Barnes & Noble activates the NOOKcolor option


The year was 2010. The eReader wars had heated up to boiling. e-ink devices were deployed by numerous factions, big and small. Everyone expected Amazon to be the one to up the ante, but they weren’t. Barnes & Noble launched first. The war changed that day – everything changed – that day when they went […]

Pocketbook: eReader to Feature Wacom Digitizer


Pocketbook is getting to introduce five new eReaders at IFA next month that have a couple of features not found in readers made by bigger companies, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Sony. Apparently to Engadget, the ProBook 603 and 903 will feature a Wacom touchscreen and come with a pen. There’s no word on […]

eBook Wars Continue: Borders Launches Apps for iPad, iPhone


Everybody wants a piece of the eBook action. Yesterday we saw the great price drop for the Amazon Kindle and the Nook. Today we’re seeing Borders announce the availability of its eBook reading app for the iPad and the iPhone. From what I’m reading the Borders app doesn’t come with the syncing function that we […]

Barnes & Noble Plays Catch up with iPad App


One thing you can say about reading books on the iPad, you have some choice available to you as to what platform you want to read from. Obviously there is Apple’s iBooks reader and store, and I think everyone was pleasantly surprised when Amazon had its Kindle App available for that platform at the US […]

Updates and new products from B&N and the nook


It looks things over at Barnes & Noble are picking up.  First, there was the announcement about the nook being carried at Best Buy.  Now, it looks like there is going to be some new nooks on the block.  According to an article over at Gizmodo, the nook 2 and a Wi-Fi only nook are […]

The B&N nook comes to Best Buy


Up until this week, anyone interested in buying the Barnes and Nobel e-reader, the nook, had either had to go to a Barnes and Noble store, or go online to their web site.  Well, it looks like B&N is going to change their marketing strategy with allowing nooks to be sold at Best Buy.  This […]

TrendyDigital Keeps iPad, Kindle Waterproof and Trendy


Thinking about using that new iPad at the beach this summer? The folks at TrendyDigital have a few iPad and eBook accessories they’re hoping you’ll find useful. Among them is their new waterproof case that has been specifically designed for the iPad, Kindle, or Nook. A reasonable $19.99 can get your very own water-resistant pouch […]

Amazon Touts Kindle Success, B&N Works Hard to Catch Up

In what is to my mind an very predictable outcome, is touting that on this Christmas Day, 2009 they sold more Kindle Books than print books for the first time ever. Well, given the really short life span of the Kindle that’s not too hard of a statement to make, I’m guessing. It is […]

Hack Reportedly Turns Nook Into Web Tablet

While some lucky early users really like the Barnes & Noble Nook and some aren’t quite as enthused about this V1.0 device, this will I’m sure catch quite a bit of attention. Some developers on the nookDevs forum have reportedly discovered a hack to turn the eBook reader into a web tablet with free 3G […]

No Fury Like A Geek Disappointed: Judie Lipsett and the Nook


Late Saturday night I started seeing tweets from Gear Diary’s Judie Lipsett about her new Nook that finally arrived. Judie is not happy with the Nook. The title of her post sums it up: The Barnes & Noble nook; or how I managed to completely waste my Saturday on a piece of over-hyped hardware Ouch. […]

Nook Reviews Popping Up

For those interested in the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook reader quite a few reviews  have popped out this morning. Most seem to verify some info that Sumocat posted over the weekend. The reviewers seem impressed with the hardware and the dual screen operation but seem to be finding the eInk screen slow and the […]

First nooks reaching customers

A tipster and commentors at Engadget are reporting their pre-orders for the Barnes & Noble eReader, nook, are being fulfilled. The initial impressions seem less than sterling with mention of laggy e-ink, though in fairness, that’s a common criticism of e-ink in general. Two other tidbits are that in-store browsing is limited to an hour […]

Mobile Tech Thanksgiving


Our annual Thanksgiving Day celebration is always a whirlwind coming as a brief day off between days of dress rehearsals for the annual Christmas show we open this Sunday at Wayside Theatre, I’m typically the only geek doing anything geeky. That changed this year. At various points this holiday, my kin all whipped out various […]

Need a nook for the holidays? Shoulda pre-ordered


Here I was thinking a major advantage of the nook, the not-yet released eReader from Barnes & Noble, was going to be the ability to try it out in their bookstores before buying. That may not be as important as I thought since one month into pre-orders, it’s already too late to expect to receive […]

Trouble in eBook Reader Land: Spring Design Sues Barnes & Noble


Just when it seemed like everyone was all gushy about rolling out more eBook Readers than we can count, a legal battle looms. Spring Design, the makers of the Alex, is filing a trade secret lawsuit against  Barnes & Noble over the design of the Nook. Spring Design claims that Barnes and Noble basically took […]