As Early as April


The folks at CNet discovered an interesting tidbit at the Home Shopping Network – a Nook Color with Apps selling for $300. That’s a little over priced for the normally $250 device. But what was interesting was, not the expensive bundle, but the detail that an April update will be coming that adds the ability […]

$50 Off Nook Color Via Barnes & Noble’s Official eBay Channel

Screen shot 2011-02-28 at 2.15.56 PM

The Nook Color was launched as Barnes & Noble’s push into the color space with an Android-based e-reader touchscreen tablet, but the device has gained more versatile uses thanks to an enterprising developer community, including root access, Android 3.0 Honeycomb port, and the ability to run apps from Android Market, which was restricted by Barnes […]

OtterBox Offers Serious Protection for eReaders


OtterBox has added a few eReader cases to its Commuter Series of rugged cases. The Amazon Kindle 3, Kindle DX, B&N Nook and Sony Reader Touch Edition can now all get the three-layers of protection treatment. The first layer of protection is an adhesive screen protector, the second layer is soft silicone and the third […]

Nook Color’s Children’s Books Come to iPad with Nook Kids App


Already got an iPad tablet that will suffice for your e-reading pleasure and not aching to shell out money for Barnes & Noble’s customized and curated Android e-reader tablet dubbed the Nook Color? That’s okay, especially if you have kids as the bookseller has just announced that its children’s books are now being made available […]

Now What Do I Do With This New Tablet I Got for Christmas?


So, you got your wish and got a Tablet for Christmas. Perhaps it’s an iPad, or maybe a Samsung Galaxy Tab, or maybe some other Tablet/Slate. No matter, I’m sure you’re already up and running. You’ve pinched and zoomed, you browsed the web, you’ve probably listened to a bit of music and watched some video, […]

Nook Color Now Also ‘Kindle’ Color with Latest Hack


The Nook Color is Barnes & Noble’s curated e-reading tablet experience running on top of the Android operating system and with a 7-inch color capacitive touchscreen. The hack requires users to root their device, essentially jailbreaking the Barnes & Noble Android experience, and then installing Android Market, the official Google app store for Android devices. […]

Barnes & Noble Releases Nook 1.5 Update


Owners of Barnes & Noble’s digital e-ink reader, the Nook, in both WiFi and WiFi + 3G editions, can now upgrade their e-reader to run version 1.5 of the firmware, which promises to improve page turn speeds and bring a number of improvements. The faster page turn times will be greatly appreciated as the e-reader’s […]

Books-A-Million drops a NOOKcolor bomb in the eReader war


BAM! Books-A-Million dropped a bombshell on the eReader world this weekend by offering the NOOKcolor for pre-sale through their online store with the rest of the NOOK line to follow online and in stores November 19. Interesting move considering that Android tablet eReader is from their biggest competitor Barnes and Noble.