Facebook Listening Feature is Creeping Users Out


Timing is everything in life. And Facebook seems to want the world on a timeline that many users aren’t quite ready for yet. And from the sound of things the folks at Facebook haven’t been reading enough of the Edward Snowden leak stories pouring through its feeds that say the NSA and other agencies can […]

Tech Companies Work Together to Pressure Congress on NSA Snooping

One year ago today news of the NSA leaks from Edward Snowden starting filtering into our conscious as they slowly crescendoed into a story that impacted anyone who picks up a smartphone, a tablet, or any device connected via the Internet. Whether you’re one of the cynical set that thinks Snowden simply revealed the kind […]

Apple Posts User Notification Guidelines for Government Data Requests


Last week we reported that several large tech companies including Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook were working on changing their policies about notifying users when there was a government request for a user’s data. Those companies would join Yahoo and Twitter which already had such policies in place. This public move is in response to […]

Apple and Other Techs To Notify Users of Government Data Collection


Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are changing policies to appear as if they are standing up to the authorities in the wake of revelations of NSA snooping set loose on the world by the Edward Snowden leaks. Each of those large companies, and other smaller players, have, or are about to, change their policies so […]

The Heartbleed Bug, The NSA, and the Story Continues


The only thing more popular to talk about on the Internet this week beyond larger iPhone rumors and Steven Colbert being chosen to replace David Letterman is the Heartbleed Bug. Since news of the Heartbleed bug first came out this week we’re continuing to hear more and more about how the bug came to be, […]

President Already Looking at Early Options for NSA Revamp

This actually may be a first in terms of a government report arriving ahead of schedule. In the wake of the Edward Snowden leaks about the NSA and data security, the US national security apparatus and political leaders have been scrambling to figure out how to find a balance between national security issues and the […]

5 iPhone Privacy Settings You Should Change

iPhone privacy settings that you should change

Privacy is a huge concern for a lot of people, especially with all of this NSA hoopla that’s been going around for the past few months. No one wants to be tracked or have all of their internet activity captured by web companies and sold to advertising agencies, but that’s the kind of world we […]

Feds Reach Tentative Deal with Major Tech Companies on NSA Data Requests


Transparency can be a strange thing and not all transparency is completely transparent. At least that’s what it looks like when it comes to national security issues, NSA data surveillance, major tech companies, and what we’ve come to know since the Edward Snowden leaks have changed how we view our personal data and privacy in […]

Tim Cook Talks NSA, Secrecy, and More with ABC News


Apple is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Mac and has a part of that celebration there are interviews and special remembrances happening just about everywhere you turn. Yesterday ABC New ran an interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook to mark the occasion. In the interview, ABC Reporter David Muir talked about a number of […]

Congress Can’t Get Info from NSA So They Ask a Blogger


Perhaps this tells us much of what we need to know about the NSA surveillance story when it comes to who’s running the show regarding oversight. If this story appeared in a fictional spy novel, I’m sure some would say it is bad fiction. But then again, truth can often be stranger than fiction. On […]

Another NSA Story Says Text Messages Being Collected


Call me crazy, but I think it is safe to assume at this point that the NSA is basically gobbling up any piece of data that it can from the Internet, our devices, and any other source that it can. New revelations may give us more specifics, but the only folks out there who haven’t […]

BlackPhone is Supposedly the NSA Proof Phone


We’re all a little more aware of data security and privacy issues these days thanks to the NSA and folks like Edward Snowden telling us about the surveillance technologies that most thinking people have suspected for quite some time. But is that stopping the consuming public from buying smartphones that come with this sort of […]

NSA Can Snoop on Computers Not Connected to the Internet


Just when you thought you could pull one over on the NSA by using a computer that isn’t connected to the Internet comes word that that won’t necessarily keep you and your data out of the clutches of the US spy agency. In a report from the New York Times, apparently the NSA has found […]

Apple Issues DROPOUTJEEP Denial as Expected, But Questions Remain


I’m not sure which is the most troubling part of this story. A company like Apple potentially being complicit with the NSA in order to install a backdoor into its products, or a company like Apple creating, marketing, and selling devices and services that they aren’t aware have surveillance back doors. After the latest info […]

NSA iPhone Snooping Has Reached Full Throttle (Update)

NSA iPhone snooping

Not that it should come as a surprise, but according to more leaked documents, the NSA has the ability to intercept pretty much every form of communication sent from an iPhone. The software that allows the NSA to do such a thing is called DROPOUTJEEP, which can intercept SMS messages, look at your contact list, locate […]

Sunday Morning Reading: Ballmer, Burning Crosses, and the NSA


There were some interesting things going on in the mobile tech world this last week on many fronts. Much of what happened we chronicled in one way or the other here on the pages of GBM. But there were several articles that are worth point out that make very good Sunday morning reading (or viewing) […]

Tech Giants Ally to Fight the Government


In a rare move to fight the man, eight large technology firms are allying together to ask for reform in government surveillance. Led by a coalition that includes Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and others, these firms are putting their differences aside, at least temporarily, in an open letter to President Obama asking that the U.S. […]

Can We Stop Getting Excited about NSA Data Surveillance Already?


Breathless headlines! Shocking revelations! News that will make your head spin! It seems like every time we see new reporting on any aspect of NSA data surveillance brought about by the Edward Snowden leaks earlier this year, news outlets feel like we ought to be shocked and awed. But honestly, haven’t most of us already […]