2nd Gen Notion Ink Adam Clued for December Launch

Notion Ink Adam

Speaking with Light Reading India, CEO of Notion Ink, Rohan Shravan made it known that the company is looking to the launch the next version of their Android-based Adam tablet in December, in time to show off at the next CES.

Notion Ink Adam and Motorola Xoom Compared on Video

Inspiron41 posted a YouTube video comparing the Notion Ink Adam and the Motorola Xoom Tablets. Both have 10 inch screens and both run Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chipset. But the similarities end about there. Remember the Notion Ink Adam comes with a PIxel Qi screen that allows for good readability in direct sunlight. The Xoom is […]

Notion Ink Adam FCC Certification Delays Shipping


Notion Ink still has some hurdles to leap over before it can began shipping its Adam Tablet to users here in the US. Apparently users who pre-ordered have received an email saying that the innovative Tablet has not received FCC certification yet. Of course that means it can’t be imported here until that process is […]

Notion Ink Adam Garnering Good Vibes and Notices at CES 2011


It may still be too early to tell but the Notion Ink Adam seems to have run the gauntlet of bloggers and press at CES 2011 and come out the other side in very good shape. By and large the coverage I’ve seen indicates that folks are very impressed with what they are seeing from […]

SlashGear Checks out the Notion Ink Adam


One of the Tablets I’ve been anxious to hear news about from CES 2011 is the Notion Ink Adam. Notion Ink has been teasing and promoting for some time now. They’ve taken some hits because no one has seen any real device other than promotional videos and there had been whispers of “vaporware.” They had […]

Notion Ink Shows Off Canvas Drawing App for Adam

Notion Ink continues to show off and tease with videos of its Adam Tablet. This time it’s a drawing and image editing App called Canvas. The blog post says the software is in Alpha and the video only shows off the drawing part. Of course drawing Apps are a big deal when it comes to […]

Notion Ink Video Shows Off File Sniffer App

The folks at Notion Ink sure like showing things off to create interest. They’ve released another video about the Eden UI that will debut on the Notion Ink Adam Tablet sometime early next year. This one is showing off Sniffer, the file management App. You get a rundown in the video of how you can […]

More Notion Ink Adam Video Showing Off Eden

The Apples of Eden? Well, that’s the title of the newest video from the Notion Ink folks showing off the UI from the Adam Tablet. This shorter video also has a Part 1 attached to it, so I expect we’ll see more as they continue to answer critics with videos showing off what the Adam […]

Notion Ink Releases Video to Try and Silence Critics

The story of the Notion Ink Adam Tablet is well told. The folks behind the device teased and teased and then began pre-orders to a loyal following. Then trouble started with some delays (it looks like January will be the earliest delivery) and then bloggers started asking questions they way they are wont to do, […]

Notion Ink Adam Passes FCC Looks Like News of Some Kind This Week

Notion Ink Adam

The folks who are making the intriguing Notion Ink Tablets are nothing if not great teases. The company blog has been revealing bits of info for quite some time. Well, now it looks like the folks at Notion Ink are getting closer to release. In case you haven’t been following long, Notion Ink is producing […]

Some Interesting Weekend Tablet Reading


Last week our completely unplanned series on the iPad (here, here, and here) generated quite a few comments as do many of the posts we publish that talk about Tablets/Slates/whatever you want to call them. You don’t have to look further than the number of hits on posts about the Tega v2 and the HP […]

Pixel Qi announces low-powered side displays – great for mobile devices


While we wait (and wait and wait) for devices like the Notion Ink Adam to ship with Pixel Qi displays, LCDs that are readable with or without backlighting, the company is moving forward with their own plans to offer their displays as add-on solutions, including a secondary display that can run entirely on USB.

Notion Ink Adam gets price, still somewhat vaporous


Slashgear, which has become the defacto media outlet for Notion Ink, reports that the long-awaited, many-faced Adam tablet will be priced from $399 to $498, depending on model, and has picked up several enhancements. Great news if it ever gets released.

Notion Ink Adam tablet hits a bump, not a wall


A report that the Adam tablet from Notion Ink will be delayed until November was greeted with prophecies of doom and destruction over the weekend. Fortunately, Slashgear, which has been following Notion Ink’s work very closely, has confirmed that news of the Adam’s delay has been greatly overblown.

Carrypad weighs three slate contenders


Ben at Carrypad puts the “Top 3 Big Slate Contenders” on the scales, weighing the iPad against the JooJoo and Notion Ink Adam. Seems to be a fair contest, in terms of tech. In terms of sales, well, let’s face it, there isn’t a slate out there that will compete with the iPad.