HTC Won’t Bundle Phone Charger on Next O2 Release to Save Cost


In a bid to cut cost, O2 and HTC won’t be bundling a smartphone charger for the next HTC smartphone released on that carrier. Citing costs, and perhaps even the environment as a concern, the two companies are experimenting with selling phones charger-less. O2 did say that the USB cable will still be included so […]

German Carriers Prepare for September iPhone 5 Release Date

Mobilcom Debitel iPhone 5 teaser

Two German carriers refuse to remain silent about the new iPhone, and are teasing customers with hints of Apple’s new smartphone. According to 9To5Mac, German carrier Mobilcom Debitel just announced the new iPhone 5 is due for release sometime next month. The website, which sells phones for a number of carriers made the announcement via […]

Samsung Unveils Special Edition Galaxy Note

Samsung Unveils Special Edition Galaxy Note

Samsung is going to be one of the most visible companies at this year’s Summer Olympic Games in London. Its Samsung Galaxy S III is the official smartphone of the Games and now, the company has unveiled two special edition Olympic devices. O2, a carrier based in the United Kingdom, and Samsung have introduced special […]

Virgin Atlantic Now Allows In-Flight Phone Calls

Virgin Atlantic Now Allows In-Flight Phone Calls

Virgin Atlantic has started to allow customers to make phone calls at 35,000 feet on certain flights across the ocean. The airline, according to SFGate, is now allowing customers to both make and receive phone calls during the eight-hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, the airline says that the service is only “for […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Pre-Orders Begin in the UK

Samsung Galaxy S III Pre-Orders Begin in the UK

While U.S. carriers continue to remain mum about a Samsung Galaxy S III release, UK carriers have announced availability and some retailers have even begun taking pre-orders for the upcoming Android smartphone. All in all, five of the United Kingdom’s largest service providers are expected to carry the Samsung Galaxy S III when it arrives […]

Samsung Galaxy S III: Another Carrier Confirmed

Samsung Galaxy S III: Another Carrier Confirmed

Another day, another carrier confirming that it will be carrying the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III, a device that is slated to be announced on May 3rd. Yesterday, Vodafone UK revealed that it would be carrying the “Next Galaxy” smartphone and today, another UK carrier has hopped on board with O2 confirming that it too […]

HTC’s First Quad-Core Phone Arrives April 5th

HTC's First Quad-Core Phone Arrives April 5th

While HTC failed to give us a specific release date for the HTC One X or HTC One S, two phones that the company announced back at the Mobile World Congress 2012, it appears that they are still on track for a launch in April. In the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, we still have no word […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Arrives on O2 in the UK

Galaxy Note

While those of you in the United States continue to wait patiently for something official about the Samsung Galaxy Note release date, carrier and pricing, the highly anticipated device has launched across the pond in the United Kingdom on O2. The device has gone up for sale for just around $400 checking in with a […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Finally Arrives on O2 UK

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

After weeks and weeks of waiting, O2 UK has finally launched the PlayStation Phone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, on its network. It took nearly two months but it seems that O2 and Sony have finally worked out the bugs that prevented the device from being released on its original launch date which was, if […]

Sony Ericsson Not Worried about Dismal Xperia Play Game Sales

Xperia Play

In a report from PlayStation Lifestyle, it appears that the recently released Sony Ericsson Xperia Play aka PlayStation Phone, is having hard time selling games and Sony for its part, isn’t worried about it in the slightest. The Xperia Play gaming smartphone, which has been out since April 1st, has seen extremely low sales for […]

Sony Xperia PLAY delayed on O2, should still hit Verizon in early May

Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY

O2 and Sony have confirmed that the version of the Xperia Play headed to the United Kingdom based carrier has been delayed beyond the scheduled April 1st launch date because of some kinks still being worked out with the software. Stuart Hibberd, head of O2’s testing team, explained it like this to Pocket-lint: As the […]